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Sirius and Dobby

Sirius looked dumbfounded at the woman standing before him, but he snapped out of it when he saw the tuft of messy black hair sticking out of the baby blanket. Harry's baby blanket. Sirius had given it to Harry himself on the day the boy was born. He pulled his wand and took aim, but did not dare make a move in case he hit his godson.

"What are you doing here, cousin?" He sneered, "and why do you have Harry?" He moved forward, getting closer to her as he spoke, and realised that she let him. With in seconds though she was flanked by Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Sirius' sneer became more prominent, "what are you doing here Death Eaters, I will not let you take Harry."

Malfoy and Snape, to his amazement, pulled up the sleeves on their left arm, showing the bare flesh and smirked as Sirius' mouth dropped open in amazement, "but Dumbledore said," he snapped his mouth shut when the three of them made a disconcerted noise in the back of their throats, and had matching looks of disgust on their faces.

"Dumbledore will cause Harry's death," Narcissa said her lips curled in disgusted, "I will not allow any harm to come to Harry." Her hand curled protectively around the boy and Sirius had to shake his head in amazement. "Come with us, we must leave now, before Hagrid gets here, and you do something stupid."

"Like last time," Sirius just heard Snape mutter. Sirius was in a daze, his mind working overtime, as he tried to come up with an explanation for what was going on. "Peter," he said, remembering that it had been the rat that had betrayed them all.

"No," Lucius said as he grabbed a hold of Sirius and stopped him from running off, "if you go after him, you condemn Harry to death." The words stopped Sirius cold. Harry was his responsibility, he was to take care of the boy, raise him and keep him safe should anything happen to Lily and James. He turned and looked at the three, their eyes held secrets, and hidden pain, that felt old, from long ago.

"What do you know?" he asked, eyeing them carefully.

"Many things," Narcissa spoke, her voice soft, "and we will share all with you, if you come with us now." At seeing the look on his face, Narcissa added, "we will give you a vow, that we will not harm Harry, ever, and we will not harm you, unless we are to protect ourselves."

Sirius nodded his head, the only thing allowing him to do this was the warnings of Harry's death. He gritted his teeth and took Lucius' arm, and just as they disappeared, they saw Hagrid come into view.

Sirius sat down heavily in a chair in the room they just landed in. He looked around curiously, while keeping his wand handy. It looked like a library of some kind, and he noticed that on one of the tables was a pensive. "Now that you have me here, what do you want?" Sirius asked, his voice sounded resigned.

"We want you to look at something, then we will answer any questions you have." Lucius helped Sirius to his feet and directed him to the pensive that held the memories of Harry's life, Draco's life and how the three of them came back in time to fix it. Narcissa held her breath as she waited to see if Sirius would enter the pensive or not.

She blew out her breath as he dipped his head into the liquid and watched as he disappeared into the memories. Narcissa, Lucius and Severus sat down, to wait. "Dobby," Lucius called, this time around he treated Dobby like he was the most precious elf in the world, as the memories of how he had tried to save Harry over and over played out in his memory.

"What can Dobby be doing for Master?" the elf asked, his little body vibrating with happiness at his Master calling for him. Dobby was also excited that he had been picked to help take care of Master Draco, he felt very important indeed.

"How is Draco?" Narcissa asked, and Dobby turned to her, beaming.

"Master Draco be doing very well, Mistress. Dobby just got him to sleep..." Dobby's voice cut off as he saw the little baby in his Mistress' arms. Narcissa seeing what had Dobby's attention, smiled at the little elf.

"Dobby, this is Harry Potter. He is very important to our family and as such we expect you to treat him that way." Dobby bounced on his toes as he tried to sneak closer to get a look at the baby. He felt a magical connection to the boy in his Mistress' arms and as he got close enough he reached out and ran a finger down the little boys cheek. Harry sighed softly in his sleep and leaned into the touch, as magic filled the room, connecting the two.

