Me: Hello friends!

Sonic: There not quite your friends.

Me: You know what I'm just going to ignore you.

Sonic: There is no way you can do that.

Me: I so ca-

Sonic: Told you!

Me: I'm so going to get you.

It was the dead of night, everybody was fast asleep. Until, a creepy noise alerted Tails. He woke up and looked around at his surroundings. Nothing. He laid back down until the noise was heard again. Not another person thought Tails. He got up from where he was sleeping.

" Hello, who are you?" called out Tails. Nobody spoke.

" Hello!" he yelled out a little sterner. Then out of nowhere, a bear popped out of where the noises were being made. His fangs were bearing and snarling at the young fox.

" AAHHH!" screamed Tails running towards his group. The three heard his cry and woke up.

" Tails, what's wrong?" asked Junie concerned.

" What happened little buddy?" asked Sonic. Tails took his shaky hand and pointed at the bear who was ready to snap at the group.

" AAHHH!" screamed everybody in sync. Amy jumped into Sonics arms bridal style and buried her face into his chest. Junie and Tails grabbed on to each other in a tight hug. After a nice, long scream Amy, Sonic, Tails, and Junie darted the opposite direction of the snarling beast. The bear followed not far behind growling.

" Tails! We're going to die!" screamed Junie whose eyes were wet with tears.

" No were not! Just run!" screamed Tails back.

" Yes we are look that bear is not far behind." said Junie who was checking the distance between her and the bear. Tails took a quick glance over his shoulder and saw the bear not far behind them.

While he was looking over his shoulder he tripped over a broken branch.

" TAILS!" screamed Junie who stopped in her tracks and was rushing towards her friend.

" No! Junie! Don't just run save yourself!" screamed Tails whose foot was caught in the branch.

" No I'm not just going to let you die! You are the only person I know who accepts me for me and doesn't just look at my flaws." Junie said sympathetically.

" You really think that?" questioned Tails.

" I do." She said when she reached him. She went over to free Tails foot. When it was free Tails got up immediately and started running with Junie.

They met up with Sonic and Amy who were ahead of them since Tails tripped over that branch. " Where were you two?" asked Sonic.

" I tripped over a branch." said Tails feeling clumsy.

The bear was not far behind and so the gang did not know what to do until Junie got an idea.

" Guys, I know how we can escape." Junie confidently said.

" What? Anything?" pleaded Amy with a worried expression on her face.

" We have to go jump in the lake. Bears can't swim." She announced.

" WHAT?" shouted Sonic. " No way!"

" Why not?" asked Junie.

" We will explain later." Assured Amy.

" Sonic, it's either this or you die!" shouted Tails to Sonic.

" No way!" yelled Sonic.

" Sonic you have to I can't live without you." pleaded Amy.

Sonic looked into Amy's emerald green eyes which were watering with tears.

" Ok, fine I will do it." Sonic said unwillingly.

As they were running they took a sudden turn towards the lake. The moon glistened upon the black water that laid below. Sonic started to get really nervous just looking at the water. The three ran ahead of Sonic and quickly jumped into the water.

" Sonic, you coming?" asked Tails who was already in the water with Amy and Junie. Sonic shook his head and began to turn around only to see the bear standing in front of him.

" On the other hand," he said " Make room guys!" screamed Sonic as he came plunging for the water.

When he reached the top of the water he gasped.

" I'm not dead!" he rejoiced.

" Sonic! You did it! I'm so proud!" said Amy happily going in for a hug. The two hugged for a while and noticed that the bear was gone.

" Hey guys the bear is gone!" said Tails.

The two un-hugged and followed Tails and Junie back to the area of their fire.

On the way Amy and Sonic held each other's hand and walked behind the two foxes.

" So that was a pretty scary experience." Stated Junie.

" Huh… oh yeah it was." Tails said breaking away from his thoughts.

" What's wrong Tails?" asked Junie with a tad of worry in her voice.

" Oh, it's nothing I was just thinking." said Tails a little sadly.

" What were you thinking about?" asked Junie.

" My friend." He said with a sigh.

" Well, what happened to her?" questioned Junie curiously.

Tails sighed at the question thinking of beautiful memories of Cosmo.

" Well, we met and became great friends over time but, a dark enemy, the Meterex, came and attacked us. The only way to save the galaxy was to shoot Super Sonic and Super Shadow at her. I absolutely didn't want to but, I had to so I unwillingly shot them at her and it killed her." He said with tears welling up in his eyes and a few tears raced down his cheeks.

" Tails, I'm so sorry. I know how awful that feels. When we moved to South Carolina I had to leave my best friend." Explained Junie, thinking about her friend.

" That must be awful. I would do anything to see Cosmo again." Tails said, closing his eyes picturing a beautiful image of Cosmo.

" I would do anything to see Charmy again." Said Junie closing her eyes and picturing Charmy and her playing outside together.

It wasn't long until the group of four reached the campfire. They all decided they would stay up a little longer and talk around the campfire.

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