Epilogue: The Answer!

Awhile back, I asked you what love was and how it can happen. It's a wild side that can be a life changing moment for anyone. Be it planned or not. As for me to find mine as a long-lost friend who wanted me back and I for him. Love can be change to softer tone, call friendship or can be covered by lust, for that you don't how to react at first. But when you have it, you can never let go.

Years, years I say, I wanted to know this answer. And I say the wait was worth it. For I wasn't alone to find it. I had my love with me every step of way with me. Knowing that I'll never be alone, that I will always have him. Far or near, I was going to full with nothing but the love he has given me.

I do hope when you find love, it can be a little less of hell as mine . . .

"Otouchan! Dinner is ready!" A young teen called out behind the door. "Dad, got home early."

"Okay, Jade, I'll be out in a moment!" Kaoru called to his son, looking over his story, doing some last-minute retypes.

From when this story was written, it has been a good ten years now. Kaoru and Hiro also tied the knot about three months after Hikaru did.

Moving to the United States, much to Kaoru's family dismain. But promises of coming to visit when they could.

Kaoru finishes his fashion training and is now a well-known designer in the States.

Hiro open his own shop of teaching and repair shop, a prefect place for his habit of multitasking. Where he and his family have lived a fun-filled life.

Jade, following in his father's footsteps and working on be a worldwide singer. And Ava, wanting to be a teacher for children whom family can't afford high education. Using her money she saved and a few sneaks from both her fathers, got enough to open her own school.

"There, now everyone will get a hint of what love is." Pressing the save on his computer and emailing it to his editor, knowing for a fact, this story would rock the twenty-one century.

The End.