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I picked a combination of A/B which was De-aging and brainwashing.

This is my result (apparently fickle muse is fickle. )

EDIT: Please note when this story was published and understand that when it was written doesn't equate to the Author's views remaining the same. However, I'm leaving it up as it is a mark of progression of how things change.

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He's fourteen, standing across from some strangely dressed people that claim to know him. He doesn't see the point in this chit chat, but his father needed time to get the shipment away before they find him.

That's why Devil Ray is here. He's dressed similarly like his father's soldiers, but the curling horns on the top of his head along with the harpoon blades attached to the pack he wore makes him stand out more then the others.

"Kaldur, we know it's you." The yellow and red boy was speaking. "Black Manta's been lying to you."

He says nothing, Father is almost out of range. This is good, he could do a lot more now. He turns his eyes back on them. There's a member of their group that's invisible. He needs to take her out.

"Maybe it's getting through to him?" the blonde girl mutters. "This isn't you. You know that!"

What are they talking about? Of course this is him. Either way he moves, faster now with the electricity dancing along the metal edges as he strikes down the invisible girl first- surprising them all- before moving to get rid of the girl with arrows.

She was most difficult. Then again, so was the yellow and red boy that kept zipping around. It was aggravating.

Still, he wasn't prepared to hear on the intercom what he dreaded the most.

"It's over Black Manta." Someone was saying to his father, "We have you surrounded and we have the shipment. "

"So you think."

Pride. Devil Ray felt his heart swell at the sound of his Father's voice. He wouldn't let this stop him.

He needs to help him. But first, he needs to make sure these people were suitably occupied. He looks over and smiles to himself. Perfect.

The yellow and red boy was running towards him again, leaving streaks of color in his wake as Devil Ray launches his harpoon at the barrels of oil that spilled across the floor.

It was unexpected enough that the boy slipped on the oil and slide into the barrels. The girl- the blonde one- cried out his name. 'Kid flash?'

What a stupid name.

Still, he sent a strong electrical current down to the blade which ignites the oil. He turns and leaves as the now visible girl starts screaming because her cloak was on fire and the boy is running to try and put out the flames on his back.

Devil Ray only hesitates for a moment, watching them before he left. His father needs him.

Stealthily, he hides for now watching them. His father was goading them on-on purpose. It's always just talk, Devil Ray knows this. But it always bothers him so much when it happens.

"He is loyal to me." Black Manta was saying, "It is useless for you to even try."

"I don't give a damn what you think,Manta." the Red head notched his arrow. "But we're taking him back."

"Good luck, boy."

That was his cue. Just as the arrow was released, he appears from his hiding spot and slashes it in half.

"I do not think so." He says in a threatening manner, "You may wish to find your companions."

The tall black haired boy looks away, "M'gann!"

"Superboy wait!" the small black haired one didn't seem to happy with that.

Well that's not his problem that he can't control them. But he doesn't have time to think about this because the red head was coming at him. He grunts, annoyed that this tall boy is able to push him back, but he won't be able to for long.

"Kaldur." Why is everyone calling him that? That's not his name. "You know this is wrong. You know us. He's just using you!" With that the red head kicks him in the stomach.

It knocks the air out of him but he doesn't go down. Instead, Devil Ray only springs forward attacking him. "I do not know you." He says evenly before electrifying his remaining harpoon, "You will wish to never know me as well." He pushes the power outwards, shocking the red head.

He watches him fall back, body twitching before he looks over at his father. He wants to make him proud. He wants-

He staggers forward, eyes widening as he can't believe he's been hit with something. Then it explodes, making him fall forwards and hit his head. That breaks the mask he's wearing. Which means, he can no longer hear his father's voice now.

He groans, trying to get up but everything hurts. Where did his father go? He wouldn't leave him. He was important to him-right?

"Just give it up, Kaldur." It was that small boy again. How irritating.


Why is he thinking of birds? This is no time to think of such things. "I am not Kaldur!" He grunts, and discards the mask. There's no use in it now. It was hindrance. "That is not my name."

"Whatever your name is." The taller red head is speaking. He and that blonde girl have their arrows pointed at him, "You will surrender."

His lips quirks at the side, "So you think." He grips the harpoon in his hand. "Come at me if you dare."

Arrows were released, a strange red and silver disk fly at him and he's prepared to disable them when they all explode into smoke. He's blinded but he doesn't need his sight most of the time. He's able to stop one attack, get hit with another but caught the last one throwing this person over his shoulder.

However this one was, was pretty heavy. He's done this before-

He turns to kick another one when he trips. He glances down at his feet- the only thing he can see well enough- and finds he's been tied.

So it was all a distraction. How could he fall for tha-

He's out. His world is black now and all his last thoughts of how he failed his Father.

He doesn't deserve to live any more.

"What do we do with him?" Artemis's voice is hoarse and she's trying to catch her breathe. "It's obvious, he really doesn't remember anything."

"We'll have to bring the bioship around and decide then." Robin said. He glances over at Kid Flash and Miss Martian, "They need medical treatment."

She nods but worries her lower lip, "He was really trying to kill us, wasn't he?"

"It's Black Manta's fault." Red Arrow narrows his eyes at them. Daring them to contradict him, "Kaldur was only doing what he's been told."

"Yeah, but that nearly killed everyone!" Superboy was not pleased at all. Still, at least M'gann-and Wally- will be alright soon enough. "Lets go. I'm sure we'll get a warm welcome back."

Red Arrow watches him annoyance clearly seen. Still he moves to get Kaldur himself with the others helping their teammates back.

It's only then that Red Arrow allows himself to really look at him and wonder if Kaldur had ever looked so..young before.

He probably never noticed. It didn't matter now. They had him and they'll fix everything.

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Devil Ray- The name of Black Manta's Alterego in Justice League Animated. Because of copyright issues they were going through at the time the show couldn't use the name 'Black Manta'. But you know it's him especially in the Epsiode with Deadman when some of his suit was blasted off. His skin is