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Chapter 2

Everyone stopped talking. The bar was silent. Even the waves from the lake outside seemed to have stopped. Nathan looked stunned and tried to swallow the drink in his mouth, resulting in a large amount of it spilling out on the table. Duke chuckled but a sharp look from Audrey told him to shut his mouth. The group in the corner began to talk in furious whispers, every now and then glancing over at Audrey, Duke and Nathan.

Nathan finally regained the power of speech and somehow managed to mumble to Audrey "Vampire? Like the blood sucking evil kind?"

"No Nathan," Audrey replied, "the kind that likes fluffy bunnies and works in a homeless shelter! Of course the evil kind!"

Nathan swallowed the last of his drink and pulled out his chair for Audrey to sit down. Duke came and joined them.

"Basically, this morning three victims were found on the highway. Seem all to be residents of Haven. All with puncture wounds on their necks. They had been drained completely of blood." Audrey explained.

"All of the victims female?" Duke asked.

"Yeah, and blonde, early 20's." Audrey replied

"Much like Miss Blondey over there in the corner then?" Duke observed.

"Yeah pretty much, although she looks like she is from out of town." Audrey said.

"Yeah, they are. California I think. Except that man, he's English. Real posh as well" Duke said and looked round.

The group of people in the corner had stopped what they were doing and were listening very intently to the conversation Duke and Audrey were having. Buffy looked slightly annoyed at being called 'Miss Blondey' but her pride had taken over and was glowing from being noticed by a handsome man. Giles however was absolutely astonished that these people knew about vampires and seemed to be taking it so well. He very slowly stood up and walked over to the group; his heels clicking on the floor and grey hair waving slightly in the breeze.

"I believe we can help." He started, "Vampires are our speciality!"