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Chapter 2

A flash of sparks.

A flying shiny gold ball.

Getting thrown up in the air and feeling a mixture of excitement and pure comfort knowing large strong arms will appear beneath to catch her.

A pet owl bringing the mail.

A kind man with wild grey eyes, transforming his face into a big black dog, licking her cheek and turning back into the kind man with a bark of laughter.

Entering into a fireplace filled with warm tickling emerald flames.

A battered and scarred man with kind eyes and light brown hair holding up a stuffed gray wolf, making it dance while he sings.

Flying through the sky on a motorbike.

Being held firmly in the arms of someone who loved her while being sung to sleep.

Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that she was loved and loved dearly.

These are the things ten year old Amelia Michelle sees in the back of her mind as she's waking up in the morning. The visions and images quickly fade as her mind leaves the dream world she so dearly loves and enters back into her mundane reality of loneliness. Mia sighed as the last of the make believe images faded from her conscience and opened her strikingly bright blue eyes. She knew the images were just nonsense, but they made her feel better.

She stepped out of the bottom bunk bed she shared with another girl, and walked down the hallway past other bunks towards the bathroom. It was still dark outside and none of the other girls were up yet. This was when Mia liked to wake up.

Living in an orphanage you never had much time to yourself unless you were an early riser. The room she shared with the other girls had six double bunks in it, and right now only nine of the beds were filled. The boys dorm down the hall had eight bunks. With only three of the beds empty. There always seemed to be more boys in the orphanage than girls. Mia suspected it was because boys were usually meaner than girls so no one wanted to adopt them. Everyone always wanted to adopt the little girls. Except for her. There was also a room for the baby's. But the number was always changing. Most of them got adopted within a few months of being brought in. Most everyone in the orphanage was under the age of twelve except for the oldest boy.

Bradley Jones was the biggest prat Mia had ever known. It was no wonder he'd been there for five years. Five years of hell for Mia It wasn't a surprise he couldn't get adopted. Most of the jerks who'd made their way through the orphanage were at least smart enough to suck up to the people who came to adopt them, but not Bradley. He would pick on the other kids and mostly Mia, even when potential parents were there looking.

Mia was the oldest girl, and she'd been there longer than anyone else. Most of the kids only spent a year or two before being adopted, but Mia had been living with the stamp of abandonment since she was just over a year old. That's how Mia knew her dreams couldn't be real. All of her dreams were filled with love and comfort. If she'd ever really had a family who loved her so much, why would they give her up?

Mia finished cleaning her teeth and brushed out her long black hair. She wasn't an ugly child. On the contrary, most of the people who came looking to adopt always commented that she was a pretty little thing. With her light complexion, raven dark hair, and striking blue eyes it was very clear she would grow to be an attractive woman.

She walked out of the bathroom, snuck down the hall and out the back door of the orphanage. They were located just out of town in a rural area and the kids had plenty of space to run. Along the left of the yard there was an old crumbling stone wall that separated the orphanages land from the neighbor, with a small creek running in between. This wall was Mia's destination for the morning. The top of the wall was just high enough up the only way you could reach her was if you started at a lower part and walked along the foot wide wall to reach her. The right side of the wall had grass just in case you fell, but on the left was a twenty foot drop onto the rocks lining the creek. Needless to say, when she was on the wall, none of the other kids dared to reach her.

Mia loved to be in high places. Standing on the edge of the wall or climbing the tallest tree in the field just to read, or chat with the birds. She loved it. It made her feel safe being up so high out of reach where her only companions were the birds and an occasional cat. Bradley and a few of her other tormentors had learned this and started throwing rocks when they couldn't grab her and pull her down. Other times they would rat her out to Mrs. Hefner when she was somewhere dangerous.

If there was one thing Mrs. Hefner could not stand, it was a kid getting hurt because of their own stupidity. And as it just so happened Mia always seemed to be getting scraped up or banged up when she was out playing. Mia wasn't a tattle tail so she'd never admit the only reason she fell out of the tree the time she got a concussion was because Bradley had thrown a very large rock at her while she was reading and it hit her squarely in the head. She was a great climber and didn't want her guardian to think she couldn't take care of herself. She tried to explain the reason she wasn't hurt aside from the bump on her head was because right before she hit the ground she seemed to hover for a moment before dropping lightly onto the grass. At hearing this Mrs. Hefner panicked and called the Doctor thinking the girl landed on her head.

