Live for me, my Princess

UlquiHime- Being a vampire lord is not an easy job especially when you met your ONE TRUE LOVE but was just killed by your ENEMIES. Orihime, Ulquiorra's betrothed was killed but Hime promised to be reborn again, will his prince find him again at present?

Title: Live for me, my Princess

Author: Ren Tamiya

Date updated: December 13, 2015



Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

Ulquiorra was sitting in front of the fire thinking about his beloved mate. She was killed a long, long time ago. He was waiting for her promise. She said she would come back.

It was Christmas Eve, remembering their memories together was hard. But it was the sweetest thing though. During Christmas, they will just go ahead and sit in front of the fire place like what he was doing right now. Cuddle a bit while talking about random things.

He doesn't want to remember but he could never forget her. She was his everything. His heart, soul and body. It was painful for him but he knows… she'll be back.

Ulquiorra sighed as he grabbed the wine and drink from it. He decided to go out and travel around the city. He jumped from roof to roof. He was looking at the beautiful city lights.

His mind drifted to the past

"Ulqui, do you love fireworks?" Orihime asked. They are currently sitting in a huge couch cuddling each other while drinking some wine.

"I am not sure." Ulquiorra absentmindedly answered. Orihime pouted as she playfully smack Ulquiorra's shoulder.

"Don't be mean. Don't you think they are pretty? When they reach the sky, they will create an even better style full of colors. I wish I could be like them." Orihime leaned at the crook of Ulquiorra's neck. Ulquiorra just blinked as he asked,

"Why do you want to be like them?"

Orihime chuckled a bit and answered, "Because they are very pretty. They create very beautiful patterns and they can reach the sky. I wish I could reach the sky some day."

"But isn't that impossible? Reaching the sky?" Ulquiorra asked. Orihime just shook her head and answered,

"No. It's not literally. I mean my dreams. Reaching the sky is like reaching for my dreams."

"What is your ultimate dream, Hime?"

"To have a family with you, my love."

Ulquiorra blinked at the memory. He was a vampire but he can still feel that pain that buried in his heart. Yes, he would also like to have a family with her someday. Another memory of another Christmas came to him.

"Ulqui." Orihime called out from the kitchen.

"What is it?" Ulquiorra asked wondering what was up with his love.

"Hmm, do you like chocolate or blueberry?" Orihime asked when Ulquiorra came inside the kitchen.

"Cheesecake?" He answered.

"Blueberry it is, then." Hime smiled to herself as she baked for her beloved lover. Ulquiorra can't help but smile at her happy mate.

After a few hours, they were sitting in the balcony, stargazing and waiting for Hime's favorite fireworks display.

"I have a gift for you." Ulquiorra said.

"Really? Christmas gift then? What is it?" Hime excitedly asked. Ulquiorra just smiled at her antics. He can never get tired of hers.

Ulquiorra knelt down. Opening a small box which contained

A ring.

A beautiful diamond ring with engraving.

"Marry me, my love?" Ulquiorra casually asked. Deep inside he was really nervous. Vampires usually can't get nervous. But this was different.

This was special. This moment is special.

Orihime suddenly hugged him tightly. Being emotional as she is, she cried tears of joy and kept repeating yes and again and again.

Ulquiorra then placed the beautiful ring in her fingers.

Beautiful fireworks can be heard. The engaged couple looked at the sky and saw the beautiful fireworks.

The kissed under the beautiful Christmas moonlight.

Ulquiorra stood at the mansion. This was the place where it all began (his proposal) and where it all ended (her death). It was painful but he painfully smiled.

He can feel it.

From his heart

To his brain

To his body

She is going to come back.

Sooner or later, to be in his arms again.

And by then, he will NEVER EVER LET HER GO AGAIN.


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