Everyone in the room froze as the elf magic filled the room and connected with Harry. Dobby looked around at everyone in the room, before looking back at the little boy, "Dobby is supposed to bes his," Dobby said in a small voice, "Master Harry Potter sir."

The Malfoy's were startled by this information, and wondered why, in the future, Dobby had not connected in such a way with the young boy. "Maybe it was because you abused the little creature to the point of insanity, Lucius," Severus said with a sneer, as he answered Lucius' unasked question.

Lucius could only nod his head, still ashamed of the actions he had taken the first time. "We will make it different this time," Narcissa said as she took hold of his hand and squeezed it in comfort before removing it to wrap around Harry once more.

"Could you tell us what just happened, Dobby?" Severus asked as the little elf stood, looked at Harry, his expression showing rapture.

"Dobby is being Harry Potter's sirs, it is the way it was supposed to be, before. Dobby is not sure he is understanding it all, sirs, but now, Dobby is bonded to Harry Potter. He must be with Master to take care of him and protect him from the bad mans."

"What bad mans, Dobby?" Lucius asked and then shook his head at his terrible grammar.

"The bad mans that tried to kill Master," Dobby said, "and the bad mans that will try to hurt Dobby's master, the mans with the beard and the need for Dobby's Masters power," Dobby said before he moved forward again and pushed Narcissa's hand aside, and laid his over Harry's chest. There was another glow and a popping sound as both Dobby and Harry were surrounded by a golden light, and then a snapping sound as the light between the Malfoy's and Dobby became visible and then broke apart.

"Dobby belongs only to Master Harry Potter now," Dobby said a huge smile on his face, until he looked his previous Master and Mistress, "Dobby is sorry to be leaving Miss and Sirs, but Dobby is where he supposed to be."

"That is quite alright Dobby," Narcissa said as she placed a kiss on the little boys head, "Harry needs all the love and support he can get, and he is lucky to have such a devoted elf. Make us proud Dobby and keep him safe." Dobby smiled as he pulled the blanket back around the little boy and then popped off, when Harry started to stir.

Dobby came back with a bottle and clean clothes, and with a snap of his fingers, his Master was in a fresh diaper and new outfit, and then he put his hands out to the Miss to take his Master and feed him.

"Would you mind, Dobby, if I fed Harry?" Dobby looked torn, but with a quick bob of his head, he handed the bottle over and stood close by to watch. Narcissa smiled at the little elf's actions, he would indeed keep Harry safe.

"Dobby is knowing that Master Harry Potter is to be with Master Draco," Dobby said as he watched over Narcissa as she feed his precious master. "Dobby is to be good elf for both Masters Harry and Draco, Dobby is." The little elf's head bobbed up and down as he spoke, agreeing with himself.

'How do you know this Dobby? And why is Draco still your Master." Narcissa asked as the other two in the room leaned in closer, intrigued.

"Oh no Miss, Dobby is not being Draco's elf now, but Dobby is being knowing that he will be, later. When Master Harry is being ready to mate, of course. Dobby will still listen to Master Draco and call him Master, but Master Harry will always be the first, that Dobby be taking care of. Dobby be knowing that Master Draco can be taking care of himself, he does. Master Draco will be strong, and will be taking great care of Dobby's Master he will." Dobby seemed to sigh at the thought, with a smile on his face, he continued to watch over his charge.

Both the Malfoy's and Severus were startled that the little elf knew so much, but figured it must be the bond between the boys. They had no clue how Dobby had bonded with Harry, though, or why. It was a mystery for another day, they all thought at the same time.

At that moment they heard Sirius as he stumbled out of the pensive, his face drained of colour as he slumped to the floor. Dobby, noticing the build up of anger in the new presence, stood in front of his Master, a clear shield covering all three of them as he watched the man cautiously. Dobby could feel the bonds between his Master and the strange man, but Dobby could see the anger rising in the man.

