Chapter 18

"I'm Genevieve, Sam's fiancée." The red headed girl at the door of Sam's apartment said. Quinn was confused, a little lost maybe. She didn't know what she felt right now, like her heart was throbbing in the pit of her stomach, right up to her throat, she could feel her heart beat inside her throat and her gut twisting in a nauseous motion. She felt like storming inside, knocking over the red headed girl and slapping Sam right in the face, but she was too in shock to even move.

"Can I help you?" The girl said. Quinn's mouth dropped from an o form to a long drop. Quinn stood there with her mouth opened. She needed to say something, anything that wasn't coming off as stupid.

"Uh, yeah is Sam home?" Quinn finally said something, shaking her head, trying to snap back to reality.

"No, he's out. I'll tell him you dropped by though, what's your name?" Genevieve asked.

"Quinn, tell him Quinn came by." Quinn's voice broke; she turned around and went back to her car, driving back to Finn Hudson's party.

Genevieve closed the door, walking into the living room and sitting on the couch. She was in town to visit her family; she stopped by Sams to convince him to get back together. Turns out, she was still in love with him, but the feelings were not mutual.

"Who was at the door?" Sam asked, he was sitting on his couch, playing a video game, looking interested.

"No one, just door knockers of some kind. I told them to go away." Genevieve said, circling her red hair on the tip of her finger.

"What do you want anyway Gen, why are you here?" Sam queried.

"You Sammy, I miss you a lot and I want us together. I'll quit my job and come here for work." Genevieve said, looking at him but he was too busy paying attention to his video game.

"No, look I have a girlfriend ok? I would be lying if I said I didn't care about you but I love her ok? Respect my life now and I'll respect yours." Sam put his control down, noting the conversation he was getting a bit too serious.

"I know, but I was your first love…we can work things out." She pleaded.

"Look, I'll be here for you and I'll be more than happy to be your friend but I moved on Gen, you should to. Besides, you're separated! You got married not long after we broke up and you have a baby, I can't be the guy who comes between families." Sam looked down.

"The thing with Dean was a mistake. I was too upset over our break up; I jumped the hoop too quickly. He married me because I was pregnant and now he has a girlfriend who lives in San Diego, the divorce is final in April." Genevieve alleged.

"Still Gen…I can't do that to you…" Sam said, looking down. Genevieve nodded, she was a little messed up with the divorce and trying to raise a 3 month old baby.

"Girlfriend hey? How come I haven't heard about her before?" Genevieve asked, smirking a little.

"Well…we aren't on talking terms right now but we will talk soon. I love her, she's great, amazing, her smile is beautiful it just lights up a room, her best friend is gay and she still loves her the way she always has. She is perfect, her hair flows perfectly, and she's good at everything she does. Gen can you just understand how much I love her? I loved you but now I don't, I mean, I love you as a friend and you'll always have a place in my heart but Quinn is my heart now, she has been for a while and hopefully she will be for a long time." Sam took a breath. Telling his ex-girlfriend all these feelings towards a girl she doesn't even know, it felt good. Genevieve's eyes lit up a little, she had never seen him so happy, so in love.

"Well I can say I'm a little disappointed Sam but I understand. If you can't be happy with me, you can always be happy with someone else and you are. I'm sorry. Wait, did you say her name was Quinn?" Genevieve said, realizing the girl who appeared on the front porch not long ago, her name was also Quinn.

"Yeah, Quinn? Why?" Sam raised his eyebrow; he knew the look on Gens face way too well.

"She was at the door; I didn't know who she was so I told her you weren't here." All of a sudden Genevieve felt guilty.

"Are you serious? Shit, did she say where she was going?" Sam stood up, instantly going for his jacket and car keys.

"No, I'm sorry." Genevieve looked down. 15 minutes ago, she would have been glad that Quinn had left but after hearing his speech and looking in how happy he really was with this girl, she felt sorry for him, guilty to the exact.

"Gen I think you should go back to your mom and dads…I'll call you in the morning but I just need to be alone right now or with Quinn." Sam wasn't angry at her, he was just frustrated. Gen didn't mention the part when she told her she was his fiancée, that would have drove him insane.

"Alright, I'll go. Call me ok?" Genevieve said, she nodded at him. "Find her, tell her everything you told me and talk to her." Gen said, opening his front door. Sam watched her as she got inside her car and drove off. What perfect timing for his ex-girlfriend to visit, if she wasn't there, Quinn would most likely be in his arms right now, but Sams luck wasn't always the best. He wasn't blaming Genevieve, he was blaming himself for the stupid fight he and Quinn had when his parents came to visit. All holidays his parents asked where his mystery girlfriend was, but Quinn didn't want to see him. Sam logged onto Facebook, he had a couple of his students on his profile also some who didn't have private settings. He looked onto Laura's profile, who added him so people wouldn't suspect anything when he added Quinn on his friends list. He saw her most recent statuses and her check in point.

