Chapter 1
Weasleys and Potters

Summary: Next-Generation Fan-Fiction. Rose Weasley, Albus Severus Potter, and Scorpius Malfoy start their first year at Hogwarts. Multi-PoV.

Disclaimer: This story follows the canon epilogue in Deathly Hallows, but also follows my story "Baby Makes Three" when it comes to some of the children in the story. Therefore, some of the children's ages may not be canon. Names of other next-generation children not listed by JK Rowling are of my own creation and not canon.

Author's Note: An introduction to this story, all the main characters and other characters you'll find in this story, can be seen on my profile on this website. The first part of this chapter will be in Hermione's PoV. It will probably be the only PoV of the adults in this story. It is just to have a good introduction.

(Hermione's PoV)

"HUGO WEASLEY!" Hermione Weasley yelled, "Get back here with your sister's wand!"

"Aw, Mum!" a small red-headed boy complained.

Hugo Weasley, the nine-year old spitting-image of his father, trudged up to his mother. His sister's nine-inch holly-and-heartstring wand was in his hand.

"Give it to me," Hermione said, her hand outstretched.

Hugo sighed and placed the wand in her hand.

"Don't let me catch you with this again," Hermione said. "You are too young and -"

"It is too dangerous, I know," whined Hugo.

"For Merlin's sake," Hermione said, with an annoyed sigh, "I will be so happy when your sister goes to school. She's older than you and yet you have to pick on her!"

"I can't help it that she's a nerd," Hugo muttered.

"A – excuse me, young man?" Hermione asked.

"She's a know-it-all," Hugo said, "Her nose is always stuck in those school books. It's been that way ever since she got her letter."

Hermione tried her best to hold back her smile.

Rose Weasley, eleven and headed to Hogwarts for her first year, was the twinkle in her mother's eye. Rose idolized her mother and Hermione knew it well.

"You shouldn't call her a nerd," she said, disapprovingly.

"Why?" Hugo asked, "Dad says she is."

Hermione narrowed her eyes. "Does he now?" she asked, tapping her foot.

Hugo nodded, grinning. Hermione recognized that grin. Hugo did this whenever he knew he got away with something... or thought he did rather.

"Go get ready," Hermione said to him, then muttered, "I have to find your father."

Hugo smiled and raced up the stairs toward his bedroom.

"Mummy!" Rose called out from her bedroom, "Have you seen my wand? I can't find it!"

"I have it, Rose," Hermione answered.

Rose appeared at the end of the hallway. Her hair, red like her father, though long and bushy like her mother's when she was her age, flew behind her as she ran up to her mother. She grinned when she saw the wand in her mother's hand.

"What have I told you about your wand?" Hermione asked.

"Keep an eye on it at all times," Rose quoted.

"You may never know when you'll need it," Hermione said.

She gave Rose her wand back.

"Do you have everything packed?" she asked.

"Almost," Rose said.

"Well, finish up," Hermione said, "We're just about ready to go."

Rose nodded and turned around, then raced back down the hallway. Hermione walked toward the kitchen, through it and out to the garage. Her husband, Ron, was walking around the family car.

"Rear wheels," Ron said, "Check and – oh, hi, honey."

"Ron," Hermione said, "Can I speak to you for a moment?"

"Can it wait?" Ron asked, "I'm doing the checklist for the car. I wasn't going to, but Dad said I should. You know how he is about his children."

"Speaking of children," Hermione said, "I'd like to talk to you about yours."

"Oh?" Ron said, "Which one? Both?"

"Hugo," Hermione said.

Ron grinned. Hugo was the twinkle of his eye, and it was very understandable why.

"He stole your daughter's wand," Hermione said, "Again!"

"I'm sure it is just a bit of fun," Ron said, still preoccupied with his car, "Give him the motherly speech, like you always do."

Hermione narrowed her eyes.

"I already took the wand from him and gave it to Rose," she said.

"Then what is the problem?" Ron asked.

"Did you call your own daughter a nerd?" Hermione asked.

Ron flinched. Hermione already knew the answer.

"How could you?" she asked.

"I was just trying to cheer Hugo up," Ron said. "He's terribly jealous of his sister right now."

"Is he now?" Hermione asked.

"Yes," Ron said, "Or did you not notice? He keeps talking about Hogwarts. He wants to go so badly. He doesn't want to wait two years."

"Rose's wand is not a toy, Ron," Hermione said, "Hugo needs to know this."

