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Chapter 2: Meet the Rangers

Indeed Sarah did faint. When she came to, she was laying down on a couch. Her vision was blurry at first, but then it cleared and she saw six unfamiliar faces staring down at her. One was a Caucasian girl, who was very thin with brown eyes and brown hair and wore a light pink T-shirt, another was an Asian girl with 100% black hair and wore a yellow dress, after the girls there were two Caucasian boys one was thin with long brown hair, brown eyes and wore a green jacket, the other was muscular with short brown hair, brown eyes and wore a red sleeveless jacket, after them there was an African-American boy with very short black hair and wore a black long-sleeved shirt, and finally she saw the boy she had sat on. But now she got a better look at him, he was Caucasian with brown-blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and he wore glasses and a short-sleeved blue shirt with overalls. "Where am I?" Asked Sarah weakly, "you're at the Youth Center" said the brown haired girl. "Where?" Sarah was now really confused. "Am I in Woodland, California?" "No" answered the Asian girl, "you're in Angel Grove, California." Sarah, now very confused, sat up and saw that at a counter some guy was using a blender that her parents used to own back in the 1990's "what year is this?" she timidly asked. The boy with muscles answered her,"1993", he said puzzled. Now it dawned on her as she looked at the six teens, who were wearing assorted colors, she realized that they were the original Power Rangers! Sarah didn't know anything else about Zordon's Power Rangers except that they were first founded in the year 1993. And somehow she had gotten taken from 2012 and was placed in 1993, "who are you guys anyway?" The girl with brown hair spoke up first, "I'm Kimberly, Kimberly Hart" she introduced herself," And this is Trini Kwan" she nodded to the Asian girl standing next to her. Then Kimberly introduced the boys," this is Jason Lee Scott and Zack Taylor" Kim nodded to the boy with muscles and the African-American boy. Finally, Kim turned her attention to the last two boys, the one with long hair and the cute one with glasses, and she said, "And these two are Tommy Oliver and Billy Cranston." "Billy" Sarah mouthed the name of the boy she had sat on and realized that she liked him very much. "And who are you" asked the one called Tommy, Sarah looked at Tommy and realized that she didn't like him at all, but she answered him," My name is Sarah O'Connor."