Chapter 19

You are my sweetest downfall

A month passed by and not one moment in that month did Sam not think about Quinn Fabray. He missed the looks she would give him in class, the kisses, the sex, the cuddles, the sneaking around but he knew that their break up was for the best. Quinn tempted to withdraw from his class but considering it was a main aspect of her future, she stuck with it, trying to avoid Sam in all ways possible. Some days, he would call in sick, where he would lay in bed all day and think about the mess he had become since that night at Finn Hudson's party. He started to grow a beard, not too much but just stubble to look a bit dirty, his boss recommended stress leave, but Sam didn't want any questions raised to why he was how he was. He went out occasionally, getting intoxicated and sleeping with girls who were his age. He didn't understand the thrill of it, so he stopped after a week. This month was too long for Sam, he just needed Quinn back but, his irrational fear of her moving on, was slightly becoming true. His parents were worried, Laura's parents were worried about Quinn, but the smile on her face, obviously fake and veiled, remained a glow.

It was September, a typical school day. Quinn hated Wednesdays because it was where she had double Media, where she had to spend a whole two hours in her day with Sam. Quinn was one of the first ones in the room, she liked to be early so she didn't have to have that awkward "You're late" conversation with Sam, and she tried to keep their talk as little as possible. She tried to work things out with Finn but he wound up with a girlfriend, one being the irritating Rachel Berry. She made a deal with him never to speak of their little rendezvous at his party, where she mistakenly cheated on Sam. She would be lying if she said she didn't miss him, she has a framed photo of the pair when they were together on her bedside, looking madly in love, not a care in the world. Sighing as other students, including her best friend Laura walked in, she shot a smile.

"I know Qbear, another Media class." Laura chuckled, rubbing the knee of her best friend. Laura especially knew how Quinn was feeling, for the past month she had been crying on the girls shoulder about the blonde man, Laura had to sometimes cancel plans with Santana just to comfort the girl. Laura felt the tension in the room once Mr. Evans walked in. He had shaved; his blonde hair gelled up, the blue dress shirt hugging his muscles. Quinn slammed her head on her table, her right arm breaking her fall.

"Alright class, today is the day you will be presenting your oral presentations about if you were to do anything in the Media as a career choice, what would you choose and why? Or why not?" Sam clapped his hands together, grabbing his black rimmed reading glasses to push on the end of his nose.

"Now can Laura, Damien, Jordan and Quinn please prepare themselves, Laura, you're up first." Sam smiled at the girl, sitting back behind her desk. Laura shot up, looking confident but inside she was nervous with the fact of public speaking. She gave a speech about Journalism, how she would like to be a news anchor or a reporter for a famous news channel. After the class all clapped their hands, Laura wiped her forehead, making a "phew" noise after her speech was a success.

"Thanks Miss Samson for that, I loved the way you captured it. Nice pronunciation and communication with your audience, well done." Sam clapped, followed by the rest of his class. The rest of the students made their speech, some better than others, some effortless and off the top of their heads. Finally, it was down to Quinn.

"Uh now, Quinn, you're our last presenter." He smiled, just saying her name made him nervous. Quinn smoothed out the creases in her dress, clearing her throat before gracefully making her way up to the front of the class. She had cards in the palm of her hands, noted with cute stickers ,written in pink. Getting this speech right was her last chance, she couldn't fail anymore without being sent to Summer School. Her knees wobbled as Sam was looking at her from his desk. She felt like it was no one in the room, but her and him so she made her speech.