"He does," Ron said, "Give the lad a break. Now, if you want us to get to King's Cross by eleven, I need to make sure this car is going to get us there."

Hermione rolled her eyes and turned back into the house. Ever since Ron had taken driving lessons, he had been excited about getting a car and driving one. Arthur Weasley had bought Ron a car, because he was thrilled that one of his boys was just into cars as he was.

What Arthur did not know (and Ron also thought his wife didn't know either) was that Ron only passed his driving test because he Confunded the instructor.

(Rose's PoV)

"Ronald Weasley, pay attention to the road!" Hermione said, "That's a red light ahead."

"Relax, Hermione," Ron said, "I know how to drive."

Rose glanced sideways at her little brother Hugo, and both of them rolled their eyes. They were used to their parents bickering like this. Most of the time, their arguments would not be too bad, and both would end up laughing about it in the end.

"Ron," Hermione said, "You're driving like you think we're going to be late or something. It is not even ten-o-clock yet. The train doesn't leave until eleven. We have plenty of time. We are only a few miles away, you know."

Rose and her family were on their way to King's Cross station in London, England. Before too long, she'd be on the train headed for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Ever since she got her letter on her eleventh birthday in May, Rose had been asking her mother and father all about Hogwarts. Though she didn't get too much information out of them. Her mother would tell her it was best for her to find out the secrets of Hogwarts on her own. Her father, however, was a good person to try and get the good information from. Not always though: this past week, her father was mentioning something called the "Come and Go Room", but just as he was about to tell her more about it, her mother walked in and silenced him with a look. Ever since that day, she wondered what the Come and Go Room was. If it was something her mother wouldn't allow her to know about, then it had to be pretty brilliant.

"Ron, watch out for that car!" Hermione said, in a rather high voice.

Ron slammed on the brakes and the four-door car stopped just a foot from another car that had slowed down to a stop at a red light. Behind Rose, she heard a great clatter, as her trunk, which had an Undetectable Extension Charm placed on it so it could hold all the books, clothes, and other assorted items Rose needed for school, slammed into the back of her seat. Rose's snow-owl, Marie, which was the namesake of Rose's middle name, hooted loudly, as her cage rocked back and forth.

"Are you okay, Marie?" Rose asked, looking back over her seat at the owl.

The owl hooted softly, though Rose could tell she was clearly annoyed. Marie put her head back under her wing.

"Are you two okay?" Hermione asked, looking back at Rose and Hugo.

"We're just fine, Mum," Rose said.

"Can we do that again?" Hugo said.

He started laughing, but stopped immediately when his mother gave him her usual "behave or you are grounded!" expression.

(Albus' PoV)

"Where are you?" Albus Severus Potter said, "You have to be here somewhere!"

Albus was standing in his bedroom at Number 12 Grimmauld Place in London, England. After searching every inch, nook and cranny in his room, he had found all of his books, his robes, and his wand, and now his trunk was packed with everything. But there was something he was still missing. And he wasn't going to Hogwarts without it.

He dove onto the ground, toward his bed and pulled up the blankets, and looked under it. He sighed. The only things under there was dust bunnies and a bowl he had forgotten about from the previous week.

"Albus?" a voice called from the bedroom doorway, "Are you ready? The Sorting Hat is just waiting to put you in Slytherin!"

"Shut up, James!" Albus said, "Ow!"

He had hit his head on the underside of his bed as he stood up. Albus' older brother, James, was standing there. He was holding his new broomstick, a Nimbus, that their father had given him in hopes that James would try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team that year.

"What are you looking for?" James asked.

"Gellert," Albus said, "I can't find him. Have you seen him?"

"I have no idea where your ferret is," James said.

"Ugh!" Albus groaned, "Where could he be?"

"You could always get Dad to send him to Hogwarts for you," James said. "I'm sure Ares would be gentle with him."

Albus' eyes widened. Ares was the family owl, and he had very sharp talons. Albus could just imagine Ares carrying his ferret.

"Ares hates Gellert!" Albus said, "And you know that, you dolt!"

"Boys," Albus and James' father, Harry, said out in the hallway, "Do I hear arguing?"

Harry appeared behind James.

"No, Dad," James said, innocently, "We're best pals."

Albus rolled his eyes.

"Uh-huh," Harry said, "James, go make sure everything is packed in your trunk. We're leaving in fifteen minutes."

"It is, Dad," James said.

