So, I haven't updated this story in two years. Anyways, here's an update.

Quote of the Day:

"Impossible! You cheated, you must have."

- The Riddler, Batman: Arkham City

Although he was now starting to regret it, the Riddler had decided to give killing the Batman another shake. He had Robin tied up. He had Commissioner Gordon too. He had armed goons stationed all around the city, and bombs set to go off at any second. The only thing that he didn't have was Batman, who was now two hours late for their epic showdown.

As the Riddler began pacing around the rooftop that was supposed to be the stage of his final confrontation with the Dark Knight, he couldn't help but wonder where the hell Batman was. "I can't help but wonder where the hell Batman is."

The Riddler honestly expected a response from Robin and Commissioner Gordon, but they just remained as quiet as they had been for the past half hour. In fact, the Riddler was starting to get annoyed if he had to be real for a second. First, Batman had the nerve to stand him up? Second, his two hostages didn't seem to care about the peril that both they and Gotham were in? If Batman didn't show up soon, the Riddler figured that he had to kill either the Commissioner or the boy wonder. He had used all his best riddles in setting up a series of mental challenges each more intricate than the last for Batman to solve, and ol' Edward didn't think he had it in him to come up with anymore that night. If nothing else, he'd give Robin and Gordon like a word search or something to solve, with whoever finished last getting a bullet in their head.

"Hey, Boss," a random goon interrupted the Riddler's thoughts as he approached him, "you want us to set off some bombs yet? I don't think that the Bat is going to show."

Immediately, the Riddler took a pistol out of his coat pocket and shot his minion in the head. It sounded harsher than it actually was since most henchmen were suicidal anyways, hence having the job of being a goddamn henchman. It wasn't like henchmen signed up to fight under villains for the pension plan. Although, Edward did hear that Lex Corp. offered good dental coverage.

"You know," Robin interrupted, more out of the boredom of being strapped in a chair with some old man than anything else, "your goon was kind of spot on."

"About?" the Riddler prodded, quirking an eyebrow as he turned to look at the center of the room where Robin and Gordon were bound back to back.

"Batman finding his way here," Robin would have shrugged if he was able to, "he's kind of stupid. Too stupid to overcome your mind control powers."

As the Riddler prepared to give some long boring monologue as to why Batman would never be able to solve his riddles, he stopped, realizing that something that Robin had said was off. Sure, he was the smartest man on the planet, but that didn't mean that he had any kind of superpowers. "What is it that you think I do?"

Again, a free Robin would have shrugged. "I dunno. What's your thing again? You read minds or something?"

"I think he can levitate." Commissioner Gordon interjected, waking up from a nap. "That or laser eyes. Hopefully not the laser eyes."

"I riddle people," the Riddler blinked, pointing to the question mark on his hat.

Though neither one of them could see the other's face, both Robin and the Commissioner narrowed their eyes, Gordon then speaking after a moment of silence. "…with bullets?"

"With brainteasers."

All that Gordon could do was sigh, in the back of his mind hoping that his transfer request to Metropolis would be approved. "This is the stupidest job I've ever had."

Nodding his head in agreement, Robin only groaned. "Tell me about it."