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Whatever it was that Black Manta had planned to do, the League stopped it. The crisis was over, everyone could go back to their lives and cities now.


"What will you do with him now?" John folds his arms frowning at Cyborg who collects the data for later examination. "He's given us good information and it doesn't look like he's a problem."

"We'll investigate it all further. Mr. Terrific wants to go over a few things first." Cyborg told him with something of a sigh, "I'm just glad this is all over."

"For you maybe." Vixen mutters but shakes her head. "That kid's not right at all."

"But he's functional." Cyborg reminds them, "That's all the League needs."

"He's more than that." Vixen sat up, wondering why she cared so much but it doesn't matter. Her emotions were relied up just a bit. " He'll never-"

Cyborg favors her with a look, "I know that. Don't you think I understood that the moment we called her in and when Martian Manhunter went in to get it? I know- I do care. He's not a nameless person or number to me." He turns from her, "But the mission is the same. Sacrifices have to be made in order for the rest of the world to continue on working. That's part of our job, Vixen."

"Don't tell me what our job is." She hisses, "I don't have to like it."

"None of us do." John interrupts them both. " I'm just hoping that time will heal this. Maybe."

Vixen stood and stalks towards the door bumping into both on her way out. "Time never really heals anything. You both should know that."

Cyborg only shakes his head when she left but glances at John who continues to stare out into space. "Where is he now?"

"Who knows? After all that, Batman and Aquaman seem to have some deal going on. He's gone. Wherever he is, I hope he's alright."

"Yeah." Cyborg mutters. "I do too."

"Hey, it's dinner time." There was a knock on the tank, "Better come on before they eat it all."

He lifts himself out of the tank, just int time to see the man walk off. Drying off quickly and changing his clothes, he heads to the main room to see what was left. "So what is it this time?"

"Same shit as always." The black haired young man stabs at the meat. "Seriously, I'm starting to miss-"

"You miss a lot of things." The fiery haired woman laughs a bit. "Come on, Jack, before there's nothing left."

"I wish you would not call me that." He mutters sitting at the table with them. "Where is-?"

"He'll be here soon enough." Jefferson Pierce made something of a disgruntled sound. "He's always late."

"Kori!" Jason glares at her for a moment, "Get your own."

"But it's right there." She grins with the satisfaction of a cat and eats it right in front of them.

He could only roll his eyes and suffer in silence. It's been, what?, almost a year since he's woken up in this place and being told that he's part of an undercover team that were basically secret heroes of some sort. Honestly, he doesn't get it all, but he's come to like this place.

They get visitors- usually Agent A calls them and tells Pierce what they had to do- but sometimes there's these other kids that are younger than them, who come along every now and then to talk to him.

He doesn't get who they are-not really. Most of the time when he meets them their paths have crossed in a case.

Usually it's his team that's running from the scene and those others coming to it.

Puzzling thing, he thinks, is that Jason always seems resentful of the Robin of that group. He knows it's something to do with Batman, but honestly- he could care less.

As Jason and Kori kept bickering about something, he could only wait for the moment when they would be quiet-most likely they'll go off in a corner somewhere screwing their brains out or something like that.

Pierce was gone already- as he often was these days- leaving him to contend with this hot headed group.

He waits, though. Because the last of their number should be coming home soon. Quietly, and unobtrusively, he watches as Kori got distracted by something and wanders off while Jason grumbles on about having to replace the knives from the last battle.

He personally thinks it's not his problem that Jason ran out of bullets first. Then again, it was pointed out he had essentially an endless supply of water everywhere around him.

He could only concede to this notion because it was true. He's trained hard since his awakening to master this form and training with Jason had been interesting say the least. He's learned more quickly then he could ever imagine.

In fact, if he didn't know any better, he'd say he was use to this kind of work.

But that's impossible to tell.

The door opens and he smiles slightly seeing him. "You have returned and unharmed this time. Congratulations."

"You don't have to rub it in." Arsenal drops his things by the couch as he heads over to him and kisses him first. "May I say, worst job ever?"

"Not as exciting as you hoped?" He smiles pushing the food over to him, "Saved you some."

"Thanks." Arsenal sat down heavily in the chair next to him and raises a brow, "You know, if it weren't for you, I'd starve."

"Be glad someone takes pity on your situation."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll make it up to you." Rolling a dark blue eye, he returns to eating, "Anything new from A or Pierce?"

"Nothing yet. No one has made a move. However we ran into some...acquaintances of yours again." He tilts his head, "They are quite awkward."

Roy snorts swallowing his food, "Of course they are. Still playing in the club house."

"Indeed." He leans against the table for a moment watching him, "Though it is curious how they keep apologizing to me. I have no idea what they have done, but they seem to make it some point to speak to me as if we were..close."

Roy doesn't say anything after that. In fact, he doesn't really want to tell him about the hell he went through or anything. When Kaldur woke up from all that without any memory of the others-including himself- he didn't know whether to believe he was being punished or forgiven.