"James," Harry said, in a light scolding tone, "Do I have to remind you how many books you forgot to bring last year? Headmistress McGonagall almost gave you a detention your first day for forgetting your Transfiguration book."

"Fine!" James groaned, "I'll go check."

"That's a good chap," Harry said.

James disappeared down the hallway. Harry looked at Albus and walked into his bedroom.

"Everything packed, son?" Harry asked.

"I can't find Gellert," Albus said, sighing and sinking onto his bed, "He'll miss me if he doesn't come with me. I'll miss him. I've searched everywhere in here."

"Maybe he's not in here then," Harry said, "Maybe he's somewhere in the house."

"This house is huge!" Albus groaned, "I'll never find him in fifteen minutes. Can't you summon him or something?"

"You really want me to summon a living animal?" Harry asked, with a smirk.

"On second thought," Albus said, "No."

"We'll find him," Harry said. "So what were you and your brother fighting about this time?"

"He said the Sorting Hat is going to put me in Slytherin," Albus said, frowning.

"Albus," Harry said, shaking his head, "Listen -"

"Albus!" a small, high voice said, interrupting Harry.

Albus looked up. His nine-year old sister, Lily, poked her head around the doorway.

"What do you want?" Albus asked. "Dad and I are talking."

"Look who I found!" Lily said, grinning.

She moved into the doorway. Resting in her arms was Albus' long, white-with-brown-stripes ferret, Gellert.

"Gellert!" Albus said, jumping up from his bed.

He walked over to Lily, and she handed the ferret to Albus.

"Where was he?" Albus asked.

"James' room," Lily said, "I think he was hiding him from you."

"That git!" Albus said.

"Albus!" Harry scolded.

"But Dad!" Albus whined, "James said he hadn't seen Gellert!"

"Maybe he didn't know your ferret was in his room," Harry said.

"Yeah, right," Albus scoffed. "You know Headmistress McGonagall gave me special privilege to bring Gellert to Hogwarts, even though we could usually only have a owl, cat, or toad. James is probably jealous of that."

"That may be," Harry said, "But you shouldn't use those words. Your Mum would flog you for using them, and then me because she thinks I let you use them!"

Lily giggled.

"What do you say, Albus?" Harry asked, nodding to Lily.

"Thanks for finding him, little sis," Albus said.

Lily grinned.

"Dad, Mum says you need to get the car ready," Lily said. "She says you better do it now, or James will have to go to Hogwarts for his second year the same way you did in your second year. What does she mean by that?"

"Er...I'll save that story for another time," Harry said, standing up.

"Aww, you never tell us any stories of when you were at Hogwarts!" Lily whined, "James says he knows some, but he'll never tell me. You told him and didn't tell me, didn't you?"

"I would never do that, sweetheart," Harry said.

"So how does he know then?" Lily asked.

"He probably learned them from Hogwarts," Albus said, "Can't wait to hear them!"

"Aww, so lucky!" Lily said, "I wanna go too!"

"Not for a couple years, Lily," Harry said.

"Hmmph," Lily said, pouting.

Harry chuckled and brushed his hand through Lily's hair. He picked up Albus' trunk and walked out of the bedroom.

"Do you have to go, Al?" Lily asked, "I'm going to be so lonely here. We had so much fun last year when James wasn't here."

"Sorry, sis," Albus said, "Have go and learn how to be a wizard."

"You'll be a great wizard," Lily said.

"You think so?" Albus asked.

"I know so," Lily said. "Maybe better than Dad!"

"Nah," Albus said. "Dad's the coolest. He probably gets to do all kinds of wicked stuff as an Auror."

"He never tells us about that either!" Lily said, frowning. "Probably because it is con- confi-"

"Confidential?" Albus suggested.

"Yeah, that!" Lily said.

"Lily!" their mother, Ginny, called from the hallway, "Are you ready to go?"

"Just have to get my shoes on, Mummy," Lily said.

Ginny appeared in the doorway.

"Well, hurry up and quit pestering your brother," she said.

"I'm not pestering him!" Lily said, "Right, Al?"

Albus smiled and shook his head. Lily grinned and ran out of the room. Albus walked over to Gellert's cage, and put him in it.

"You ready, Albus?" Ginny asked.

Albus sighed and looked around his bedroom. This would be the first time in his life he'd be away from his bedroom for so long. It felt really strange and extremely frightening.

"Yeah, Mum," Albus said, "I think I am."

The story is just beginning! Hope you like the first chapter!