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Chapter 2: The Party

Ichigo appeared outside of squad ten just as the last rays of the sun disappeared. He had got lost only twice and was glad that the soul reapers knew their headquarters layout very well. He looked around and saw the doors were wide open and no one stood guard. He could hear music and laughter coming from within. He walked in and didn't see anyone until he came to the training grounds and he was surprised by the amount of people. The entire squad ten and squad eleven members were there and a lot of others from the remaining squads.

'Damn how am I going to find Yoruichi.' he thought to himself. ' I guess I could start from the right side and sweep to the le-'
"Ichigo!" he was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a pair of large, soft orbs press against his back and hands cover his eyes.
"Rangiku! Leave Ichigo alone."
"Ahh Captain your such a stick in the mud."
"Relax Captain. See I'm stopping." She removed her hands from Ichigo. He turned around to see the Captain of squad ten and his beautiful Lieutenant standing there.
"Thanks Toshiro." Ichigo said.
"That's Captain Hitsugaya to you!" the young captain yelled as he got a slight twitch by his right eye.
"Yeah whatever. Have either of you seen Yoruichi?"
Both squad officers gave him a curious look then looked at each other before they answered. "Rangiku?"
"Yes sir?"
"Can you look after Ichigo and help him out?"
"Sure thing captain but what's wrong with you?"
"I'm going to squad four." he answered and started to walk away.
"Ahh. Isn't that cute Ichigo. My captain is going to see if his girlfriend is ok." Rangiku teased.
"Rangiku, how is that paperwork going?" Toshiro called from over his shoulder.
"Umm I-it's fine! You'll have it soon!" Rangiku said in a panicked voice but the white haired was already gone.
"Why don't you just do the work?" came Ichigo's voice.
"Why don't you just go and apologise to Yoruichi?" she shot back.

Ichigo was flabbergasted," How? How do you know?"
"Well it doesn't take a genius to see that she was upset." said the blond. "I don't know what happened but she joined me at the bar earlier and said that men are jerks and Ichigo is the worst of them." He felt a sharp jab in his stomach at her words but let her continue. " She went on a little rant about how after waiting all day to see you, you go and treat her like shit. How you made her feel foolish for letting you get closer than most. And how she took an interest in you then you push her away."
Ichigo didn't say anything. He was silent and thought it over quietly to himself. 'Yeah I was a jerk. Everything she said was true. But I can't believe that she likes me.'
'Well what are you going to do?' came Zangetsu's voice.
' I'm going to make it right.' Ichigo answered and his sword smiled at him.
"Earth to Ichigo!"
"Sorry Rangiku. Can you take me to her?" he asked and was thankful for the nod he got.

She grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the south end of the compound. They stopped a few yards away from the bar the was set up in the corner. Ichigo spotted the tanned skinned Goddess sitting by herself at the far end away from everyone else. Ichigo was about to go to her but Rangiku blocked his way.
"Ichigo. " she said in a deadly serious voice, "You better make this right or you'll have to deal with both me and Soi Fon." His face paled and he nodded his understanding. "Good! Now go win her heart lover-boy!" said Rangiku as she pushed him down the bar.

He slowed his pace down and quietly sat down beside Yoruichi. He didn't know how to start so he just burst out the first thing that came to mind. " Is that any good?" he asked pointing to the glass of sake resting between her hands. "I don't know." came a jagged voice from her lips, "It's my first one and I haven't tasted it yet."
He was about to say something but the bartender slid over. "Anything for you?"she asked. Ichigo answered," One of those." pointing to Yoruichi's glass. The bartender nodded and a glass of sake appeared in front of him in a few seconds then the bartender left. He opened his mouth but Yoruichi beat him.
"What do you want, Ichigo?" she asked, still looking down at her drink.
She looked at him with wide eyes and saw the blush on his face. He rubbed the back of his head nervously.
"Oh?" was all she said.
"I know it sounds corny but I really do want to be here with you."
"Well you didn't sound like you wanted to a hour ago." she shot back.
"I know but that wasn't me. I was mad at the squad four guys and I lashed out at you. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry."
She continued to stare at him but didn't make a sound. They both could hear the music at the dance floor switch to a softer and gentler pace. The drunks stopped making a lot of noise and it felt peaceful.
"Come on." Yoruichi said as she stood up and grabbed his arm. "Let's dance."

He followed her onto the middle of the dance floor. She turned around quickly and Ichigo bumped into her. To stop her from falling he grabbed her shoulders and then he gently ran his hands down her arms. Just before reaching her elbow he lightly squeezed her and pulled her towards him. She accepted his invitation and inched forward. They stared at each other lost in the opposite's eyes. The dark violet and the warm brown piercing one another. Gone was the world around them as their hearts and breaths quickened. His arms slid onto her waist and her arms snaked around his neck. Their noises almost brushing each other by their close proximity. One another's warm breaths tickling the others lips and cheeks. They both continued to move closer. Their eyes never disconnected as they closed the distance. Then slowly and passionately their lips found each other. Slightly tilting their heads to the side they deepen their love. Teeth almost grinding against one another. They pulled themselves into a tighter embrace. Their bodies becoming one. No force on earth could break them apart except the need for oxygen.

