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Chapter 8: Sadistic Laugh

"Die soul reaper!" the black haired girl rushed at Ichigo. The sword came flying forward in a lunge making Ichigo roll out of the way. In mid roll he slammed his combat badge onto his chest. His body ended up rolling into the fissure he made when fighting against Urahara when he was trying to regain his powers. Ichigo quickly got out of the roll and flash stepped behind the girl. He drew Zangetsu and brought it down at his attacker.

'Damn he's fast.' the girl analysed as she blocked the swing at her head. The clang of metal echoed throughout the underground cavern. Sparks flew as the two warriors slashed and blocked each other. The two flashed away from one another standing about twenty feet apart.

"You're pretty good for not being a seated officer." The girl stated hoping to taunt the soul reaper.

"Thanks you're not too bad yourself." he smirked back at her.

"What squad do you belong to?"

"I don't belong to a squad." still smirking.

Her eyes narrowed as she studied him. His flaming orange hair and huge Zanpakuto jumped out at her. His fighting style was not what she was used to but he still needed to develop it. "Are you an exile?" she finally asked.

"Are you?"

"I'm going to take that as a yes then." she smiled as he appeared to deflect the question.

"No I'm not. I don't belong to the soul society but you used to didn't you?" he replied in a very calm and convincing manner.

"Who are you with then?"

"Where is Yoruichi?" Ichigo was beginning to get annoyed with the four eyed girl.

"Why should I tell you? You're just here to kill her."

"Tell me where she is now!" his voice was full of anger but something else was there too.

"I won't tell soul reaper errand boys where she is. Go back to the soul society and tell them to send someone worth my time." she realised too late just what a wrong thing she just said. She almost fell to her knees as the spiritual pressure hit her.

She looked at the young man before her and saw the dark wisps of power bleeding off of him. 'How can he have the power of a captain? This power feels familiar though.'

Just then Ichigo lifted his head and she saw his eyes. Black eyes with golden irises stared back at her. She saw the slow materialisation of a hollow mask forming on his face.

"So are you going to tell the king or am I going to have some fun?" the hollowfied voice asked with a wicked smile.

'Oh no. I'm in trouble.' the girl thought as the masked boy attacked her.


Urahara and Yoruichi walked back into the shop followed by the rest of the visored. They headed into the dark shop until Kisuke turned on the lights. They were all exhausted from the amount of activity in the area. It appeared as if the hollows were trying to escape from their home but when they did Yoruichi and the rest were always waiting for them. Finally after days of fighting the hollows stopped coming. The companions were tired of the endless fights and finally just wanted to sleep and rest. Well that was the plan until they entered the tea room and felt the spiritual pressure coming from the training room. They all hopped down the hole preparing themselves for another fight.

Yoruichi was the first one down and what she saw stopped her in her tracks. She stared wide eyed at the hollow in front of her.

"Lisa!" shouted the Visord that had entered the room.

The hollow that was standing above the beaten and broke body of the black haired girl looked up at them as he heard the shouting. As soon as he looked up its eyes met another pair of golden eyes. A blood chilling scream ripped from its mouth as a hand that was not holding it's sword gripped it's mask.

The Visord were about to attack but Kisuke held them back. "Wait." was all he said as he watch the hollow scream in front of them.

"Ichigo..." Yoruichi whispered which seemed to grab it's attention.

"You!" it screamed at her, "You are what stops me! I will consume him! Ahhhhh!" the hollow doubled over as it screamed again. It's left hand was starting to pull the mask off. "NO! NNNNOOOO! I am the king! I will rule! NOT YOU!" the screaming intensified but started to sound like a defiant yell. The hollowfied voice was fading away and being replaced with a teenagers voice. Finally the mask was pulled free and turned to dust as a young orange haired soul reaper stood before them.

He was panting hard as he had his head down trying to pull air into his lungs. He looked back up to be met with the golden eyes of his girlfriend. "Hi Yoruichi. I was worried about you." he smiled before he passed out and crumpled to the ground.

"Ichigo!" Yoruichi screamed as she fell down beside him and cradled him in her arms. She kissed him on the lips and started to cry. "Please don't die. Please don't die." she started to rock back and forth while holding tightly onto him.

The visord were shocked to see the flirty and tough ex-captain break down over this soul reaper. Urahara smiled but with a little jealousy at his student. "He sure is lucky." he spoke his thoughts as a few of the male visords nodded in agreement.

"Hachigen, can you help them?" Kisuke asked.

"Of course." the large man answered as he picked up Lisa from the rumble and laid her next to Ichigo who was still being held by Yoruichi. "If you would be so kind Lady Yoruichi." the man smiled at her.

Yoruichi reluctantly let go of Ichigo and stepped away from the Visord healer. A glowing orange box encased the two warriors. The box looked very similar to the powers that Orihime had. Sure enough the same healing abilities started and repaired the two beaten fighters.

Lisa was the first to recover as she bolted up right with a terrifying scream. "Lisa calm down. You're safe." Hachigen smiled comfortingly at her. Lisa was just about to return to her regular self until she glanced beside her and went hysterical. "NNNOOOOO!" she screamed and tried to distance herself from Ichigo, "DON'T LET HIM LIVE! RUN AWAY! PLEASE LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!" she begged as hammered away at the healing shield still looking at Ichigo with fear that no one present had seen in the usual calm Visord. Hachigen opened a hole which she jumped through rushing for her zanpakuto. She quickly retrieved it and lunged at the unconscious Ichigo only to be blown back by Yoruichi. "What are you doing! We need to destroy that monster!" screamed Lisa as she tried again to attack the sleeping form of Ichigo. Again Yoruichi blocked her and through her across the training area.

"You will not touch HIM!" Yoruichi commanded as she went into a battle stance, defending Ichigo.

