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After a long night of drama,tears,and arguing the gang finally rested in the spot of where they were. They woke up the next morning fully aware of they need to get moving! The sun blazed furiously and it was hard to walk considering the blazing temperatures (let's keep in mind that this story takes place in mid-summer).

"Sonic," complained Amy "when are we going to stop and rest?"

"You do realize that we are not even in West Virginia yet, right?" said Tails bringing up a very valid point.

Amy just rolled har eyes and kept walking next to Sonic. The gang was walking on a deserted highway, not talking just sweating and panting.

"Amy, is right it is kind of hot and I'm getting hungry." said Sonic. The crew decided to take a quick stop at a restaurent nearby. Well, with nobody to serve them they just raided the kitchen in search of food.

"I found pie!" exclaimed Tails.

"Oohhh, what flavor?" asked Sonic.

"Not pie. Pie!" said Tails pulling out a pie chart.

"I found pie!" exclaimed Amy.

"If you pull out a sign that say 3.14159, I will freak." Sonic said stiffly.

"No, I found Oreo pie!" Amy said holding out an Oreo pie.

The gang found a table and pulled out forks. They began to kill their prey, or Oreo pie and ate it furiouslt since the haven't eaten in a few days. After attacking a pie, it was back on the road.

They walked and walked until the heard grumbling. Thunder they thought. Well, they were right a huge dark black storm cloud blanketed the sky. Lightning flashed, thunder roared and then, buckets of rain started jumping out of the sky.

They did not know what to do, so they just decided to find some shelter. They ran under a tree until Tails realized something.

"Guys, you do realize this is a tree right?"

"Yeah, why?" asked Amy.

"Well, you know what happens to a tree when..."

Lightning flashed again and the tree came tumbling down. They all scrambled to their feet as fast as possible and began to run into a building. The building was quiet and so they sat there until the storm passed.

Me: The story is coming to an end soon! These are some of the last chapters. So sad, so sad D_: