Here's the last chapter! If you think it ends ubruptly, my bad. You can take the liberty of continuing it, if you want, just GIVE ME CREDIT FOR MY CHARACTER AND ORIGINAL IDEAS, PLEASE. Thanks, and I hope you've enjoyed! :)


We just looked at the man.

"Oh, hello Veronica, Mr. Ross." He said with a fake, sickly sweet smile.

"I'm so sorry-" I began to apologize, but Luke grabbed my hand, and we bolted out of the pizza palace.

We collapsed into the snow about three blocks down, laughing our butts off. I couldn't breath for laughing so much.

"So, that was a disaster!" I laughed. Luke nodded, still trying to catch his breath. I was suddenly caught up in the snowflakes falling in his curls, on his lashes, and he looked so utterly…perfect. I clenched my toes and tried to fight the impulse. My heart and brains were screaming at me, to do it. I was never one to be bossed around, especially by my internal organs. So I just sat there, staring at him.

Then he did the unexpected. He kissed me.

For a moment I was frozen sold, not by cold but by surprise. All my thoughts were jumbled up and my heartbeat was going a mile a minute…A mile a second, now.

No! Now it's going to be awkward! You cannot go out with your best friend! And plus, you've only known the boy a week!

I ignored every one of those thoughts. And acted on impulse. I slid my arms around his neck and depended the kiss, tangling my fingers in his hair. He pulled me closer and closer.

After a full minute, we broke off, gasping for breath. It was a first kiss for both of us. It wasn't flawless, but it was perfect. My teeth were chattering and my lungs were frozen. Luke seemed to notice for the first time that I was wearing freaking shorts, and wrapped his jacket around me. I grinned up at him.

"So, does this mean you forgive me?" He asked, holding my hand and helping me up out of the snowbank.


"No sarcasm?"

"Wow. Your'e so stupid."

"I know. My bad." I laughed. It felt so good to just talk and laugh with him. He was perfect.

"I got Call of Duty for Christmas." Luke said slyly. I punched his arm.

"Let's go play! I know all the cheats!" I said, officially excited.

"Kay… Race Ya!" He said, and took off. I laughed to myself, and raced after him

I'm Veronica West. And honestly, I'll never understand boys.