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To say Farkas was furious would be an understatement. Just moments after the Grey-Beards took Marina in as the Dragonborn he hadn't spoken to her. Arngeir told him she needed to quickly learn to control her voice. And had promised him it wouldn't take long, but that was days ago.

He had seen her training, but she never looked his way. Even now, training off to himself in the courtyard he could see her. Meditating. It looked pointless to him, just sitting there doing nothing. She needed physical training as well.

He was her teacher and mentor first. Before they came along, and before she found out what destiny had already planed for her.

She knew he was upset, it wasn't hard to miss. He was far to easy to read. Marina found it quite cute and sad at the same time.

"Focus, Dragonborn." Arngeir said sternly from her left. She cleared her throat and took a deep breath before trying to return to her task. She tried to drown out her friend on the other side of the courtyard, but found she couldn't. She cracked one eye open trying to locate Farkas as quickly as she could. He was still training with his giant broad sword swinging it around effortlessly. She studied how he spun around blocking an imaginary enemy and striking them down before moving onto another.

"Ouch!" Arngeir smacked her across the back of the head for farther leaving her intended training.

"Must we go over this again child?" Marina scratched at the back of her head and lowered it to the blanket she knelt on.

"No sir." Arngeir stood from his spot and began walking over the the obviously agitated Nord. He had a few short and quick words with Farkas, and the other man growled loudly enough for Marina to hear.

"You have been a distraction long enough."

"I have yet to see you do any kind of training with her. All I've seen is a bunch of sitting around and reading." He barked back. "What good is that going to do!"

"Training is more than just brute force boy."

Farkas' lip twitched as he tried to find some way to retort. He half hazardly latched his sword to his back and stalked back to the temple. Marina watched the entire exchange in forced muteness. Arngeir shook his head not liking the way the he had been disrespected.

When Farkas passed by her she lowered her eyes, acting as though he didn't exist.

"Let's go Lille." He was her trainer, now was his time to spend honing her skills. He only waited until Arngeir sat back down beside her and they went back into their useless peaceful trance. He growled again and went inside to find some way to cause as much trouble as he could.

"It is for the best child." Marina heard the elderly man say beside her, she knew that his words were true, but she just couldn't believe she was actually doing this to Farkas. She knew she would put Farkas farther in danger the longer he stayed with her. The worst of it would have been from her, she was the most dangerous one. Not the dragons themselves.

He trusted her, and his trust would get him killed.

"Arngeir, will I lose my own mind... the longer this goes on?"

Sighing the Grey-Beard gave up on the meditation for the time being. He had already made it clear about what it meant to be Dragonborn, but it was obvious he would need to repeat himself. "That is entirely up to you. You must learn to control the dragon inside of you, or let it take control."

"To give up worldly possessions and emotions will not kill you child." It would not kill her, but it tore her heart in two. "Stop crying you are Dragonborn. You are strong, and you will not falter." He ended their one sided conversation, and continued his continuously interrupted meditation expecting her to do the same.

Once she finally was able to focus everything came clearly to her. Words and memories that she knew she couldn't have possibly have known on her own.

After she was released to relax Farkas pulled her by the arm and hid themselves behind one of the many thick stone walls. "Why do you avoid me?"

Her eyes dropped to the side and she debated on just walking around him and going to her bed roll. "I'm not." She settled on shrugging a shoulder. The hand around her arm tightened.

"Then look at me." Her eyes flicked up briefly to his chin and then away to a spot past him.

Placing a hand on his arm she pushed him away. The gesture was light enough to have been seen as a pat on the arm, but strong enough to get her point across. He released his hold as she took a few steps away from him. Her shoulders were squared and her head held up high.

"Maybe, you should take this as my resignation from the Companions." She couldn't do both, it was one or the other. And the Grey-Beards had won out as soon as she had entered. No longer could she go on with the friendly but aggressive bunch of warriors.

"You sayin' this because they told you to?" He crossed his arms squaring his own shoulders.

"I'm doing what's right." Clenching her teeth and hands she stared down the wall across from herself. Figuratively placing it between herself and her closest friend.

He was silent for a good while chewing over his own words and thoughts before he settled on. "What would that be then?" Marina's head jerked to the side slightly barely able to catch a glimpse of the man. "You run off now you're going to get yourself killed."