"Well despite what people think of me, Media has been something I've always wanted to do as my pathway…" She turned to Sam for a quick second, his attention was all on her, as were the rest of the class but she didn't focus on them. "Out of all things, journalism, graphics, reporting, photography, magazine articles, editing, I just want the little things to matter. I love things too easy, I'm passionate about what I do, how I do it, what I love and how I love it. "She gulped. "I don't just want the media industry to be my number one choice, I want a lot of other things to…I want love, I want a family…I want someone to love me. Sure, Media is my passion but being happy and loving is also a passion of mine because sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone…" Sam raised his eyebrow, knowing the meaning behind her speech but listened warily. "I don't know about most of you but, we're teenagers, we'll be graduating in the matter of weeks and I can guarantee none of you know what you want to do, well me? I do…When someone comes into your life, you want nothing more than to keep them." The rims of her eyes had water on them by that point. "No matter the consequences, no m-matter the impact it has, just you and that thing you are most passionate about…" She started to break down into tears, Laura getting out of her chair to go comfort the blonde. Sam sat there in disbelief, he wanted nothing to hug her and tell her what was on his mind but he realized, he was in a classroom full of students. Laura gestured cutting her throat and that Quinn was done, earning a lazy clap response from the class. Sam cleared his throat.

"Uh, well done Quinn but you can repeat your speech when you're…not so upset." He gulped, feeling his heart in his throat. Laura wrapped her arm around Quinn, pulling her outside of the classroom. At first, she looked at Sam to make sure it was okay, he gave her the nod of approval and continued on with his class.

They were in the empty halls, Quinn slid down on the floor, her head on her knees, damp from the tears escaping her beautiful eyes. "I love him so much Laura, I can't do this anymore, and I can't." She said, her voice breaking. Laura ran Quinn's hair through her fingers, rubbing her back.

"He loves you too bear, did you see the way he looked at you during that speech? Once you started to cry, he just about lost it." She chuckled. "I bet you any money that if he was alone with you right now, you wouldn't be sitting here, you'd be in there, talking to him. Which is what you need to do…?" Laura gave a weak smile.

"Really? B-but I can't, graduation…Sam's career…I want to go to college Laura and he can't come with me. I can't risk this right now…" Quinn sobbed, wiping her tears with her delicate hands.

"Q, j-just go home ok? I'll call my Mom and tell her you'll be home early, I'll talk to Mr. Evans, tell him to meet you at my place tonight? How is that?" Laura smiled.

"Your parents.."

"Ahh, Mommy and Daddy are at a Gala tonight, you'll be alone and I'll go to Santana's." Laura nodded, trying to make things right. Quinn hugged her, her arm wrapped around her neck. Laura wiped the girl's tears. "Go, I'll talk to him." Quinn said nothing, just headed towards her locker to go back home. Laura walked back into class, Sam was mid-sentence before her looked at Laura.

"How is she doing? Is she okay?" Sam had a tone of worry in his voice.

"She's fine Sir…" Laura bobbed, heading towards her chair. She gathered Quinn's books, placing them in her own backpack. The Lunch bell rang, each student running eagerly towards the door as Sam yelled out about some assignment Laura hadn't even worked on yet. Throwing her backpack on her shoulder, Laura moved on up to Mr. Evans's desk. "Mr. Evans, a word?" Laura said in an uneasy tone.

"Sure Miss Samson, what can I do for you?" Sam said in his profession tone. Laura moved closer to his table, speaking quietly just in case people nearby were to hear or walk in.

"Quinn wants you to meet her at my place tonight…to talk…" She cocked her head to the side.

"There is nothing to talk about Laura, we ended things a month ago." Sam was still heartbroken but he wanted to see where things were going.

"Don't be ridiculous, you know what that speech was about; now cut the crap and go. You'll lose her for good if you don't." Laura was getting snappy, a habit she took in from her girlfriend.

"F-fine, but tell her It won't be for long…I don't think I could last that long with her in the same room without crying like a baby." He admitted.

"Thank you, 7pm sound okay? My parents and I will be out for the evening and I expect her to be smiling by the time I get home." Laura smirked at her teacher, walking out of the room with her head held high. Sam ran his hand through his golden hair, blowing his lips together. He had no idea what was prepared for the night he was about to come but, he needed to see Quinn and he needed to resolve the issues the two ever had.