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Chapter 4

October 18th, 6:02 PM

I woke up with a throbbing pain in my head, surging through my nerves with newfound heat, like an overheated computer had just been placed on my head. Kaoru's warmth was no longer encasing me and I stared around the room absentmindedly for a few minutes. I felt terrible.

I stood up shakily, my limbs feeling like dead weight as I opened the window, closing my eyes and inhaling the fresh scent of flowers, instead of the bland, clean scent of hospital anti-sceptics. It all happened too fast.

If I could've changed changed it, I probably wouldn't have been able to move. The screeching of tires on hard, cold asphalt. The sound of brakes being slammed in panic.

The painful scream that echoed through my ears.

I watched, as the colour drained from my face, the blood splattering mercilessly, tainting the beautiful white flowers that had been planted outside of my window.

Oh dear god. Someone died. I began to scream as loud as I could, falling to the floor, pointing at the window hysterically. Nurses ran into my room, ushering me back into my bed, then quickly running out to call 911. I lay in my bed, unable to sleep.

Someone was dead. A girl, with long, shining blonde hair, that looked only the age of 9, had been hit by a car outside of my room. I had a disgusting feeling at the bottom of my stomach, like a block of ice had been shoved down my throat. Death. It was such a scary, yet welcomed word in this world.

October 18th, 9:05 PM

I skipped dinner. I wasn't hungry at all. Who would be?

I heard someone knock on my door gently. A boy with raven-hair, not as big as Takashi, with glasses that reflected the light.

"Who are you?" my voice was hoarse, I hadn't talked since the accident. "Kyoya Ootori." he replied, pushing his glasses up to conceal his curious eyes that I had seen look over me countless times.

"… Nice to meet you, Ootori-san." I mumbled. "It's Kyoya to you." he grabbed my hand, smirking deviously. "Uh, please release my hand…" my voice became quieter and quieter as he planted soft kisses along my skin, breathing softly on me.

"You've seen far too much today, I'm afraid, Haruhi." he whispered onto my skin, as my hand trembled. "W-What…?" I asked, scared of this man. But I couldn't get him to stop. My voice was no where to be found. And neither was my strength. "I'm sorry to say, but something… terrible… has been discovered today." he whispered again.

I couldn't say anything. Words were now foreign objects, no sound would be emitted from my throat.

"You see," his face now began to be filled with sorrow, "You are not as healthy as you seem. While you were in shock after the… uh, incident earlier, they did various tests on you."

I stared at him, terrified and wide-eyed.

He pushed his head forward, and before my trembling lips met his, as a familiar wet warmth drenched my cheeks in the moonlight, he whispered, "You have cancer."

October 18th, 9:14

A kiss had never been so shivery, so chaste, yet so terrible at comforting someone.