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Chapter 13: Always and Forever

When Sarah woke up, she was lying in a hospital bed, how'd I get here, she wondered. She looked over to one side and saw Emily, who was flipping through a magazine, sitting in a chair and Ben, who was listening to his MP3 player, was sitting next to her, (the others had taken turns sitting with her) just then, Ben looked up and smiled, then he nudged Emily who also looked up. In a flash Emily was by her best friends side, "how are you feeling, sweetie?" She gently cooed, Sarah thought for a moment, talking to her body, then in a rather weak voice, she answered, "so-so." Then Emily smiled and said, "well doll-baby, you're going to feel much better, and it's gonna be soon, real soon," at the strange choices of words, Sarah was generally confused, but didn't say a word. Emily looked up to Ben, who had a big smile on his face, then she stood up and followed him to the door, "remember dear, if you need anything don't hesitate to scream," said Emily brightly, and then Ben pulled her through the door behind him, and the door swung closed.

After her friends left, Sarah found herself alone and board, was it Billy? Was he really there? Or was I just being stupid, she sadly thought. She missed Billy, she missed him a lot, I would've been happy to give all this up, if I could've stayed with him, she knew that she shouldn't think this way, but how else was she supposed to think? They took her away from the one she loved, and because of that she would never be happy again. Just then she heard movement, it was coming from the other side of the room! She looked to the floor and saw a shadow, it was a human, and not a monster, like she'd first thought. Then the shadow moved, it moved closer and closer to her bed, keeping her eyes to the floor; Sarah saw jeaned legs and then a blue shirt, her eyes kept slowly moving up the body until she reached the face and then her heart stopped and tears welled into her eyes. The person was Dr. Billy Cranston! "Billy!" Sarah screamed, she threw her arms up for him to pick her up and he did. Sarah kept crying as Billy hugged her tightly and he kept kissing her and telling her how much he missed her and loved her.

After all the excitement, all the rangers gathered together in Sarah's hospital room for their celebration, even Willem, Eyela, and Nora were there, "so sweetie, you're a scientist now?" Sarah asked her boyfriend, whom she had been sitting on the bed with, leaning wearily against him, "yeah Baby, I became one while I was living on Aquitar and then in 2000 I moved back to Angel Grove to help create all the necessities that the Lightspeed Rangers needed," replied Billy, pulling Sarah closer to him, "and he did a fine job," Dana Mitchell-Grayson complimented. "Okay, now Adam I want to know did you ever miss me?" Nora asked her boyfriend, Adam just shook his head and wrapped his arms more tightly around her waist (Nora was sitting on his lap), "of course I missed you sunshine, I love you more than anything else," he reassured her. Then Eyela, who had been sitting with Hunter, stood up and announced that it was time for everyone to go home, so that Sarah might get her rest. Everyone except Billy left, the good-byes and best wishes were said and it was the Star Rangers who were the last to leave, "Hey Nora, can I tell you something?" Sarah whispered, Nora came over and sat on the edge of the bed, "what is it?" The little princess asked, "I think we should set Emily up with Jayden," the pink Star Ranger suggested, remembering how the yellow Star Ranger had looked at the Red Samurai, "yeah, lets do it," Nora whispered back, then she and Adam left and all was quiet. At last Sarah like Nora had found what she'd been missing. And that was love.

The End

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