Decided to continue. Still Ridiculous.

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The Joker strolled out of the bathroom of the bank that he was currently robbing feeling fantastic now that he no longer needed to pee, and it didn't do him justice saying that he was surprised when he saw that something had apparently happened while he was gone. Right there in the middle of the bank was some guy dressed in a bat suit or something, and scattered throughout the rest of it were his goons; all dead. Sure, he was going to kill them anyways when they got back to the hideout, but hey he still needed someone to help hull all the bags of cash there in the first place.

"What happened?"

He yelled at the closest hostage, a fat man who we'll call Bob for simplicities sake, and in the back of his mind The Joker took a tiny bit of pleasure in seeing him squirm. If all else failed, the bank robbery was worth it just for that moment.

"When that guy over there came into the bank all your guys started shooting like crazy, and well I guess they all killed each other."

Looking over at the guy who was either the stupidest, craziest, or most courageous person out there for walking into a bank that The Joker was robbing, said clown actually felt a little disappointed that his own men had killed each other like idiots instead of falling to this masked man who was arguably a bigger one than they were. It wasn't often that someone actually posed a challenge to him.

"You're kidding me right?"

Bob shook his head no, and The Joker sighed since he was hoping that his nearly obese hostage had been wrong in how his men died, but he quickly put a smile on his face, and began to stroll over to the masked moron who was across the room from him. Keeping a safe distance he kept his finger on the trigger of his gun just in case anything went down. He would have preferred it if he was wielding one of his trusty knives, but he had come to rob a bank not stab somebody; although he would have found the latter to be much more fun if he was to be honest with himself.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to make you fear the night."

With his hand than wasn't holding a gun The Joker scratched his head since he didn't really know what this guy's deal was. Clearly he was stupid, but honestly what compels a man to dress up like a nocturnal animal and run into a hostage situation with nothing but a stupid costume and no weapons? This was either a prank someone was playing on him, or it was social Darwinism at its best.

"It's the middle of the day."

Batman growled.

"Right," he trailed off right there not really sure if this random masked stranger was okay in the head, and The Joker debated whether or not to just shoot the guy to put him out of his misery, but then he decided not to when realized that he didn't even know his name, "who are you again?"

"I am the Batman, the Dark Knight, Gotham's rooftop protector."

Truth be told, The Joker didn't really want to kill this guy anymore. Doing so would, no joke, incredibly lame pun completely intended, be a service to the world, and as a bad guy The Joker couldn't really off this guy and feel good about it. He decided to just tell him what was up, and send him on his way. After all, he was a busy little beaver and still had a bank to rob.

"Look buddy-"


The Joker never got his point across as Batman interrupted him, and threw a batarang at his face. It got stuck in his eye, and he passed out from blood loss. He was so going to murder this idiot when they release him from Arkham Asylum in a few days.