How to Train your Dragon Crossover Challenge:

I will be very loose on this, but don't expect to be able to go haywire with it. So the rules will be as follows:

1.) has to have Hiccup and Astrid in it, you can add any other character in it too, but Hiccup and Astrid have to be in it.

2.) no slash(yaoi) or yuri(lesbian), this is Absolutely NOT ALLOWED. This also includes intermingling with creatures too.

3.) I don't care what other story you choose to pair HTTYD with, as long as it fits with the story. That means don't put dragonslayers with dragons or Vikings with ninjas. (and I know you want to (-,.,-))

4.) has to be after Hiccup loses his foot, but before Hiccup is fully grown. age limit falls at the highest being 19 and lowest (his actual age wasn't specified but from what I can tell) 14.

5.) Please do not OoC Hiccup or Astrid. ( For those who don't know OoC means Out of Character)

That are all the rules I have for you, and I hope you will make me proud by coming up with several different stories for the HTTYD section. ^,.,^