Ok so I've decided to make a new story. Because I had a great idea it's more dramatic I think. It's an AU story. Which I'm hoping it stands for alternate universe. Someone tell me if I'm correct. Anyways if u like it then I'll make more. It's a Deuce/Oc.

I don't own shake it up or any of the places here. Just OC and concept


Deuce P.O.V

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. Their he was after a two years. Their He was just standing there looking at the TV through the glass of a game busters store. His long dark crimson red hair in his face. His strangely colored yellow eye focused on the TV. His tan skin all of that made him unique to me. Wearing a black leather jacket with crimson red stripes going up the sleeve were they merged on the backs to make a circle. Black skinny jeans and black motocross boots that had crimson red on the sole of the boot. He was wearing black fingerless driving gloves . Then I remember why he does. To cover up the memory. The awful memory I caused. The one I can never forgive myself for causing.


Ok so yea to how you like the intro. It's short but I am uploading two so ya review this and click next:D