"He's more powerful than any of us! You don't know what he's like! We-" Lisa tried to say.

"YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HIM!" Yoruichi screamed as her orange shirt blew off and white wisps of spiritual pressure whipped around her.

The rest of the visords were standing completely still as they watched the scene before them play out. Never had any of them seen the former stealth force captain look so terrifying. Finally Kisuke was the one to react as he appeared before Lisa. "Calm down Lisa." Kisuke patted her shoulder, slipping a small injection into her. The medicine took affect right away. The once hysteric Visord slipped into a relaxed and numbing trance as Kisuke questioned her.

"What happened, Lisa? Can you tell us everything?"

"Yes." Lisa answered in a semiconscious state, " It started with..."

Lisa told them of how Ichigo appeared in the training area and the battle with the hollow.


"So are you going to tell the king or am I going to have some fun?"the hollowfied voice asked with a wicked smile.

Lisa quickly put herself in a defensive stance and not a moment too soon as the hollowfied soul reaper launched at her. She raised her sword horizontally as the cleaver like zanpakuto came down on her. The blow was more powerful than she first thought as she was pushed back ten yards. Her feet slid back trying to stop the blow.

"Damn he's strong." muttered under her breath but the hollow heard.

"Of course I'm strong. The King is stronger than you, so I am too. I'm even more powerful than him so you will be nothing more than a little play toy for me until the king can get back in control if he can ever get control back!" the hollow laughed crazily at her.

'He has an ego.' Lisa thought as she tried to analyse her opponent, 'If I can keep him talking I might get an opening.'

"So the King is the soul reaper that you are trapped in?" she asked.

The hollows face change to one of disgust and irritation. "He isn't the king anymore. As you can see I'm in control. He is the horse why'll I am the king!" he laughed again and grabbed the cloth hanging off the end of the Zanpakuto. He started to spin the blade in a fast circle parallel to him. Lisa saw that the hollow's body language showed no sign of attacking so she continued to buy time.

"So what did the soul reaper want down here?"

"Oh him. He was looking for his girlfriend." he smiled carefree.


"Yeah! The tanned skinned goddess. Yoru-itchy or something."

"Yoruichi?" asked Lisa in surprise. 'So he was just looking for her.'

"Yeah the chick with the huge tits." he laughed, "That's the only thing he ever did right. Who would have thought he could get a chick like her to fall in love with him." he laughed again.

Lisa continued to calculate him. He was standing there still spinning the blade in an almost bored way. "What are-"

"Shut up girlie!" he became serious for a second then the evil grin appeared again, "I can tell you are stalling. I can feel others approaching the area."

Lisa's eyes widened usually hollows could not feel spiritual pressure as well as soul reapers. "Oh." she tried to bluff him, "So you know that you can't hope to defeat me and my comrades?"

"HAHAHAHA!" the hollow laughed insanely at her, "Maybe so but what is there to stop me from killing you before they get here."

Lisa was shocked by him. Most hollows would retreat if there was a chance they would die but this scared her. The monster in front of her thought he could kill her and her friends. 'He must be powerful.' while she was in a state of shock and thought she missed the way he let go of the spinning sword, making it hurl at her. Her muscle memory and instincts saved her from being impaled.

Her body jerked out of the way as the zanpakuto sailed by her. Smirking to himself the hollow stared at her. Lisa took his weaponless body as an opening and charged him.

She saw the hollow twitch his arm and saw that he still held the end of the cloth. She glanced over her shoulder to see the blade flying towards her. Abandoning her attack she flash stepped to an empty area far away from the hollow just as she landed her body tensed. She let her instincts take over and rolled to the left as the blade again sailed at her imbedding into the ground where she had been seconds before.

"Well you're making this quiet fun!" the hollow's laugh filled her ears and made her heart beat faster. 'He's just playing with me. He's holding back. Well thats a mistake!'

"Want to have some more fun?" she asked as she faced him.

The hollow smiled and raised an eyebrow. He pulled his weapon back as she pulled her mask on. "Prepare to die!" she said as she stared at him. Then he disappeared. 'Damn where is he! He's so fast I didn't see him.'

"You're too slow." the hollow whispered into her ear. She whirled around to strike him but he caught her blade in his hand. The hollow would have seen the shocked look on her face if it wasn't for the mask. Lisa stared helplessly as the hollow's giant zanpakuto stabbed her stomach. He pulled out and the blood shot out of the wound, just two inches from her belly button.

Lisa would have fallen to the ground but instead the hollow gave her a weak back hand that made her fly through one of the rock formations. Fear gripped her as she laid in the rubble she was coughing up blood and her vision was blurry. Her mask slowly disappeared into nothing. She knew what was coming. She heard it all around her. The insane laughing was echoing everywhere. She could not find the source but she did not have to. The hollow would find her.

"Damn it! What a stupid way to die!" she cursed herself but she started coughing violently.

"Yes it is a stupid way to die." the cold laughing voice of the hollow came from her left. "You have only yourself to blame. If you weren't weak then you may have stood a chance." he was standing right above her. Zanpakuto hovering over her limp form.

"Bastard." Lisa could only say. She was terrified as those eyes stared at her. Eyes so cold even death would tremble.

"Big words for a weak little girl." he smiled at her then plunged his zanpakuto into her stomach again.

"AAHHHHH!" Lisa screamed blood spraying out of her mouth and her stomach as the hollow pulled the blade out.

"Music to my ears." his sadistic grin appeared on his face again, "You were a good warm up girlie but I think your friends are here and they hopefully will be more fun."

Lisa could only stare at the blade which was right above her heart this time. Then she heard her friends land off to her right. The last thing she saw and heard was the hollow scream before her world went dark.

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