Part 25: Over

This was never what the outcome should have become. A car founded out of the city's limits. Laid rested at the bottom of a lake. All were hoping for this not to be the end. Yet their blood runs cold, at the end of this hurtful day.

"In news today, about three hours ago, a BMW was found in this here lake. A body was found within the automobile. Officers have yet to give us more info of the body or if there more than one. We'll be on stand by to know more soon. Back to you Charles."

"Are you sure that's him?"

"Yes, no one can forget that face." Buttercup said, wanting so much to beat that face into nothing but dust.

"But where's..."

"My team is still looking into it." Brick's friend told them. "There is a chance she could have gotten away. With this wound, I don't see any other way to think it."

"But where could have she gone then?"

"I am sorry to say, but that is something you need to find out on your own, until we know more ourselves."

"Thank you anyway, sir."

"We'll keep in touch."

Blossom look to her sister. "Do you think?"

"Let's leave this be and hope she is still alive." And they left, back home.

In another place, far off from all this. A new beginning was made and maybe this happiness would stay that way.

Bubbles looking out in the view, smile on her face. Knowing for a fact, that she should have done this a long time ago. Her heart a lot lighter as well, when she stop to see Butch, who was asleep at the time, and making a huge break through. There was no need for her to stay in this city anymore.

"What do you think, baby, you think we can make it this world?" Looking down, a gentle smile never leaving her face. "One day, we'll come back and see him one more time, okay." Grabbing her bag, and enter the bus that soon arrived as the bus stop.

"Here's to a new start." And off to new unknown lands as she was never seen again.

The End?