Chapter 7

13 years old

Deuce P.O.V

We entered the pizzeria. The place look like a friendly family place. I almost thought that we got the place.

"Hey there kids what can get you guy to day" a middle-aged Latin man asked us

"The moon is crimson black... And can I get a small pepperoni for the kid please" tony said and asked

"Oh you're the guys Ty called ahead about. You guys don't look like much. But hey looks can be deceiving. Ok follow me and I'll introduce everyone and about five minutes on the pie"

"ight" tony simply said

We walked to the back of the kitchen where there was a manhole covering. The guy lifted the lid and went down it

"Alright come down" he shouted from the bottom.

"Alright Flynn be careful going down" tony cautioned

"Don't worry I'll be fine" he said

I was the last one down i was about to step off when I slipped. Luckily tony caught me so I wouldn't fall.

"You ok deuce?" he said asked while I was still in his arms.

"Y-Ya I'm fine." I said while blushing.

"Yo love birds pick up the pace." the guy said

We snapped out of our daze and started walking through the tunnels.

"Hey I just realized you never told use your name." Flynn asked

"Well names just frank. I use to be in this little gang when I was your age but I left to start a family. Actually I met my wife here. I still help by having the base under my business."

He explains

"So does this gang have a name?" I ask

"Ya the brotherhood of thieves" he said

We come up to a metal door with a black circle with a red outline.

He opens it with a key he had. Frank goes in first and we follow.

"Hey everyone your new initiates have arrived "frank announced.

"Cece you the only one here?" frank asked

"No and rocky she's in the back she just got some more medical supplies so she's organizing them. So you're the new guys huh?" A girl with fiery orange hair pale skin and was wearing makeup. She was wearing the same leather jacket as Ty was but she was wearing a shirt but she had her jacket zipped up. She had on black skinny jeans and black combat boots with red lyses like Ty was.

"Yea Ty sent us here" I said

"Ty mentioned you stole a car too" she stated

"Yea well deuce did all the work I was just unconscious." tony said

"well still nice work names Cece I'm the best infiltrator and fence this gang has ever seen. Now what's your names and why do you look have dead.

"Well my name is tony. The short ones named Flynn and the one with the eye brows is Deuce. He's my boyfriend" tony stated

I blushed when he said my boyfriend I love the sound of that.

"well that's cool any way the job we were gana test you wit was taken by another member so I'm working on getting you a new job so go ahead and sit down and relax"

"Ok we-I CAHA" tony fell on the floor and started coughing up blood


"I-I cccant br-eath" tony choked out

"Frank! Get him too rocky she'll know what to do!" Cece demanded.

"Ok right" frank said while lifting up tony up bridal style and running down the hall

"I gota go with him" I began to run when Cece grabbed my shoulder.

"No you can't go back there while rocky works on him but don't worry he'll be fine rocky's the best doctor we've ever had.

" That made me feel a little better but still unsure." ok let me show you guys were to sleep" Cece said

"Ok" I simply said still shaken up a bit

I look over to Flynn and he looked frozen

"Flynn you ok?" I asked

D-deuce what j-just Ha-ppend?" Flynn managed to choke out he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

I go and crouch down so I'm looking at him straight in the face.

"I don't know but I'm sure he'll be fine ok don't cry" I reassure him

"o-ok" wiping away stray tears.

"You really care about tony huh?" I asked

"Ya he's always been nice to me even when we were at the home when the other kids hated him I was the only one that said he was cool." he said proudly

"Well don't worry he'll be fine" I said again

We walked through the corridors of this place. It was like a dungeon the walls were made from bricks and stone. There was water drop sounds and some of the walls had smeared red paint. They had light fixtures on the ceiling.

Cece lead us to a vacant room. It had a king sized bed. A closet a table in the far corner two dressers. The foods are all stone but this room had a carpet. There was a safe in the wall too.

"Ok we are running low on space so you guys all have to share a bed, but since you and tony are dating I guess that won't be such a tragedy. She said with a smirk

I blushed when she said that

"Ok I'll let you guy rest so I'll get out of your hair" Cece said turning to leave.

"Wait um Flynn go head and take a nap I gota talk to Cece" I said

"Wait but what about my pizza?" I'll wake you when it's do ok "I said. I followed Cece out to talk to her

"Ok look if this is about your boyfriend I don't know anything yet bu-" she started

"No it now about him I just want to know everything about your gang before I get started." I said

"Well we don't normally tell initiates our history but I know you'll make a great thief. Not as great a thief as ma but almost." she said very vain about herself.

Ok here's the history of the brotherhood of thieves. The brotherhood began with in the early 1800s in New York. It was a gang of just pickpocket and jewel thieves that would all pull their money together and work together for one goal. To be filthy rich. That all rose to the top and they had every one in their pocket. Cops, mayors, and at one point presidents. Soon the brotherhood spread to other major cities like L.a. And of course Chicago. Now a days the other brotherhood chapters ain't doin so good but we are we're thriving.

"Wait what if you get caught and thrown In jail?"

"We got most of the cops in check but not all so we have to be careful who we tell we are. All you really have to do is see who reacts when they see the jackets we were. Then we just bribe them and they release us.

"Cece can you train me to be a better Thief" I asked

"w-what why?"

"Because tony has always protected me from harm. And I just can't stand him getting hurt anymore. If I'm become a great thief then I can provide for us and I can protect tony for a change" I stated

"Ok I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this without testing you first but you in. Welcome to the brotherhood of thieves. And yes I will train you.

Just then frank ran up to us

"Deuce right?" he asked

"Ya" I simply said

"Well I have good news and bad news about tony."He said

My heart was racing at what he was gana say

The good news is that rocky got him stable and she also got him to breathe on his own.

"YES!" I yelled so thankful

"But the bad news is to get him stable rocky had to put him in and induced coma. She doesn't know when he's gana wake up" he said grimly

My heart stopped. My brain told me this was real but my heart wanted to believe I was dreaming.

"Can I see him" I said stone faced.

"Yes of course this way" frank said


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