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"Hey, Haruhi?" Kaoru said.

"Yeah?" The girl asked, turning to face the twins.

"We have a secret. Wanna hear it?" Hikaru asked this time.

"I guess, if you guys want to tell me." She said with a shrug.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone." The twins said un unison, suddenly completely serious.

"Okay, I promise." Haruhi said, confused by their strange attitudes.

"Do you swear on your life?"

"I swear on my life." Best to play along, right? Whatever it was, they clearly didn't want anyone else to know.

Gotta secret,

Can you keep it?

Swear this one you'll save…

Better lock it in your pocket,

Takin' this one to the grave.

Haruhi stood, shell shocked. Hikaru and Kaoru had just 'showed' her their secret. She stood in confusion, watching as they leaned towards each other- much like in their host club act. But she hadn't expected it to get any farther than that, figuring it would just be one of their pranks.

But then they had kissed. Not just something little either, like on the cheek. This kiss was close to exiting the realm of innocent.

"I- I…" She stuttered, mind going blank. This was wrong! Incest! A sin!

They pulled away and stared at the girl, studying her. Would she keep their secret?

"Just remember," They said, wearing those identical smirks, "You swore on your life."

If I show you,

Then I know you won't tell what I said.

'Cause two can keep a secret-

If one of them is dead.

A week had passed, and Haruhi kept her distance. They pretended not to notice the glances she sent them, glances that clearly said this was one secret she couldn't keep.

She confronted the two not long after.

"You guys, I'm sorry. You know you're my friends- but I can't do this!"

"Why not?" Hikaru demanded.

"It's wrong! Incest is illegal." The girl cried.

"Did you tell anyone?" Kaoru this time.

"My dad." Haruhi confessed, a determined look in her eyes.

"We see." The Hitachiins said calmly before walking away, hand in hand.

Why do you smile,

Like you've been told a secret?

Now you're telling lies,

Because you have sworn to keep it.

3 days later, the newspapers announced it. A double murder, a father and daughter killed from knife wounds to the neck. The host club, of course, was present at both funerals. Tamaki sobbed at the loss of his 'daughter'. Everyone was somber and grave. Hikaru and Kaoru cried, too. But of course it wasn't real- they'd known how to fake tears since a young age.

It was a shame they had to kill her, but she had sworn on her life…

No one keeps a secret...

No one keeps a secret…

No one keeps a secret…

"She should have known better." Hikaru whispered later, sitting on their bed.

"You know what they say," Kaoru agreed, "Two can keep a secret- if one of them is dead."

You swore you'd never tell…

You swore you'd never tell…

You swore you'd never tell…


I've been getting a lot of inspiration from songs lately. This one was inspired by Secrets by The Pierces.

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