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Chapter 12

After lunch with Mike, Harvey insisted Donna return to her apartment. She had expected this. Despite the fact that they were in a relationship, she knew his independence wouldn't go without a fight or, at least, a very slow death. He'd had it ripped away from him rather unceremoniously by the car wreck and now it was going to be compromised by their new relationship. So, she had gone home without a fuss, but made him promise to call her if there was an emergency.

Harvey lasted all the way until noon on Saturday.

Much of what he would normally do to keep himself busy were made impossible by his new handicap: lifting weights, running, playing video games, etc. He had called her with a frustrated sigh.

"Donna, I need more soup, bread, and pasta to make it through the week. You mind helping me out?"

"You know, I'm sure you could pay some guy at the supermarket to help you carry your items. "

"Why pay them when I have you?"

"But you're not paying me to do this. I mean, what if I have my own plans? I need to go grocery shopping too!"

"Just another reason to come along."

"But we'll be going back to your apartment, not mine. That's inconvenient. Besides, I'm not sure I could afford the supermarket you go to." Donna had to bite her lip to keep the laughter from her voice as she internally giggled at his poor attempt to cover the real reason why he was calling.

After a pause, he replied, "Those are some really lame excuses."

"So are yours."

Another pause. "I'll pick you up at your apartment." He hung up before she could say anything, but she grinned in triumph and congratulated herself on her ability to speak his language. It all boiled down to: I'm bored. Come play with me!

They had gone food shopping and he did pick up a few soups and bread, just as he mentioned, but he also swung by the candy aisle.

"You know, I thought you were a healthier eater than this," she said as she smirked at him, but she gladly grabbed a bag of Dove Chocolates to throw into his cart.

"When you're stuck lying around watching crappy TV and old movies all day, junk food is required," he replied with a mock frown.

Even as much as he bitched and moaned about it, he still gave in to Donna's suggestion on getting frozen dinners for when he was planning on being alone, since cooking was difficult to do one-handed. It did take a rather stern glare and some choice words, but he eventually folded, yet he could keep from scowling at the stack of frozen dinners she dumped into his cart.

Donna did end up spending Saturday night with him after dinner and a make out session that he started, but he had insisted that she sleep at her own apartment on Sunday.

"Just because Jessica knows we're together doesn't mean the whole firm needs to know it right away."

"The firm will find out eventually," Donna pointed out with a worried frown.

He grabbed her hand with his right and squeezed it in comfort. "Hey, I know you're a better person than that to pay attention to Pearson Hardman's gossip queens. They've been saying we've been sleeping together for years!"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Except now they'll be right!"

He snorted. "We haven't even gotten past first base yet! So if they find out tomorrow, they're still wrong."

Donna felt her mouth quirk into an amusing smile, almost of its own will. "And then rumors of your impotence will spread like wildfire through the fancy schmancy social circles and the story will go that I'm your girlfriend because I'm the only one who would take you in that state."

She couldn't keep from laughing at the look on Harvey's face as it switched from horror to alarm to amusement and then he began to chuckle along with her. "Then I could be like the modern day Horner from The Country Wife, and then I could actually go around sleeping with rich guys' wives and they'd never suspect me!"

"Why didn't you think of that sooner?"

"I don't know! I read that play ages ago, too. Then all the women would have been available to me and not just single women," Harvey replied, sitting down on his couch with a mock sigh.

Donna sat down with him and laid her head on his good shoulder. They were sitting in a comfortable silence until she decided to break it. "I was regarding this as an unspoken rules, but I will not accept you hooking up with a catch of the day every weekend."

"Hell no! they're all empty airheads anyway. Doesn't matter how big their breasts are."

"So that's how you chose your catches," Donna replied with a roll of her eyes, but she squeezed his hand affectionately.

She was surprised when his next answer was spoken in a quiet tone: "I would never cheat on you."

"I figured you wouldn't."

There was a long moment of comfortable silence as they sat and watched whatever was on the TV. Donna could feel her head grow heavier as she relaxed against him and she only stirred when he broke the silence.

"You should probably leave before we both fall asleep on the couch."

"Yes, my work clothes are all in my apartment," Donna said, standing up and stretching before she turned to bestow Harvey with a kiss on the forehead. "Goodnight." She regarded him a moment, considering on threatening to send him home if she thinks he hasn't gotten enough sleep but she stopped herself as he slowly blinked up at her in an effort to stay awake.

