Mending Our Injured Hearts, Prologue

Maho: Sorry for the super duper long wait! =_='' Okay, so this is the sequel for Not Going To Stand For It. I'm really sorry that it's taken me this long to update, but I've been really busy with homework, sports, love-related things *cough cough non-existent ones cough* and updating my other stories, so please bear with me. :D Onto the chappie!

October 11th, 3:09 PM

Morinozuka Takashi was walking down the pristine halls of Ouran Academy, watching the honey and crimson leaves drift on the warm, autumn breeze, onto the ground. It was cool day, with only the fresh breeze to dance across his pale cheeks. He stopped walking only to see a figure standing amongst those sturdy, old trees, staring up at the shelter of colorful, crunchy leaves above them.

He felt a smile tugging on his lips as he moved towards the slightly feminine figure in a boy's uniform. The girl gasped as she felt the familiar warmth of her boyfriends' arms around her. "Takashi… Don't you have kendo practice today?" she asked, looking up at him with her peaceful, chocolate eyes. "Nn." The boy answered, nodding slightly.

"Then why are you here?" she inquired. "I'd rather be here." He replied, chuckling as he knew that the smaller girl would blush. "Alright, you can stay." She said meekly, trying not to show the embarrassment in her voice.

"Let's go to the host club..." she whispered a few moments later. "Sure." Mori replied gruffly, not wanting to show that he was a bit disappointed. They walked together into the host club, only to see 3 unhappy faces, 1 unreadable face, and 1 faked happy face. "We're here, Tamaki-senpai." Haruhi stated, not noticing how sad he looked. "Hi Haru-chan~ Hi Takashi…~" Hunny tried to say in his usual cheerful voice. "Hi, Hunny-senpai." Haruhi smiled at the shorter boy who looked away in embarrassment.

For Mori, it had always been the small moments that count.

But now… all of that was about to change.

October 17th, 6:14 PM

A young raven haired man runs into the Kageshuu Hospital, carrying a bouquet of white roses. He quickly asks a blushing nurse where Haruhi Fujioka is and runs to the room without another thought. "Haruhi…!" he stumbled over his words as he ran into the room. There, on the plain white hospital bed, lay his girlfriend, Haruhi Fujioka. She was bandaged tightly around her arms and had many other devices hooked up to her through cords.

"Haruhi…" he rushed to her side, gently latching his hand onto hers. Her muted chestnut eyes opened from her slumber, and she stared at him, eyes wide. "Haruhi… I'm so sorry… I wasn't there for you… even when you needed it the most…" Mori started to say sadly, ashamed. "But, I need you to know… I still love you." Mori stared at her, hope glinting in his eyes. "And… I hope… that even this unforgivable act that I've commited… that you… you'll love me too." He whispered, stroking her hand with his thumb. He had said all he could muster up at the moment, so he stayed quiet, looking into the girls' eyes. "Uh… I…" the girl mumbled, eyes wide and surprised. "Who are you…?"

Time stopped. Those words echoed in Mori's mind mercilessly. Who are you? She forgot him. She forgot her boyfriend. She forgot about everything they'd been through. She forgot about how much he loved her.

She forgot about him completely.