He decided on both at this point. Still, they couldn't let him return. He couldn't really continue on as the Team leader- or rather any part of that team.

That's why he was put here- and Roy had followed him. Teamed up with a bunch of loose canon, Roy includes himself in this, Kaldur had remained surprisingly calm and even accepting of this.

Roy wonders if that was part of the 'Jackson' personality or not.

According to Martian Manhunter, the person he met- that was both Kaldur and Jackson- had agreed to give him the information he needed to stop Black Manta's take over. However the price had been the cost of all of Kaldur's memories and even some of his original personality. Instead, it fused with the 'Jackson' personality that filled in the gaps adding other quirks and such that wasn't present before.

Roy still doesn't know how to handle this.

He had raged and raged , taking it out on Martian Manhunter the most, but in the end he stops doing that when he realizes it would not bring back the Kaldur he knows.

So, he settles for this.

Kalvin J. Hyde.

It's not the same but it'll do.

His only problem was to keep Kori off him sometimes- and himself. It was a little unnerving to have the alien woman offer herself for sex for no other reason then she felt like it.

He learns quickly that Kaldur- this Kal- wasn't adverse to such causal things.

It bothered him a bit for a few months before Jason just told him to go ahead and fuck him already and stop acting like such a girl.

Roy still feels justified in throwing his boot at Jason's head. It may have missed by a millimeter but it shut him the hell up.

So he did. He doesn't feel better about it, but he knows that Kaldur favors him above the others. That's something, wasn't it?

But it's only been a year, he reminds himself. He and Kaldur had two-nearly three years to build their relationship to where it used to be.

He doesn't mind waiting for it to get back there again.


Roy blinks and smiles slightly at the dark brows that rose and the confusion on his face.

"Something on my face or..?"

"There will be." Roy grins roguishly at him, "No missions tonight, nothing better to do- lets go."

"Pierce is going to kill each and every one of us for leaving a mess." But he gets up anyway grinning, "Well, I suppose he should be glad it is not our clothes again."

"Or finding us naked in the room."

"He clearly has no sense of fun." He remarks and drags Roy into the spare room, his mouth already seizing control as the webbed hands were forcing the clothing off his lover's body.

Roy reflects, for a brief moment before his own hormones took control and pleasure clouded his judgement, that this aspect of Kaldur has not changed one bit.

He stands on the rooftop, dressed as his alias- Devil Ray- watching for the signal they would give him soon. This, all of this, is achingly familiar.

He knows that he dreams of an underwater kingdom that is sprawled out across many oceans- yet the one he knows glimmers with prosperity and hope. That of the golden haired king and his red-haired queen often haunt the empty halls that were his mind.

That a girl with bright eyes and short hair calls to him and tells him something quite sad that he no longer feels and of the black haired boy with purple eyes that always seem to look else where.

He attributes the last to the recent news about Aquaman and his new protege Aqualad, who's name- he learned later- was Garth.

He muses a bit on the faces of names of that other Team that Batman has assembled. They had a martian on their team. Some weepy girl- well in his mind he pictures her on the verge of crying many times- that has a painful look when she glances at him when their paths cross. Their Robin was something of a bemuse cross between an amusing little brother or annoyance- he fully understands Jason's resentment towards him in some capacity. A moody rejected boy-Superboy's a clone he's been told- that had nearly the strength of Superman. Yet the man of steel is rumored to not even so much as look at him. A speedster- how may are there now?- that was a mix bag of annoyance and actually being useful. Then their archer that replaced Arsenal as Green Arrow's protege.

He wonders how Roy deals with that sometimes.

Still, he finds it odd that he treats them as siblings would treat each other if they found the other annoying. It's strained, short meetings that he immediately escapes afterwards if he could.

He doesn't get why they appear in his dreams in pieces and snapshots.

He doesn't understand why he even cares to check up on them now and then.

Really, it wasn't any of his business- yet he couldn't help it. Like an indulgent brother, he happens to be in their area at times when they are occupied and don't see him. He doesn't know where that strange pride comes from when he hears about their success or see it.

It's weird.

"Hey, Devil, stop daydreaming and get your fishy ass here now!" Red Hood is eloquent as always.

Rolling his eyes, Devil Ray brings out the water bearers- a gift from someone he thinks- and jumps down to join in the fray.

An: Thus the end. I don't know why I felt like this is a better ending- something bittersweet.

Anyway, Jefferson Pierce is Black Lighting. He becomes something like the leader/mentor (only sane Adult alive) to the Outlaws. He's pretty badass and has two daughters of his own (both superheroes I believe), so I think he knows how to deal with angsty rebellious teens/young adults.

I don't know if there will be a sequel or not. It probably (hopefully) won't deal with Kaldur getting his memories back I suppose. I dunno. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this tid bit and aren't fully disappointed in it.