Chapter 3

Sam and Quinn were sitting at the back, enjoying a ride on a cable car. Quinn didn't seem fascinated, she had rode cable cars since she was little but she kept staring at him through the corner of her eye. As he looked out the window, Quinn out of sight, she would stare at him. Even thought she couldn't see his face, she was so fascinated by his backside. The car stopped, Sam moved aside to let Quinn go first and they hopped off their stop. They walked straight to the beach. There were people everywhere, young girls in bikinis, elderly women in their old fashion swim suits, men of all ages in Speedos.

"Oh my god, how can that guy wear that? I mean I wouldn't be caught dead in a Speedo." Sam said, laying down two towels on the ground. One for Quinn and himself.

"It is rather unpleasant, but if he feels comfortable in what he is wearing then I don't see the problem." Quinn slipped off her shoes, sat down on the towel looking at Sam.

"What kind of teenage girl talks like that?" Sam chuckled.

"I'm from a high class family, I was told to sit up straight and use a proper vocabulary since the age of 3. My mom forced me into the debutante when I was 13. I was the youngest girl there." Quinn looked down, laughing at the suppressed memories.

"I would love to see photos." Sam alleged. He looked out into the ocean, looking at girls in their swimsuits. Quinn felt a little jealous, but she had no reason to be. This was never going to happen, not ever. As much as she hoped. At her family get together a couple of weeks ago, she got the wish bone. Immediately she wished to be his girlfriend, then she snapped out of it. She's even had sex dreams about him, which was a little overboard. During class last week, instead of forming techniques on the computer she was imagining Mr Evans taking her right on his desk during lunch. Those papers flying off the floor, her favourite dress torn because he was itching to get to her body. Snap out of it, Jesus Christ Quinn thought, shaking her head and looking at him.

"So tell me about yourself Sam, why are you a media teacher?" Quinn asked.

"Well I'm into comic books, I love all that drawing, animation stuff. So I decided to study it in college, do an animating course. I tried it out for a few weeks and I couldn't get work. So I did a teaching degree online and bam that is how I am where I am now." Sam started to play with the sand located on his right. Trying not to dirty his clean dress shirt.

"Oh, well that's wonderful. I wouldn't teach though, High school is hard enough I wouldn't want to go back again." Quinn said.

"Well I was a jerk in high school. I had the head cheerleader for a girlfriend; I was quarterback of the football team. We dated until college graduation. I-I caught her kissing some medicine student behind the podium. Worst day of my life." Sam looked down, Quinn instantly felt guilty.

"Was she you're only girlfriend?" Quinn asked?

"Well yeah, we dated for 6 years. She was amazing, long red hair, blue eyes, curves that just made you want to...anyway the point is we never worked out. She got sick of waiting." Sam didn't want to make this discussion inappropriate and awkward for Quinn, and himself.

"Waiting for what." Quinn asked.

"Quinn, you're my student I can't discuss these things with you. "

"And I told you about my personal life. Come on, like you said, we're friends here." Quinn giggled, she just needed to know. Sam smacked his hand down in the sand and laughed.

"Alright alright! W-we dated for 6 years...we never...did it."

"Did what?"

"It." Sam looked awkward, embarrassed to say the least. His cheeks changed to a shade of red and he looked away.

"Wow, I never would have thought." Quinn laughed a little. He was a virgin, but he's so hot. A stud. Quinn thought. How could someone like him be a virgin?

"Sorry I've freaked you out now haven't I?" Sam looked at her, a tone of worry in his voice.

"No! No, it's okay. I've heard worse." Quinn said trying to make him feel less awkward.

The rest of their night went well; after staying at the beach for an hour, they walked up the bay, taking photos of various landscapes and objects. They went on the merry go round and decided to head home, it was 8pm and Quinns parents would start to question. Once they got off the cable car ride, back to the mall Sam drove her home. The ride home was quiet, in fact so quiet, Quinn dozed off to rest her head on the window of the car and fell asleep. Sam pulled up into her driveway; he couldn't help but smile at the angelic human sleeping inside his car. It hurt him to wake her up. He touched her arm softly to nudge her and called out her name over again to wake her up. Quinn finally woke up, realizing where she was.

"Crap, sorry. I was exhausted!" She leaned over the console to hug him, he returned the hug. She got out of his car and ran to her front door; she turned to face him and waved. He honked his horn and drove off.

Quinn walked inside her home, it was nice. It had expensive air looms around, photos and portraits surrounding the walls, expensive furniture that looks modern yet antique. She could hear her parents squabbling from the kitchen; she chose her best to ignore it. Her younger sister Kiara ran from the kitchen crying, she immediately ran into her older sisters arms and sobbed. She was 9 years old.

"Quinnie, mommy and daddy are fighting again. Daddy threatened mommy and now she won't stop yelling." The little girl held back sobs trying to explain her story to Quinn.

"Kia, we'll go upstairs. It's late, you should be in bed. I'll help you with your homework and we will ignore them okay?" Kiara nodded, the little blonde haired girl ran upstairs. Quinn walked into the kitchen to see what was going on with her parents. They were standing near a bench top, yelling at one another. Once Quinn entered the room, the yelling stopped.

"Ahh sweetheart, how was school?" Her mother asked.

"Fine, I had to go around San Francisco with my Media teacher and a few others to take photographs." Quinn lied about the others being there. She didn't want her parents to question why she was with just her teacher who she had a crazy crush on.

"Quinnie, I wish you would stop with this photography stuff." Her mother started caressing her hair and smiled from behind.

"I wish you would do something more...useful as a career. Like nursing or even a doctor!" Quinn moved away from her mother.

"Mom we've been through this! I don't want to be a doctor or a nurse or a lawyer or any career like that. I want to be a media photographer, a journalist." Quinn walked to the refrigerator to get a glass of lemonade.

"Be more realistic honey." Her dad said in a quiet tone.

"So being a lawyer or a doctor isn't realistic? You know how hard it is to maintain those careers? I'm 18, I can make up my own mind." Quinn walked out of the room to meet her sister.

She walked up into her bedroom, to see her younger sister sitting on her bed. She was looking through a book, in fact her diary. Quinn ran up to her sister and snatched the book out of her hands.

"Kiara! Don't read that, it's personal." Quinn said looking furious. She couldn't be mad at her sister, she loved her more than anyone.

"Who's Sam? Is he cute? Is he your boyfrienddddd?" Kiara teased.

"Shut up, and no. He's my teacher." Quinn giggled.

"Eww Quinn, that's yuck! Why was there a love heart around his name?" Her sister asked.

"Go to bed Kiara." Kiara giggled and ran into her bedroom, knowing her sister secret. Quinn had nothing to worry about, Kiara was too young to understand or tell anyone.