~Morinaga's thoughts~

Behind this door is my world

The door is locked, just like his heart

Why can't he see that I have the key to unlock it

The door under my hand is flimsy but it's enough to separate us

The empty living room only reminded me of our "conversation" from earlier

The dirty dishes mocked me

The meal was great with good conversation

Why did I have to bring up his feelings for me

I wonder when he will realize what his actions mean

Actions speak louder that the harsh words that he throws at me

He's unnerved and in denial

He doesn't understand

He's on the verge on realizing that his actions show love not hate

It hurts when he dismisses me so easily

There is light coming from under his door

A slimmer of light

Just like the slimmer of hope I always have

It makes me feel like I still have a chance when he lets me do things to him

When I bring it up he denies his actions and crushes that hope

The darkness of the hallway is a good reflection of my mood

I need to get some sleep so I can put a cheerful front in the morning

I don't know how long I can keep this up

AN~ I can totaly see Morinaga thinking this

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