Laura May Samson Checked in at Finn Hudson's Crib! – With Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez and 22 others.

Santana Lopez Finns party is going off! Sitting with my girl and the best girl Quinn!

Quinn Fabray, Laura May Samson, Finn Hudson and 11 others like this.

Laura May Samson: Love you baby!

Quinn Fabray: I need a drink, or three, or ten.

Sam knew where Quinn was, at Finn Hudson's party. Sam didn't want to be the party pooper and crash the party, so he decided to dress to the teenager standard and try to at least fit in, to find Quinn.


Quinn arrived back to Finns party, she cried most of the way home but once she was in the company of her friends, the tears stopped streaming and the alcohol started pouring.

"Forget that jerk Quinn, he's going to end up in prison and you'll end up with a guy who deserves you." Santana said, wrapping her arms around a half drunken, miserable Quinn.

"Get me another drink will you please Laura." Quinn asked, Laura nodded, stumbling over the table to where the alcoholic beverages were. She had a few too many drinks as well as everyone else in the party. Santana held her, stroking her hair. "I want to get over him, he's getting married and he loves that red headed bitch. He told me she was MARRIED the LIAR the JERK." Quinn yelled, mumbling her words. Quinn stood up, walking over to a drunken and awkwardly dancing Finn Hudson. "My Finn Hudson, you should dance with me." Quinn smirked, holding a cup of Rum in one hand and putting her other on his chest.

"Yeah sure Quinn." Finn smiled, grabbing her waist and dancing with her. As they danced to the beat of the music, along with the other drunken teenagers in the house, they started off at a distance, then closer, then closer, to the fact she started to grind against his leg. Finns hands moved from her waist down to her ass. If Quinn was sober, she would be hiding in a corner or not there at all, she would still be at Laura's house or run away to her family in Arizona. But no, she continued to grind against the tall boys leg, then he made his move, moving his lips towards hers. Quinn slid her tongue into his mouth, running her fingers through his short dark brown hair.

"Want to go upstairs?" Quinn whispered in his ear, continuing to kiss him passionately. Finn gulped, and then nodded. He looked nervous, but they were both too drunk to care.

"QUINNYS GETTING SOME WOO!" Santana yelled out, continuing to make out with Laura on the sofa and over 20 horny teenage boys watching them. Quinn pulled Finn upstairs; their lips did not separate at all from the bottom of the steps to the door. Quinn pulled back to shut the door, shutting it with her leg. She locked the door, smirking at him with a seductive smile, she was horny at that point, and she wanted to have sex. Not particularly with Finn Hudson but he was something, she always knew he was hot.

"I want you to do me against this door, right here, right now." Quinn demanded. She unhooked her bra from the back of her dress, pulling it out from under her dress, and then she pulled down her panties, kicking them off her feet and sliding them on the ground. Finn nodded, unzipping his pants. He was intoxicated, so was she, Finn walked over to the drunken girl and felt his cock rise against her thigh. He lifted her up, his hands under her thighs and stuck his length inside of her. He was big, she moaned with pleasure but her heart was telling her this was wrong. "Fuck Finn…Jesus Christ." She moaned. He trusted against her, her head rolling and hitting the white wooden door. They went on for 10 minutes, Finn screaming just before he reached his climax. "Fuck, Sam." She bit her lip, trying not to make more noise for the people down stairs but all of a sudden everything stopped. Finn slipped out of her and looked at her.

"My names Finn baby, you know that." Finn smirked, kissing her neck. Quinn all of a sudden realized what she had just done.

"Finn…I'm really sorry…I'm drunk, I don't want you to think this is any more than…" Next thing you know, Quinn's knees hit the ground and a pile of her own vomit was in front of her, near Finns feet. Finn sat down next to her, rubbing her back, pulling her hair back as she puked.

"GET LAURA." Quinn ordered as she puked more on the ground, Finn took her order and ran downstairs to get her best friend. A few minutes later, both Santana and Laura both ran upstairs, both in shock to what they saw on the ground, a sick Quinn, half naked, in a pile of her own vomit. They both stood her up, Laura wiping Quinn's face and Santana stroking her hair. "Finn, I'm so sorry." Quinn was now crying. She felt horrible, she had just had meaningless sex, she was drunk, her brain was not functioning, her body didn't agree with her and her lunch has all on the bedroom floor. Finn looked worried, he was sobering up. Santana raised her eyebrow at him, looking at Finn just in his boxer shorts. She knew exactly what went on.