"Night, Donna," he replied, adjusting his body on the couch and sticking a pillow behind his back to give him more support.


The office was still dark and empty when Donna strode in. The winter night was only just receding, but she sat at her desk, coffee in hand, and immediately booted up her computer. She noticed some early associates and lawyers were starting to file in to start their daily grind, but she paid them little attention. She had work to do.

Harvey was coming back.

Even despite the setbacks and the pain, she finally deemed him fit enough to return for a full day. The ache was still very much present, but she had a feeling he would come in looking the most content and smug out of all the other lawyers there.

So she was surprised to see him frowning in annoyance as soon as he came into view. It softened ever so slightly upon seeing her, but the annoyance was still clearly present as he stopped by her desk to pick up his own coffee, until he remembered his free hand was carrying his briefcase and he sighed.

"Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"

"I can't wear my suits well with this sling," he replied, gesturing slightly with his bad arm to emphasize and wincing as a result. "By the way, I need you to help me adjust my sling, it's too lo – "

She glanced over at him with a frown as he cut off in mid sentence, standing in the now open doorway of his office, staring at it as if he had never seen it before. Donna got up and peered into his office with him, but upon being unable to decipher what bothered him, she said, "What's wrong?"

He was the very picture of cold anger, his back and his face both rigid, which was not doing his shoulder any good. "My records are out of order." Her eyes widened and she peered at his shelf full of records and, sure enough, even she could spot the disparity in Harvey's otherwise meticulously organized collection. Not only were his records out of place, but she was pretty damn sure there was a folder out of place as well. Someone had not only touched Harvey's prized possessions, but they had also gone through his desk.

"Louis," Harvey uttered the word through gritted teeth and he actually had to make the effort to inhale and exhale. "I may kill that man."

"I'll help you hide the body," Donna offered, now turning to her desk and re-evaluating whether anything she normally used was out of place. Nothing. So Louis had more sense than to touch her belongings but it still would not save him from their combined wrath. Sure he and Harvey sniped at each other and Louis could not keep from cheating on his cases by printing out his competition's internal documents, but invading Harvey personal space, particularly when he was not here, was a new low even for him.

Donna watched Harvey sucked in a breath again, unconsciously smooth out his suit, and then he walked into his office with his standard stony mask, creased only slightly in the corners by the new ache he had incurred from being so tense. She decided to make it a little easier on him by putting his mail, all the messages that he had received over the last week, and finally his coffee on his desk. He only acknowledged her with a simple glance, but she could tell he was still seething over his violation of privacy by none other than that slimy scumbag Louis.

Justice would be had.


"Are you sure I'm not going to get in trouble for doing this?"

"You work for me. You're supposed to do whatever I tell you."

"I think breaking and entering is an exception to the rule."

"No one has to know you participated."

"Oh yeah, because you could do something like this single-handedly. Literally."

"I've got Donna."

"Oh, so you're going to get her in trouble!"

"I can't get in trouble, Mike. Besides, I'm certainly not staying if Harvey gets fired over this."

"Jessica will understand."

"Did you tell her what you were doing?"

"No! That would completely ruin the element of surprise."

"This just sounds better and better. We're all going to get fired because of a stupid office prank!"

"Oh, stop whining. If Jessica didn't fire Louis when he used her name to bribe a witness – that failed, if I remind you – she's not going to fire us over this."

"Well, when you put it like that…"

"Mike, if you guys get fired over this, Harvey will cover your bills until you get a new job."

"I never agreed to that!"

"Oh yes you will, Harvey."

"Fine. But you're not going to get fired over this."

The elevator doors finally opened on the firm's floor and Harvey immediately stepped out and turned to head down the main hall where all the junior and senior partner offices branched out. Donna and Mike trailed behind him. She was cool and collected as ever, but the associate kept glancing around the office, expecting to see late-working associates to rise up behind the cubicles and catch them doing…well, they weren't doing anything yet. He may have been a poor criminal, but he had never done anything so obvious as deliberately targeting a person who they were known rivals against. But, to Mike's surprise, Harvey appeared wholly intent on getting back at Louis for this offense.

"Do you know how to pick a lock?"

"Nope," Harvey said, but then he stuck his hand in his jacket pocket and then pulled out a key. "I don't need it."

"Where'd you get that?"

"I have my ways," Donna replied and that immediately made Mike's mouth shut with a 'snap' and he turned pale. She only smiled at him.

"Mike, get the cartons that are in my office."

