Chapter 1

Days at Westminster High School, San Francisco California, can be quite brutal. Every person at this school has a label, whether it was a jock, slut, miss popular, nerd; everyone had a label, except me. My name is Quinn Fabray, I am a nobody. I haven't got a label, other than that weird girl who doesn't talk. I have never had a boyfriend; I have never kissed a guy. Well unless you count a small encounter in kindergarten where the guy kissed me so I would get off the jungle gym. It was the first day of senior year; I turn 18 in a few months. I want to go to UCLA to study photography or media so I took the opportunity to take those as electives this year. I usually hated the good electives, the jocks and cheerleaders would take those classes as a way to bludge. It ruins it for the rest of us! Well only I considering I'm the only one who takes it seriously. I walk into a small classroom; it had various posters on media, designing and computers at every desk.

I sat at a desk right in the middle, next to two girls who seemed to be a lesbian couple, they were cheerleaders. One Hispanic and the other blonde like myself. The laughter and paper throwing of each student gave me a headache; can this class just end please? I'm tired of being hit in the head by paper balls. The class went silent as our media teacher walked inside and cleared his throat to get the classes attention. My eyes shot out and my hand flew from under the right side of my face. He was perfect, he had shortish blonde hair, he had the face of an angel, his lips were amazing and wow he was fit. Stay focused I said to myself. I don't need any more distractions. He looked about 23, yes! No wedding ring. Maybe he's gay? No he's too masculine to be gay.

"Hi guys, my names Mr Evans. I'll be your media studies teacher for the year." Mr Evans said, placing several books on his desk which was located at the front of the classroom.

Class went for 45 minutes and I kept ogling him as he sat there discussing animation. Write notes Quinn for god sakes, write notes, but he's so hot. Stop it I shouldn't let this get to me.

"-and that's how you can get that effect, adding music to your background is also a similar way. Um you there, can you repeat what I just said?" He said, pointing directly at me, shit I wasn't paying attention. You're so hot, how can you be a teacher, you're going to make me fail you asshole.

"Um, I-I don-"I hesitated, he furrowed his eyebrows at me.

"Well pay attention then miss-"this was his indication for me to tell him my name.


"Well next time pay attention Miss Fabray. Vacation is over." He sat at his desk. The bell rang and all my classmates rushed out of their like a pack of sheep. I tried to escape without making awkward eye contact at Mr Evans but he caught me.

"Miss Fabray."


"Okay Quinn, take a seat." He motioned for me to take a seat at a desk at the front of the classroom; I shifted between the spaces of the computer so I could see what he wanted.

"It says here you're quite a succeeding student. Is there any reason why you weren't paying attention to my class today?" He looked so sweet; he wasn't an asshole teacher like most of the young ones here are. For instance, Mr Garner the math teacher, he's in his mid 20s and thinks his arrogant smug charm can charm his way into being an asshole. Thank god junior year is over.

"I'm sorry sir; the fact school is back in session makes my head spin. I'll pay attention next time. "I tried not to sound nervous. This guy was my teacher, not my boss. Why am I so nervous?

"Well good." Oh god, he just gave me the cutest smile. Quinn this is your teacher, stop it.

"Can I ask you a favour Mr Evans? I'm looking to do this in college next year and I would really love it if I could get a head start. All the other imbeciles in this class don't seem to give about anything in this class. I would really appreciate it." I said in the most calm, non flirty tone I could do. He smiled at me and nodded.

"Sure! I would love to give you extra credit; you seem like a smart girl though? But I'm sure a little extra help would go well with your college application." He started to write down on a piece of note paper. I watched his every movement, the way his hands moved, the way his lips moved, his body language. Come on Quinn he could have a girlfriend, a guy hot like that always has a girlfriend stop my head was shouting at me. He walked over to me and handed me a piece of paper, it stated Sam Evans, 24 Mountain View Ave, +311-442-959 so I have his phone number and address, and this is not good for me at all. He smiled at me and sat on a chair next to me. As he got closer, I could smell him, he smelt of the most beautiful and expensive aftershave, the way his tie was wrapped perfectly around the collar of his dark red dress shirt, you could see the outline of his muscles.

"Whenever you are free after school, contact me and I'll arrange it. Now you better go home, the first day is always full of stress. Good afternoon Quinn." He smiled at me and continued to write and grade papers. I smiled and nodded, walking out the door. I didn't want to sound like a complete idiot considering I screamed in my head when he gave me his details. Next he's going to tell me he has a girlfriend, my heart will break. Shit, why am I thinking that? He's your teacher!