"Whatever happened to the boy that used to chase me all around school. Your friends would watch it all and just laugh. You would deliver flowers anytime you felt like it. Even though I never told you, I miss that boy. I know that boy has grown up. He's now a man and he's got other girls. He is no longer Lily-obsessed. I wish you still were though. Then I could finally tell you what's I've been wanting to say for a year now." That's the note that Sirius Black found when he picked up a book in the library.


"Remus," He called as he ran out of the library.


"Look what I found," he handed it to him.

"Where did you find this?" he asked as he read it quickly.

"In a book inside the library."

"Library, book, you! Now, that's funny."

"Shut up Moony."

"Boys, stop arguing. You're not 11 years old anymore. Remus' girlfriend Rose said. Rose Van Haven was 16 years old, was a 6th year, a prefect, and a Ravenclaw.

"Yes mam," they both piped up solemny.

"Good, Now then what were you saying about a note? Let me see it." He handed her the note to read.

"You know who sounds like she said as he handed the note back. Remus Lupin was 17, was a 7th year, was also a prefect, and was in Gryffindor.


"do you know who that sounds like?"

Ï know." his girlfriend spoke up.

"Lily Evans" Sirius said bouncing up and down like the little boy he really was inside.

"Lily Evans, What about her?" James Potter said as he entered the Gryffindor common room. James Potter was 17 years old, Quidditch captain, a prankster, and head-boy.

"Oh nothing, Remus said quickly.

It's not, oh nothing; Did you see what she was wearing today?" Sirius asked. "She looked HOT with a capital, he said.

"Sirius Black, what on earth are you thinking?"

"What I'm thinking is #1, she is hot as previously stated and #2, she is unattached. So, that means there is nothing wrong with me going for her."

"Go for it then," James managed to say as went upstairs to his dorm.

"Sirius, What is your problem?" Remus asked him after James had left. "You know James is still in love with Lily and on you go about how you want to ask her out.

"Don't worry, Remus or Dad is it now. I would never betray James and really Lily, she is not my taste. I just wanted to see James rise to the bait the way he used to but he didn't. I miss my friend."

"I know Sirius, we all do."