AN: I have be off work all week feeling horribly sick and most of that time has been spent in bed, Once upon a time is one of the few things that has kept me sane so I felt I just had to write this.

Summary: in the instant before Princess Emma vanished from the wardrobe she was visited by her fairy godmother and as is traditional she was blessed with a gift or two.

Disclaimer: as much as I wish I did I do not own Once upon a time I just adore it


During her minuets in the wardrobe the infant Emma was not alone. The instant her father closed the doors a tiny fairy appeared, filling the wooded vessel with a warm glow.

"My darling Emma, I am your fairy godmother" she said introducing herself even thought the child did not understand

"I have come to bestow gifts upon you that I hope will make your journey in life easier" she whispered softly

"The first is the gift of true sight, you will be able to look though any lie and see only the truth" the fairy explained with a swish of her wand that covered the baby in glowing dust

"The second is the gift of dreams, you may be alone in your new world child but this world and those that love you will always be accessible to you in your dreams should you ever have need of us" again the fairy covered Emma in a shower of dust using her wand

"Good luck dear Princess Emma, I wish you well for all of our sakes" the fairy whispered sadly as way of good bye before vanishing from sight and allowing the wardrobe to transport Emma to the new life that awaited her.

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