"Did you guys do it? I was joking when I said to get some Quinn." Santana said, brushing the girl's hair back as she breathed heavily.

"Y-yes but only for a few minutes." Finn finished Quinn sentence, he knew she was too sick to even talk right now.

"God damn it, Finn go downstairs. We need girl time." Laura yelled, Finn nodded, not wanting to make anything worse or upset the girls. Quinn curled into a ball, shaking and crying. "Gosh Quinny you get drunk once and you're a bloody mess." Laura laughed a little, trying to cheer the drunken best friend of hers in front of her.

"Never aga-BLEUGH." Quinn threw up, this time on Santana's dress. All the noise in the room right now was Santana screeching and Quinn gaging.

"Baby can you go get a cold glass of water? And maybe a Tylenol. After you clean yourself up of course." Laura asked her girlfriend.

"I'm sorry Quinn, I'll be back." Santana stood up; holding her dress up so none of Quinn's body fluids would drip down. Quinn finally began to breathe back to normal; Laura helped her up and laid her down on the bed behind her. It looked like Finns parents bed.

"Laura, I'm so sorry, I'm really sorry ok?" Quinn started to cry.

"Relax girl, you're drunk. You have nothing to be sorry for, you made a mistake but everyone makes mistakes when they are drunk. Even if it is bumping uglies with the school jerk." Laura giggled. Quinn sighed.

"I'm taking a long shower tomorrow, after I sleep in and recover." Quinn slowly started to sober up, after all the puking.

"Just close your eyes, you'll wake up in the morning and I'll pick you up. Finn will let you stay."

"How will you know he will?"

"The jerk stuck his dick inside of you while you were drunk, his dick will be ripped off by an angry lesbian if he doesn't." That caused Quinn to laugh, Laura dating Santana was a good thing, Laura was becoming more like her girlfriend and defending herself. Good self esteem.

"You're the best Laura; I hope this is a night I will forget." Quinn said slowly, she was beginning to fall asleep, until Santana stormed through the door.

"Quinn, Mr. Evans is here." Santana yelled, Quinn heard "Mr. Evans." And straight away she sat up but failed, her body threw her back down. It was a sign to rest. Sam walked into the room, receiving many looks and whispers about why he was at this party; after all, he taught a majority of the children at this party.

"Quinn…what's wrong?" Sam asked, his nose turning up due to the smell of alcohol, sex and vomit.

"A teenage boys party, what do you expect Mr. Evans." Laura said, crossing her arms. Both Santana and Laura crossed their arms in front of the adult in front of them.

"Quinn…you came over before, I want to tell you something." Sam walked over to the bed she was laying on; he sat on the end, stroking her hair softly. She didn't make eye contact with him.

"You love her don't you…?" Quinn whispered. Both Laura and Santana backed off, slowly walking out the door to leave the pair alone.

"Who? You Quinn, I love you." He alleged.

"Genevieve, Sam…Genevieve." Quinn said quite slowly, she was drifting off now.

"No Quinn, I love you." Sam repeated himself over and over again.


"What are you talking about? She's my ex-girlfriend baby. Can you just tell me why you are here, you're nearly naked, you smell like booze and vomit and you're obviously under the influence" Sam was getting worried.

"I came to this party…a reason, you hurt me…I saw you loved her and came here…I had sex with Finn…now I'm here. Are you happy now? I had a perfect life until I met you. I was a virgin, I didn't have feelings for anyone, my family was here, I didn't have to lie to my friends, my family, my entire life is a lie…I can't deal with this or you anymore Sam…you hurt me, I would live in peace if you just left me alone." Quinn sounded serious and she didn't blame the alcohol, most of it was slowly getting out of her system. Sam stood there in shock; he didn't want to believe the words she was saying. She had sex with another guy and now she's telling him to leave.

"No Quinn, I can't live with myself without you. You're the best thing in my life." He was getting frustrated.

"Just go…let me sleep." Quinn closed her eyes. Sam stood up; he looked at her for a few minutes as her sleeping body rested on the bed. This was like sleeping beauty, except the princess was telling the prince to go his own way. Prince Phillip came to Aurora to break the curse of sleeping death but instead, the drunken princess was sleeping peacefully with regret and the prince had to go back on his white horse and turn around to misery and pain. He was thankful she was asleep; he didn't want her to see him cry. He hated seeing her hurt but he was right, their relationship was full of secrets and lies. So Sam threw the blanket over her sleeping body, he kissed her forehead softly, walked to the door and turned off the lights, leaving the premises without any questions to why a teacher was at this party. He was broken, torn; he didn't know what to carry on next. She was a child, he was a man, and their story could never be told.

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