"Aren't those full of files?"

Harvey gave him an exasperated look. "No. Go get them." When Mike finally departed, but Harvey followed him until he shook his head and muttered loud enough for Donna to hear, "I don't know how that kid ever made it as a criminal."

"He's too innocent to be a criminal. He could easily bluff his way out of court with that naïve soft act," Donna said back, also watching where Mike had disappeared down the hall with a fond smile.

"All right. Let's do what we came to do," Harvey said. He grunted in pain slightly as he jostled his bad arm to get the door open. But then he smirked and stepped in, sneering at the pictures of the rat-faced lawyer behind his desk.

"God, this office is so creepy," Donna said, shivering as she looked at the pictures.

Mike chose that moment to arrive and Harvey nodded at him and said, "Let's get to work."


The work day started as normal. The usual sound of office calls and people talking in low tones were all that could be heard, but not fifteen minutes into the day it was completely destroyed:


Louis stormed down the hall like a hurricane coming onto shore. Associates, lawyers, and secretaries alike all hugged the wall to avoid him bowling them over as he carved a path to Donna's desk. She didn't give him more than a passing glance, but she spoke loud enough for Harvey to hear over the speaker: "Here he comes. You whipped her majesty up into a nice rage."

"I imagine so." She turned back to see Harvey drop the contract he was reading and button his thousand dollar jacket and walk over to step outside, just as Louis reached his office. "What's got your panties in a wad?"

Louis barely stopped short of running into Harvey, but he glared up at the younger man with fervor that came close to equaling Donna at her angriest. Almost.

"Cut the bullshit, Harvey! I know you stole everything in my office. Now, give it all back and I may not throw a lawsuit at your ass for breaking and entering and property theft!"

Harvey cocked his head. "Breaking and entering? You mean, much like how you broke and entered my office last week while I was on leave."

This seemed to stop Louis clean in his tracks and stiffened. He opened his mouth to say something, closed it, and then finally said, "That is a completely separate issue – "

"It is the core of this issue, Louis," Harvey replied in a dangerous voice.

"Your office was unlocked."

"That doesn't matter, Louis! You came into my office and, not only did you touch my records, but you searched through my desk! Where the hell do you think you are that you can get away with that and not get a reaction?"

They were starting to get an audience which happened to include Jessica. Though Harvey appeared to have no eyes for anyone, Donna could see the alarmed looks on people's face as he described Louis' offense.

"Don't you ever enter my office without my permission again or I will do worse than steal everything you own! Maybe I'll ruin whatever passes as your career so that no law firm with any respect would ever consider hiring you again. Just think on that, Louis."

They both finally acknowledged the crowd that had gathered around them. Jessica gave a pointed look at the bystanders and they immediately dispersed on their original business, but when she turned back to them she held both of their gazes and said, "Both of you, my office now."

Donna watched them go and she was a little surprised when only Jessica turned to look back at her; the secretary returned a look of her own and hoped the message reached her: Be fair.

A few minutes later, Mike chose that moment to show up for work. "Hey, Donna, where's Harvey?"

"Where do you think he is?" Donna asked with a wry tone.

Mike turned to the office and then looked in the direction of Louis' and raised his eyebrows.

"Jessica's got them."

"Ah hmm…of course."

"Relax. He and Louis are still going to have jobs when they come out. Consider it more as a chiding."

"Great. I'll be working on my pro bono until Harvey comes back," Mike said, but he said with a resigned tone as if he didn't believe for a second that there wouldn't be hell to pay.

She saw Harvey coming down the hall just five minutes later and while he had no victorious smirk, she could tell he was pleased and he actually nodded at her as he came to her desk.

"Mommy give you a slap on the wrist?"

"Something like that," he replied with a smirk. "Pro bono for two weeks."

"That is pretty light."

"She was still ripping into Louis when she dismissed me."

Donna nodded. "That sort of violation of privacy – and in a law firm – is pretty serious."

"I still think he's going to be employed here."

"Well, he may very well have just been neutered."

"That would be a gift to the world," Harvey replied even as he winced in sympathy.

"Well, go find the puppy. He seems to think that his career is in danger."

Harvey sighed and rolled his eyes, but Donna gave him a pointed look. "Fine, I will. But only because you want me to."

"I don't know which would sound worse for your reputation: that you are at the whim of your secretary or that you care."

"How about both?" Harvey replied and he shook his head, the picture of a man resigned to his fate.

The End