Chapter 1: The Mognet

According to Mog and Mag, it all started back on Gaia, before the great catastrophe occurred and screwed up space and time.The Mognet is run by Moogles, who at the time of Gaia delivered messages all over the planet. After the Heartless appeared that changed, because Gaia was destroyed like so many other planets. Now they deliver messages all over the Universe, through all the various worlds that remain.

Mog and Mag were a newly wed Moogle couple when their world-Gaia-ceased to be. They were the first Moogles to decide to try to rebuild the message network they'd once worked in. It spread like wild fire, because so many Moogles ran stores and could use them as post offices. I happen to be the only non-Moogle Messenger of the Mognet.

This is because when I was but a babe in a basket Mog and Mag found me floating down a river in Deepest Jungle. Since at that point they'd had no little Moogles of their own, they took me in. Of course that changes about a year later. By twelve I had a dozen brothers and sisters-all of who were Moogles. By thirteen my parents realized I was magical because in order to keep up with all of them, I gained the ability to change my shape between that of a human girl and a Moogle. At fourteen they Mog began to teach me the basics of synthesizing gemstones with mystical properties, believing perhaps my ability to turn into a Moogle would give me an edge. This was incorrect, and a few explosions later Mag decided I'd make a better Messenger for Mognet.

That's how it all started for me, my Adventures. As a Moogle I can navigate all over the universe without a ship. See that's what the pom-pom is for-well, actually Moogles have them for three reasons.

So they can navigate while flying, anywhere.

The pom-poms create sort of air bubbles while we're flying through space.

So they can take energy from the sun with food is scarce.

So they can communicate with every other Moogle telepathically. It's the way to get the news.

Anyway, back to the point. I specialize in my messages, honestly, because I kept a notebook. I look to reconnect people who were separated when their worlds were destroyed by the Heartless. There's nothing quite as satisfying as reuniting people who haven't seen each other in years. Of course, sometimes there are some side effects because of the destruction of the worlds…

I was eighteen when the Key Blade wielder Sora came to Traverse Town the first time, but that was barely part of my story. I was there picking up messages from the Shops to deliver, when I met Aerith Gainsborough…