Author's Note: I just found an old poetry project that I did in Middle School. I decided to share all the poems with everyone. I won't be making more poems, so don't expect any more than these.



Powerful Magical

Bespelling Treating Flying

Unicorns Gryphons Hippocampi Dragons

Writing Jumping Running

Non powerful Nonmagical


Fantasy is rainbow coloring
It sounds like spells all around
It tastes like magic
It smells like potions gone wrong
It looks like your imagination
It makes you feel full of adventure

Magical and Mysterious
Imagining, Dreaming, Flying
Looking beyond the real world

Fantasy is…
Your mind running wild
Your modern life is mild
A Pegasus flies around the clouds
A Unicorn calls out very loud
The Phoenix bursts into fire
The Gryphon punishes a liar
A Hippogriff slashes out
A Dragon calls out
At the end of the day
The creatures fall underway
Until the Morning
When the Phoenix will with mourning

Ode to Fantasy
Oh, Fantasy, Where would I
Be in such a boring class.
If you weren't in my mind,
I wouldn't be able to daydream.
How do you get such a strange
World in my head?
My Mom yells at me because
I fall asleep when she is talking
she says to me, "Stop Daydreaming!"
But how do I stop when fantasies in my head are so wonderful.

Alone is…

Alone is when you are an oddball
Alone is when you don't have anyone to share secrets
Alone is when you can't share your imagination with others
Alone is when you are picked on for believing in fantasy
Of being the only one who believes in fantasy
Alone is when you go into your own world and never come back

Magical Poetry

Poetry is like magic
Which is bringing you
To a new world

It lights up your day
when you drift away
Into a daydreaming in class

Potion leaping up
Wizards forming spells
and shaping strange creatures

But of course, daydreams
Don't last long when your teacher
tells you to read a poem

I Used to Be…

I used to be a Magelet,
Now I'm a powerful Mage.
I used to be a Dragon Pup,
Now I'm a grown Dragon.
I used to be a Unicorn Foal,
Now I'm a beautiful Unicorn.
I used to be a boring student,
Now I'm a fun Daydreamer.

Fantasy Creatures

There was once a Dragon named Adahy
He was very lively
The one day he died
The other animals cried
Then another Dragon came and was very friendly

Sounds of Magic

Clip Clop
The Night Mare galloped away
Huff Puff
The mare went on
Plop Plop
The Mare took a potty break
The Mare looks back
She huffs and gallops on

Author's Note: Like I said. I wrote these when I was in Middle School. I was 12 to be exact. Hope you enjoyed them! Please feel free to review!