Finally After All This Time

Justin and Alex were looking at each other with a great deal of uncertainty while they watched television in their families living room but at the same time their eyes were filled with hope and promise that after all this time they could finally be honest with each other after so many years.

Alex decided it was now or never so she took a step towards Justin and said we need to talk with her voice full of emotion that she had never felt for anyone before.

Justin said sure Alex how we go for a carpet ride how does that sound smiling at in a way that made her go weak at the knee so much that she just wanted to not even explain herself and Justin kiss him.

As they got on to the carpet a looked up at night sky both thinking that the next few minutes would end up changing the rest of their lives.

Justin put his hands onto of Alex and said ok it's just you and I and you know you can tell me anything.

Justin you're most likely going to think that I am crazy but I do not care. Justin looked into her breathe taking brown eyes and said Alex do mind if I go first because I have something I would also like to tell you.

Alex I love you with all my heart and soul I know that this is crazy but I could not wait any longer to tell you how I feel. I tried to fight this but ever since I told Professor Crumbs that he could not take away your powers because you made me a better wizard I felt something change between us. And to be totally honest ever relationship I have ever had was so untrue because I was trying to deny the love I had for you.

Alex was speechless yea she had always hoped that Justin would feel the same way but in the end she thought the chances of that happening were really small. She looked into his eyes with all passion and love she could muster and said oh Justin I have felt this ever since you took my on that flying lesson when we hugged that night it was if electricity was suddenly flowing through my body in was like nothing I have ever felt.

Justin was so happy he could hardly stop himself from taking Alex in his arms and kissing her until they were both breathless. But he wanted to do something really important before he lost his nerve. So he took out a small box from his pocket he had bought the ring after their adventure in Puerto Rico because that when he started to see signs that maybe Alex also feelings for him. Then after he returned home he did some research just to make sure in case something happened he would know what to do. He found that in the Wizard World in was not uncommon for brothers and sisters to fall in love with one and another.

Alex saw the box in Justin's hand and was very curious to what was inside. Justin began to speak again Alex like I said I have been deeply in love with you for a very long time. So I am just going come and say it Alex in my opinion we know each other better than any two people I have ever met so I do not really think it necessary for us to go through the phase of relationship where we get to know each because you and both know that we know more about each other than any two people in this world. And I we are young but Alexandra Amelia Russo will make me happier then I could ever be and become my wife.

All Alex could think was that wanted to say yes so fast that could not even get the worlds out. Then she took a deep breathe said yes Justin of course I will marry you. But Justin the only way I see this working is if we sneak around. And Justin I love you with all my heart but you are a very bad liar I feel as we would get caught very quickly.

All Justin could do was chuckle at how Alex was being so uncharacteristically serious she was being. Alex doing you really think I would not have some sort of plan. Ok then Justin what is your plan, well Alex I did some research and in the Wizard World it not uncommon for siblings to be together so if we live there we can be together forever and still keep our powers.

Alex looked up at Justin with an intriguing smirk of her face you know Justin I do not know about you but I would really like to be doing something else right now what about you. Justin's smile widened as he took Alex into his lap and started stroking her hair their faces inching closer and closer.

Finally their lips were touching and if there was fire coursing through both of their bodies it was nothing they have ever experienced. Both of them started running their hands all over each other's bodies and hair. When they finally released each from this mind blowing kiss each of them having a huge smile on their face. So Alex I was just wondering when you were thinking we should get married. Well I was thinking we could wait until we were twenty-one and twenty-two what do you think. I think that sound perfect Alex.

Justin leaned in again to kiss Alex but after a few seconds she started to smile into the kiss. Justin started to laugh and said what you so happy about Alex. Well for you information the reason I am so happy because I finally have the thing I have always wanted and this is the happiest day of my life. What why do you have a huge smile on your face. Well Alex if you must know your right this is the happiest day of my life. But to be completely honest the day where everything in my life will truly make sense will be the we get married because that means we get to give ourselves to each other in mind, body, and soul.

Alex leaned against chest listening to his steady heart as if it the only thing keeping her own calming mechanism. You know Alex we should probably thinking about going home. Ok Justin but can I ask you something first. Sure Alex you know I will be here by your side no matter what as he kissed her cheek. How would you like it if we had dinner just the two of us tomorrow after everyone goes to bed to celebrate finally being together. Then we can talk about how we are going to tell everyone that we are together. Ok princess whatever you want you know that I love you he said giving her a peck on the lips while at the same time bringing her close to him and running his hands softly.

After arriving home they jumped off the flying carpet and put it back in its place so their parents would know that they had taken it for a ride. Once inside Justin looked up at Alex with a smirk on his face you know Alex I was thinking we could put a silence and locking charm on Max and Mom and Dad's room we could maybe spend the night in my room cuddling and watching movies. After they did their magic Alex and Justin spent the rest of their night watching movies, talking about all their hopes a dreams while in each other's arms until they were dreaming about the amazing adventure they were about to begin.