Mia never worried about getting hurt or bruised. Her wounds always healed quicker than the other kids, much to Mrs. Hefner's confusion. The old stern woman wasn't a bad caretaker. She'd been working with children for almost forty years and it was in her opinion that knew all there was to know about children. Being a particularly peculiar child, Mia was Mrs. Hefner's greatest frustration.

She sat on the wall with her knees pulled to her chest gazing out into the warm summer morning. Unlike most kids, summer was Mia's least favorite time of the year. It meant no school. And no school meant Bradley and the other boys had more time to mess with her. She didn't understand. Why did she have to be different? Why couldn't she just act like the other kids and hide her flaws long enough to get adopted so she'd be free from this place? When Mia was little she couldn't help it. Weird stuff would just happen around her. Something up too high on a shelf would float down to her, or something would drop down and hit Bradley on the head when he was being a jerk, and sometimes when the kids started throwing rocks at her it was as if the air around her hardened and the rocks simply bounced away, sometimes even hitting the person who'd thrown it.

Not to mention Mia could talk to animals. The other kids found this endlessly funny as they would mock her making barking or tweeting noises and then asking her to interpret. Mia had learned pretty quickly that talking to animals was not a thing little girls were supposed to do. But she couldn't ignore the birds who were the only friends she had, so she decided to only do it in secret. She just couldn't stop being who she was. She wanted to be normal but the pride inside the small orphan girl wouldn't let her be ashamed of who she was. Why did she have to be so different?

When Mia was a baby she'd almost been adopted a few times. The first time was just a few months after she'd been left at the orphanage. Apparently the Mr. and Mrs. who'd taken her home laid her down to sleep in her new crib and came back a few minutes later to see her stuffed animals dancing around her as she laughed. They brought her back to the orphanage before the night was even up. Six other times a family took her home to stay and brought her back within the week. The last time she'd been eight and she swore to herself she was not going to let anything unexplainable happen around her. She going to stay with the Johnsons and they were going to be her new parents… but the Johnsons had an older son who really didn't want his parents to have another kid and certainly didn't want a little sister to take away his parents' attention.

After their first dinner as a family, Mia excitedly went to her new room to explore. The Johnson's kid followed her in and started saying mean things to her. Saying she was worthless and unwanted. Clearly her own parents didn't want her, and neither did he. He pushed her into a corner and started kicking and hitting her and Mia, not wanting to fight back and be sent back to the orphanage, crawled into a little ball and covered her head while he kicked her. Then suddenly there was a loud scream and Mia stayed cowered into her corner not looking up until she heard her new parents run into the room and Mrs. Johnson screamed. Mia uncovered her head and saw the boy hanging upside down in the middle of the room, a horrified look on his face as he yelled and cried for someone to let him down.

When Mia saw this she was instantly startled and let go of that feeling inside of her that she felt sometimes when bad things happened around her. Just then the Johnson boy fell to the ground and his mother scooped him up into her arms. Mia went over to her bed and grabbed her small suitcase holding her few belongings she hadn't even unpacked, and walked to the front door of the house. It only took a minute for Mr. Johnson to appear and drag her outside. He didn't say a word as he drove her back to the orphanage.

When they brought her back that time, Bradley was waiting in the yard with a stop watch. He snickered as she walked teary eyed back to Mrs. Hefner's office as he made rude comments to remind her how worthless she really was.

Mia started to think maybe she really was unwanted and worthless. She swore to herself the next time would be better. The next time would be better. The next time would be better… If there was a next time. But now she was older, all a potential parent had to hear was how old she was and how long she'd been there and they knew there was probably something wrong with her.

Mia heard Mrs. Hefner yelling out the back door for her. "Amelia Michelle! You get back in here for breakfast! And you better not be up on that wall again!" Mia looked up startled. She hadn't realized she'd been out so long. She jumped down from the ten foot wall, a feat she completed easily but would have given Mrs. Hefner a heart attack. Mia ran back inside the boring house, where she wished for something exciting and wonderful to happen and take her away from this mundane existence.

Little did she know, the man standing unseen near the tree line, his warm eyes and scarred face watching her, was also wishing he could take her away and back to a place she was loved. The tired and worn man sighed as his Goddaughter ran back inside. The full moon the night before had been a rough one and all he wanted was to scoop his Mia Bell into his arms and forget about all his troubles. She would be going to school soon. He knew she'd be getting her letter. He'd seen her use magic as a baby, and even once or twice while he'd been watching at the orphanage. Yes, she'd get her letter soon. Maybe once she was back in his world it would be easier to find a legitimate way to be in her life.

The wolfish man gave a weak smile and disappeared with a turn and a loud crack. Soon, he hoped.

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