Boy I am exhausted by life. But I did it; I finished my possible final story ever. I've been in a bad place IRL and even I'm a little surprised I've lasted this long. I hope you enjoyed the story. I'll get to all the other stuff in a second before my departure. So let me talk about the story and share something's my readers might not know.

First let me start by saying another story down. Maybe my final story, but out of all my stories I think I had the most interruptions while trying to write it. It took much longer to write than my other stories because of real life and out of my other stories I believe it was the least popular. I know many people don't care for the particular pairing in this story.

So I started this story because I always thought Sonic and Bunnie had this weird platonic romantic thing going on but never touched on. That's what I based the whole of this story on really; their interaction. Which I do think worked well. The few times they did interact in the comic it was short lived and I always wondered how their interactions might play out. So I wrote this story!

Now before I go into other details of the story let me give my readers a little more clarity and detail to understand the story better before we part. The reason why the story is titled Mercurial Signs is actually well explained in the summary of the story. It's about erratic change. Bunnie and Antoine change and grow apart and all the changes that generally happen throughout the story.

Like her growing her hair out and her starting to appreciate her robotic parts instead of them making her feel shame. Mercurial basically means unpredictable, and Signs mean occurrence of something else. You get it? Mercurial Signs? This is another story where the larger conflict of the plot was not the main focus. This like my other stories is heavily character focused and the larger conflict was not the main focus of the story. I hope that doesn't deter to many people, I just find the characters more interesting.

Any other themes in the story just sort of happened while I was writing it. The overall theme of the story is erratic change. I do worry many readers won't find that epic or interesting but hey its my last story so whatever. Bunnie was a difficult character to write to for many reasons.

Her relationship with Antoine IMO really dragged her character down and prevents any meaningful character development. Antoine too. But Bunnie is also sort of a side character and it shows. She's like the muscle of the team along with Amy. If you didn't notice, Bunnie did not have any direct conflict with the main villains or antagonist of the story. Also one of my favorite moments of the story was Bunnie's first encounter with Lien-Da, its was just a cool fight that showed how bad*** she could be hehe, excuse my language.

And that's not because I didn't want to but I thought it would be shoehorned if I tried to do that. Yeah she's fighting against the main villains like the other characters, but Eggman or Lien-Da did not have any direct conflict with Bunnie herself. Unlike Sonic or Tails who they consider to be larger threats. It's an interesting perspective to write from though, and it is the first story I've written where the main character doesn't really have direct conflict with main antagonist or overall larger conflict in the plot.

Also I realized after writing this story how much morality can change a character. Bunnie's positive moral alignment completely changed her character compared to her anti self. Bunnie tries to be good and in turn her bad behavior is still present but she actively tries to be better. Whereas her anti self's bad alignment completely changes her personality. Her anti self has more of an attitude while Bunnie is just much nicer. I thought it'd be interesting to mention that they're basically the same character but their difference in morality makes them completely different.

There's not too much more to say as this story was much different than my other stories when it comes to any particular meaning it had. It's about unpredictable change, which is life in a nutshell lol. I hate it too, life sucks hard for a long time sometimes, finding ways to lessen the pain of life is something we can all do.

And finally in my last words I still feel silly about writing another 100, 000 word sonic fanfiction. I am happy to complete my writings and though this may be my final writing, despite how silly I feel about writing this stuff I did have fun writing it. Besides my Anti Bunnie story this was one of the first stories I considered writing. I didn't because Bunnie and Sonic were so unpopular but I guess I eventually got around to it.

So now that my writing is complete and I've finally seen the type of stories I wanted to see written I feel like I can leave in peace. This won't be nagging in the back of my mind 5 years from now at least lol. So I hope you had fun reading through my imagination, it's been a fun ride and I thank you all for reading and reviewing. It means a lot…


May one day we meet again…

P.S. If things ever get better in my real life I might consider starting my Amy story. But for now it is Goodbye :)