Chapter 10

After talking to Alex Max walked over to where Tutor was siting. Max: "Hey Tutor can I ask you something." Tutor: "Sure Max what is it." Max: "I was just wondering it wanted go for a carpet ride." as he said this he let out a nervous laugh. Tutor just got up from where she was sitting took Max's hand and led him to the terrace. Once out on the terrace Max helped her on the carper before getting on himself. Before taking off he helped Tutor put on her helmet before putting on his own.

Tutor: "It was a nice idea to go for a ride tonight." Max: "I thought it would give us a chance to talk and get to know each other. Max: Yea that's kind of why I did it, why don't we go to the park and talk." Tutor just looked at Max with a big smile as she held the hand that was not steering the carpet. Once they got to the park. Max parked the carpet in the grass. He helped Tutor off the carpet before rolling it up then taking out his wand so he could shrink it. After he put it in his pocket he held his hand out for Tutor while leading her over to a nearby bench. Tutor: "Max could I ask you something" Max: "Sure." Tutor: "What was the craziest thing that happen to you when you were younger that has to do with magic?"

Max: "This story is so funny so I was like at the beginning of my wizard training and my dad had just finished teaching Alex and Justin the transportation spell. After we were done my mom told me I had to complete my report on Mars. I finished really fast and mom got mad because she said I spent like five minutes on it. She told Alex and Justin to help me. At first Justin was like let's use books while Alex on the other hand was like that boring why we don't go to Mars. Justin starts protesting but before he can say anything Alex has already flashed us there." Tutor starts laughing so hard that she has to lean on Max. Max: "Yea that is not even the best part so then Alex takes out her camera and starts taking pictures while Justin is having a panic attack. Then I see the Mars Rover and I yell hey looks at this, Justin yelps and tells me not to touch but I do anyway then something happens and starts to move. Then Justin grabs on to Alex hand and transports away. Tutor: "You have got to be kidding me they left you on Mars. Max: "I know right then when they got back my mom was like where is Max?" "All they do is look at each other scream Max and flash out again." After we got back we all got in a lot of trouble for going to Mars but Alex and Justin got into more trouble because they forgot me"

Tutor: "That is so crazy but hey at least you got to go an adventure." You the crazy thing is a similar thing happen to me but Juliet only left me in a candy store" Max: "I always knew something was different about Justin and Alex relationship with each other was very different and obviously I was not wrong. So what is your favorite food?" Tutor: "My favorite is Chinese food" Max: "I love Chinese food we should go get some on another day; hey I am getting kind of hungry why don't we go back and see what everyone else is doing." "You know Tutor I really like you, we haven't know each other that long but I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me" Tutor: " Max I would love to go out with you." Max: "Great how about tomorrow night, I will pick you up after my shift at the sub shop."

Max brought Tutor into a hug and said "I cannot wait for tomorrow." Tutor smiled at Max after a few minutes of silence Max decided to speak "Tutor would you like to sit and watch the stars for a while." Tutor response was to lead Max over the chairs on the terrace. Both Tutor and Max were lost in thought of how wonderful their night had gone that neither of them noticed that they were being watched by their siblings. Inside Alex, Harper, and Juliet were hiding behind the curtain watching Max and Tutor while talking about how cute the two of them look together. After a few minutes Justin decided it was enough and yelled "Alex move away from the window." All of a sudden three loud shrieks came from behind the certain. All three guys started to laugh uncontrollable at the antics of their girlfriends.

Alex was the first one of the three girls to get annoyed by the boy's behavior; she walked towards Justin with a smirk on her face. As soon as Justin saw this realization hit him like a ton of bricks. Alex took out her wand and in a flash she had a bunch of water balloons in her grasp. Justin: "Now Alex I was just trying to give Max some privacy." Alex: "Oh I know Justin but see the thing about that is to give that to Max it was totally unnecessary to scare us. Her smile grew wider as she said "And now I think you should pay." The other boys were all thinking the same thing what has Justin gotten himself into.

Before Justin could even respond he was hit with the biggest water balloon he had ever seen. When the balloon hit Justin, Alex started to laugh uncontrollable as did everyone else in the room. Once Justin had recovered from the hit and Alex had stopped laughing. Justin started walking toward Alex with a similar smirk of his face. Justin: "Alex I am really sorry that I scared you so badly that was not what I was trying to do." "Can except my apology?" Alex: "Of course I forgive you Justin." Justin: "Does that mean pi can have a hug." Before Alex could respond Justin was ready scoop Alex into his arms. As he did this, Alex started laughing as did everyone else in the room. After a few minutes Alex and Justin flashed on a new set of clothes. A silence went over the room while the three couples went back to enjoying their movie night.