It was true, everyone in the room could feel the build up of anger and magic in the room, and Severus and Lucius followed Dobby's lead and erected shields just as the glass exploded around them. That seemed to snap Sirius out of his stupor, as he looked at the glass in horror and lifted his wand, Harry the only thing on his mind. But before he could so much as say a word, he watched as the glass bounced off the shield that surrounded the boy in Narcissa's arms, with a little elf standing in front of them protectively.

Dobby, raised his hand and snapped his fingers, causing all the glass to repair itself, and smiled in satisfaction to himself, for protecting his Master, before turning to the man. "You is not to be hurting Master Harry Potter."

Sirius looked confused, and then sneered when he saw Severus and Lucius trying not to laugh. It was then he remember the memory of Dobby saying something very similar to Lucius before he threw the man across the hall.

Lucius stood up and walked over to Sirius and offered him a hand up. He helped the poor man to a chair and called for another elf, "Pipsy."

"What can Pipsy be doing for Master?" the elf asked all the while peaking over at Dobby.

"Can you bring some tea, and some whiskey," Lucius asked.

"Yes, Master, right away Master," she said as she popped away. A few minutes later she was back with the tea service and the whiskey, along with glasses. She poured the tea, and the whiskey and then popped out.

Meanwhile, Harry had finished his bottle and was smiling at Dobby, while the elf was making faces at him, causing the little boy to giggle from time to time. Dobby was very pleased with himself.

Severus was watching Sirius as he watched Harry, guilt and anger where the prominent expressions on his face. "We have changed the future already, Black, so pull yourself together so we can make sure Harry does not have that life."

"How do we fix it, there is still a good chance I can go to Azkaban, if that's what Dumbledore wants, he thinks I was the secret keeper, and he will use that to get me out of the way." Sirius said, burying his face in his hands. It all seemed out of control to him. He was still not thinking as the memories played out in his head over and over again. He had been so stupid in the future. And even worse he had left Harry when he had fallen through the veil.

"That is were my connections come in handy, Mr Black," Lucius said as he stood up and walked over to the fire place. He picked up the floo powered and tossed some in before getting down on his knees and sticking his head in calling out, "Minister Fudges office." Lucius knew the man would be there, after what had happened, he only hoped he beat the old man there.

"Lucius, what can I do for you at this time of night," the Minister asked, he knew that Lucius was the reason he was in office and he would do everything in his power to give the man what he wanted or needed, if only to save his career.

"I would ask you to step through, Minister, I have something very important to discuss with you." Lucius said, his tone letting Fudge know it was urgent.

"Of course Lucius, just let me get rid of Albus and I will be right with you." Lucius swallowed hard, at the mention of the old goat.

"Is he there in your office now, Cornelius?" Lucius asked his voice icy.

"No, Lucius, my secretary just informed me he was here, I was going to see him, but of course you come first."

"Do not tell him it is me you are coming to see, bring the Head of the Auror department with you too." Lucius said and stepped back, leaving the connection open for them to come through.

It was only three minutes later that the Floo flared to life and Fudge stepped out, with Amelia Bones on his heals. They took one look at Sirius and Amelia pointed her wand at him, ready to cast a spell. She had already spoken to Albus and knew he was the secret keeper that had betrayed the Potters.

Sirius stood up, and walked over to Narcissa, placing a hand on her shoulder and directing every ones eyes to Harry. "I was not the secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew was. He was the one that betrayed Lily and James. I would die before I would betray my friends," he said forcefully. He then leaned down and ran his hands through Harry's hair. "Lucius, Narcissa and Severus rescued Harry, they were too late to save the Potters, but they saved my godson." Sirius voice broke as he finished speaking.

Amelia froze, she didn't know what to think. Albus had told her that she needed to arrest Black on sight and throw him in to Azkaban for what he did to the Potters, but if he was innocent then what was Albus playing at. Lucius stood and exchanged brief eye contact with Narcissa and Severus, receiving a small nod from both he lead the two over to the pensive. "This will answer all your questions," he said, and watched as the two looked at each other and then entered the pensive.