Me: Who's ready for an awesome chapter of awesomeness.

Sonic: Not me.

Me: Hey! This is my moment! How do you always end up here.

Sonic: It says all my lines right here in the script.

Me: * grabs script* Woah! When did we get this!

Sonic: To the story!

Me: Hey! That's my line! * points to line*

"…there is nobody to ask." said Sonic.

" What do you mean?" asked Amy concerned.

" Look around there is nobody." said Sonic.

" C'mon you have got to be joking! We are not the last people on Earth, the robot wasn't even that strong."

" Actually, that robot sent out some shockwaves and put everybody in some sort of "sleep"." said Tails while fiddling around with his laptop.

" Wait, how do you know that?" questioned Sonic looking at his yellow buddy in amazement.

" Look here," said Tails " the robot sent out shockwaves. The shockwaves were so strong that it knocked out all people."

" Where's that beast now?" asked Sonic

" Well, according to my calculations it is somewhere ," said Tails pausing to type on the laptop in his hands " Pittsburgh."

" Wait, how is that the robot knocked out everybody but us three?" asked Amy who was now biting her thumbnail in fear.

" Apparently, we were traveling so fast that the shockwave couldn't wrestle its way into our brains." explained Tails.

" So, what are we going to do! We just can't let mankind end here." said Sonic, who was just as afraid as the others.

" If we kill the robot the shockwaves will stop being sent and wake-up the world." said Tails who was still glaring at the screen in front of him. It was now pitch black outside and they were now on the side of a highway with no cars stirring. Across the street was a gas station with nobody there.

Glaring at the gas station made the gang realize that saving humanity is important. It was either this or the world would be gone and never to be spoken of again.

" If we were traveling so fast but, then walked why didn't the shockwaves reach us?" asked Sonic.

" The shockwaves lessened due to people didn't need as much power over them to keep them knocked out." explained Tails once again.

" Ok, well enough chit chat, we have a journey to Pittsburgh." said Amy. The two boys nodded an agreement and then headed up to the Steel City. The three were in Georgia so the travel will definitely would take some time.

Amy was walking next to Sonic and wanted so badly just to say something. She looked up at the bright full moon. She sighed.

" What's wrong, Ames?" asked Sonic

" Huh… oh nothing." she lied.

" Why not just tell me?" asked Sonic.

" No really it's nothing." said Amy picking up her pace.

Sonic stopped in his tracks and Amy turned around at the stopped blue hedgehog.

" You coming?" asked Amy.

" I'm not leaving this spot until you tell me what's up." said Sonic playfully.

" The sky." she said sarcastically. Sonic walked over to where Amy was standing.

" No, seriously tell me what's wrong, I need to know." said Sonic sympathetically.

" Why? It's not like you care?" said Amy in a gloomy voice. Sonic took his hand and put it under her chin.

" Funny thing is… I do care." said Sonic romantically.

" Wait, what does this mean?" asked Amy in a confused voice. " You never liked me before so why now?"

" I've always liked you," confessed Sonic " I'm just a really great actor." Amy giggled at the lame joke and the two walked hand in hand.

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