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They stepped put of the big, golden elevator into the penthouse. I'd never seen anything so beautiful- A domed ceiling high above the polished wooden floors, a cozy living room, a wide, spiraling staircase. It was paradise.

During the day, Luke and I had grown closer, having every class together, and when they'd started towards the buses, they were good friends. Now, she stood speechless in the penthouse, staring at everything.

"You live here?"

"Yea. nothing specail, but it's home."

"Nothing- Luke, it's great!' I exclaimed, smiling and turning in a full circle to drink everything in. A big man with more hair on his lip than his head introduced himself as Bertram, the butler. I beamed at him and introduced myself. He leaned to Luke.

"I like her." He told Luke with a wink, and Luke blushed. I laughed. Three girls entered from a door on our right. On was about eight, with intense dark curls and coffee colored skin, wearing a bright yellow, floor-length dress, like a princess, and a pink tiara. Another was older than me, with curly blonde har and a pale complexion, wearing a sparkly sweater and sparkle jeans. The other was a girl of about eighteen, with wavy auburn hair, with a sweater tunic, brown cordouroys and cowgirl boots. I waved.

"Hey, Luke!" The blonde girl said. The older girl waved hello.

"Who's your girlfriend?" The princess one asked. I laughed but Luke seemed horrified.

"Um.. This is..."

"Hi! I'm Veronica West. You can call me Ronnie, Vera, Veronica, Bob, whatever." I told them.

"Hi, I'm Emma. I like your shirt!" The blonde girl squealed. I looked down at my shirt, a cropped black shirt with a green giraffe with sparkly spots. I smiled.


"Hi, I'm Jessie, the Ross family nanny." The older girl told me, shaking my hand. I smiled and gave Luke a look, like, 'You have a nanny, bro?'


"Hi. I'm Zuri." The little girl said. I bowed formally to her, and she giggled.

"I like you." She told me, and I smiled to her. She began to pull me away, but Luke caught my hand.

"No way, Zuri. She's my friend. You've got Millie." Zuri pouted.

"Millie?" I asked, confused. A dog-?

"Her mermaid friend." Jessie told me, winking, and I beamed at Zuri.

"Well, I can't play now, but I'm sure Henry can."

"Who's Henry?" Zuri sniffled. I held out my hands.

"My hedgehog," I told her simply. She smiled. I put my imaginary hedgehog friend on her shoudler and she skipped off.

"Remember, Zuri, he can only eat raw potato skins!" I called after her. Luke stared at me.

"I have a little sister." I told him, shrugging.

We spent the rest of the day playing video games, until about five.

"So, I heard you dance." I said. He shrugged.

"A little."

"Well, i dance a lot." I told him, challenging him. He scoffed.

"Girls don't dance. Except for ballet and that crud." He told me. I blinked. And punched him in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Wanna bet that I can't beat your sorry butt at a dance battle?" I raised my voice a little. He cocked an eyebrow.

"But that wouldn't be fair."

"Why? Cause you know you don't have a chance?"

"No! It's not fair because i'm a guy!"


"Well, I'm naturally better at dancing than you!"

"Oh, really?"

"Well, yea. It's a fact of life." He said, as if he were 100 percent convinced that guys danced better than girls.

"Fine then. Your'e on." I stormed to the door, and grabbed my bag.

"Alright, fine! Tomorrow, after school, behind the gym!"



"...Okay. I'll just go, then."

"Okay. See you tomorrow?" He asked, and I pecked him on the cheek. Mess with his mind a bit, you know.

"You bet." I told him, waving and getting in the elevator.

I was so gonna beat his sorry ass.

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