They broke apart by the lips but they still held each other firmly. Gulps of air filled their lungs as their eyes fluttered open and locked on to each other. Smiles danced upon their lips as they stared. Moving closer again their lips reconnected. The soft and slightly moist skin touched yet again. This time though a spark of fire erupted in them. Passion fuelled the kiss. Hands running all over one another's bodies. They fought to be as close as they could to one another. Then they broke apart again. Their own little world popped and reality rushed forward. They heard the slow and gentle music in the background and remembered that they were in the middle of the dance floor. Many people around them had stopped dancing and were staring at the pair with wide eyes. Many were shocked and bewildered but some were smiling and nodding in approval.

The two of them looked around and saw the faces. A slight blush crept across both their faces. A giggle escaped Yoruichi's lips and a frown appeared on Ichigo's face. He glared at the group surrounding them. "Well?" he asked. Everyone continued to stare and no one answered. "What!" Ichigo shouted and his spiritual pressure leaked out. Most of them bolted and coward beneath his glaze. Yoruichi giggled again and he turned his attention back to her. She smiled seductively and lovingly at the same time towards him. Their eyes met again and with a flash they disappeared.

They reappeared just outside of squad two's barracks.
"Wow Ichigo that was fast. Be careful or some people might start calling you the god of flash." Yoruichi said playfully.
Ichigo smiled smugly, "Well you could always have some company my goddess."
"Getting bold aren't we?" she purred, "I wouldn't mind sharing my title with you, strawberry." Ichigo just blushed deeply and was about to say something before Yoruichi captured his lips in another kiss. Then they disappeared again.

Yoruichi had flash stepped them away and ended up standing in her bedroom. They continued to kiss but Ichigo broke away when she started to pull open his soul reaper outfit.

He stepped back a few feet and stared at the ground for a few seconds before he looked at her. "What are we doing Yoruichi?"
It was a fair question and Yoruichi thought that it deserved an answer.
"I don't really know." she was being honest but Ichigo glared at her.
"Yes Ichigo. Really."
"It's just that... Well it's... Umm. I-I never have been...umm I-" Yoruichi placed her finger on Ichigo's lips to calm him down.
"You've never been in a relationship." She stated. He looked her in the eye and nodded. She gave him a small, gentle smile and hugged him. His arms automatically wrapped around her and she rested her head on his chest.
"Truth be told, I don't think I have either." Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "What? You have never been in a relationship?"
She looked up at him. "No I haven't." she said with a serious face.
Now both of his eyebrows were up. "I'm having a hard time believing that."
"How?" her eyes narrowed. Ichigo saw the danger that he put himself in and knew that he had to proceed carefully.
"Well you are older than I am." her eyes narrowed more and he hurried along, "What I mean is that you've lived longer and in your whole life you never dated?"
"That is correct."
"Really? What about you and hat'n clogs?"
She burst out laughing. A sweet laugh that Ichigo knew he wanted to hear again. "I," Yoruichi started," would never date Kisuke. Him and myself are best friends, almost brother and sister. And I would never do anything with my brother that I would do with my boyfriend."
"Oh. Well you never have been with anyone else?"
"Well I have dated men for only as long as a week. Nothing longer and nothing more than a kiss."
It took a second for Ichigo's brain to register what Yoruichi had just said. Then it clicked. His eyes widened and he looked at her.
"You've never? No way! You talk and flirt about it all the time. How, how! How can you not have-"
"Ichigo!" she broke his shocked rant and he stared at her like a deer caught in headlights. "You know those girls at your school that talk about how they have sex? And all the times that they have done it?" He nodded once at her.
"Well in reality they have never had sex. They talk about it so they don't feel embarrassed when they find out that all their friends have done it." she blushed and cupped his face before she continued, "I'm a virgin. Just like you Ichigo. I-I've been w-waiting for someone special." When she said this she removed her hands and stepped away from him while peering at the ground. They both stood still for a minute. Then Ichigo broke the tension.
"So have I."

She glanced at him with a shy, red face. "What?" she asked.
"I've been waiting for someone special too." he smiled at her and took a step towards her. Her eyes filled with tears but a smile glowed from her. She felt his arms embrace her and rub her back. She too wrapped her arms around him and she buried her face into the crook of his neck. Their souls became one again as they held each other.

Ichigo backed away a little and Yoruichi looked worriedly at him but she was met by a warm smile. He wiped away the tears that slid down her cheeks and kissed her quickly yet lovingly. "Why don't we take this slow and see where it will lead." Yoruichi smiled and kissed him to show that she agreed. Then they both climbed into her bed and held each other in their arms before drifting off to sleep.

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