She knew he was right, and she didn't have time for the proper training that the Grey-Beards wanted to give her. The only reason she had learned what she had so far was because of the dragon blood running through her veins. Pure instinct could only take her so far in battle. Against an opponent who was centuries older than her would easily be able to out smart her.

The first dragon had been pure luck. It hadn't known she was the Dragonborn, but now they all had to know she was out there.

"If you keep following me, you're going to be killed." She clenched her teeth turning to face him. "I'm dangerous to be around Farkas. This is my problem to deal with, not yours."

In one quick stride he stood behind her grabbed her shoulders, and spun her around to face him. "Your problem? We started this together, and that's how we end it."

"Are you dim-witted! Can you not see how much danger I'm going to put you through!"

"Maybe I am, but I'm not letting you do this alone!" He barked back shaking her roughly a few times. "Have some faith in me!" He released her arms in favor of her face, gentle but yet forceful at the same time.

"Please, just go back to Jorrvaskr." She pleaded on the verge of tears. Her own hands grasp at his own. Marina didn't want to be the cause of his death. The guilt that would cause would shatter her mind wholly. She knew fully that he would never heed her request. His stubborn Nord pride would never let him back down from a threat.

Her own selfishness wanted that. She wanted him to stay beside her, even if it meant he would be in constant danger.

"I can't do that." He said just before he leaned down capturing her lips under his own. It wasn't nearly as chaste as the first, no where near it. Desperate and full of need. He knew he wanted her as much as she to him. There was no denying that fact any longer. The blood of the wolf demanded she become his, while her own blood demanded much the same.

Her hands traveled down his arms to grab onto his shoulders, and began forcing him backwards into the nearest wall. Neither wanted to seem the weaker of their power struggle. She knew ever since her first break down with the Companions he was the dominate, but she still continued to fight for that position.

She was soon twisted around stumbling backwards trying to regain her balance as he clambered attached to her. Both vaguely registered hearing a pot fall over and loudly crash against the floor. Neither cared at all.

He bit at her lips with faintly elongated and pointed teeth. Careful not to harm and cause them to bleed.

The Argonian moved swiftly out of the pair of Nords way as they entered The Bee and Barb. He held his broom close as if to use it against the heavily armed men, and his tail flicked back and forth anxiously. He watched them move to a table passing by the thick crowd inside the inn's tavern.

They sat down quietly, not even motioning for the lizard to take their order.

Each man wore tight leather, black as night with hoods covering their faces casting terrifying shadows over their eyes. Talen-Jei began sweeping around the odd pair, keeping his head cast down, but tried to overhear their hushed conversation in the crowded room.

"Do what you must, lad." The man said pushing a small pouch of something to the other. He took the offering stashing it in his armor away from prying eyes.

The man who had taken the pouch lifted his head. Slowly he opened his eyes revealing a strangeness within them. Twin gashes over each eye could barely be seen under the dark hood, but it caused the Argonian to give a gulp of surprise.

"Take Frost, you'll need the swiftest steed in all Skyrim if you want to make it there in time."

The blind male simply nodded his head giving the other a warriors salute placing his fist to his heart.

"Your visions have never failed us, Bjorg. Don't start now." The two stood and walked to the bar ordering a mug of cheapest ale they could afford. The two turned back throwing silent eyes at Talen-Jei. The Argonian jumped up and turned around humming a tune to himself. He wasn't listening to anything, he had heard absolutely nothing!

There was a scream, and then dead silence. A little girl laughed, it echoed through the emptiness as she skipped out from behind a house. Her black as night eyes danced in mirth as she gripped a blood stained dagger.

Behind her walked another. The Khajiit shouldered her bow, and she walked without her arrows making so much as a single sound.

"The fun is just beginning." The little girl laughed showing a pair of fangs. The Khajiit placed her hand on the girls shoulder as the two walked down the empty street. Leaving the dead body for the guard to find at sunrise. Anyone who got in their way now would meet the same fate. They began leaving the small quiet town of Riverwood.

"Yes..." The tall feline woman gave a soft roar of an answer.

"Murder!" They heard a call, the body had been found sooner than expected. The little girl stopped and turned around, her evil eyes dancing in her own amusement. The cat too turned, her face was expressionless as her ears pined back against her head. "The Dark Brotherhood has returned!"

The child's grin grew wider. Yes, the Dark Brotherhood had began to climb back from the ashes. Darkness was about to swallow even the sun itself.