Jessie's Girl
A.N: I sort of changed the back story between Finn and Jessie and I think Jessie's name is spelled without an I. Oh, well; I really wanted to write this story. One of my favorite songs and I love it when Cory Moneith(Finn) sings it.

Rachel Berry sat in her seat on the flight to Ohio. She had a big event to plan and a big announcement to tell her family and her friends. Most of them knew except for one, Finn Hudson. She and Finn had been inseparable since their sophomore year of high-school. After they had graduated High-school, she and Kurt(Finn's brother)had moved to New York to attend NYADA while Finn went to college in Ohio and worked for his step dad. Rachel had ended up getting her dream role as "Elphaba" in Wicked on Broadway after the original actress dropped out. After that, her career had sky-rocketed while Finn was feeling left out back in Ohio. It also didn't help that she was working closely with Jesse St. James on the project which soon led them to rekindling old sparks. Finn and Rachel soon broke up and 4 years later, they have barely spoken to each other since.

"Miss, The plane has landed, everyone is waiting on you." a fight attendant brought her out of her thoughts.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." she said to the people still waiting behind her as she picked up her carry-on and walked off.

Rachel goes through the baggage check and she spies Kurt Hummel, Leroy and Hirum Berry. Rachel runs up to her dads to give them both a big hug then up to Kurt.

"Do you have all your luggage?"

"Yes, dad."

"Good then we better go. Don't you guys have dinner tonight at 6." They then got in the car.

"Kurt, What are you doing here? I thought you were still in Paris."

"No, Right after you told me your big news. I handed everything over to my assistant and took the first available flight back here and I managed to beat you. Your dads brought me along to surprise you."

"Oh, Kurt; I am so glad you are here. I was getting so nervous especially about tonight. I am going to tell the Glee Club tonight and I don't think I can do it."

"Rachel Barbara Berry, Where's that 'Nothing will stop me from getting what I want attitude.' "What would Barbara do?"

"She would face them with a smile on her face."

"Uh, Rachel; I need to tell you something."

"What is it, Kurt? You sound serious all of a sudden."

"It is serious. As one of your best friends, I need to prepare you for something."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"Well, Finn is in town and he is dating Quinn."

"Do you mean Quinn Fabray, the one we went to High School and Glee club with and Finn's ex-girlfriend. That Quinn Fabray."

"Yes, that one."

"Well, that is fine. It does not concern me in the least." she said through slightly clenched teeth. "So, How is Blaine doing?"

"Blaine is amazing! We celebrated our 5th anniversary last March and I'm just getting a little frustrated. He still hasn't proposed."

"Well then, why don't you propose to him?"

"I tried that once. We were at our favorite coffee shop in New York and I simply asked him 'Blaine, Do you know how we've always talked about getting married. He shook his head yes and then I told him that I wanted to get married. He must have thought I was joking because he never answered. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was serious or to repeat myself. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to break up. Yes, He says he loves me but it's like he has lost interest."

"Oh Kurt, He loves you any idiot can see that. Never doubt that, okay!"

"So, Why didn't Jessie come with you?"

"He is in New York. He will be here 2 days before the wedding. That's why I really need my best friend to be my wedding designer. So, will you?" Rachel says as they arrive at Rachel's house.

"Of course I will, Rach. It will be almost as much fun as planning my own wedding will be. So, 2 months. That does not leave us much time."

"We can do it. We pulled off your dad's wedding in less and Mr. and Mrs. Schue's in 2 weeks. We should be experts at this by now."

"Those were fun times, weren't they?"

"That they were." Kurt laughed.

"It's 5:30, we need to get going." Rachel looked at her watch.

"Nice car" Rachel saw when she saw his red European Mercedes-Benz.

"I know, Blaine thought it was time that I got a new one and this was the first car that I saw that I liked." When they get to the resturant, they find Mike, Tina, Artie, Brittany, Santana, Quinn, Mercedes, and Blaine already there waiting. Rachel hugs each of them and thy ask to see the ring.

"Wow, Jessie is a big spender." Santanta says.

"No kidding there." Tina agrees.

"Look at the size of that diamond." Mercedes says.

"I know, it's a carot at least." Kurt replies.

"A carrot, Why do you have a carrot on your ring, Rachel?" Brittany asks.

"Oh Brittany." Santana says as she tries to explain a what a jewlery carot is to Brittany.

"Where are Puck and Finn?" Rachel asks Quinn.

"They're running late. They had the late shift at work and should be here in a couple of minutes." Mercedes, Kurt, and Blaine all look at each knowing the drama going on behind the simple conversation. They know Finn is still in love with Rachel even if he's dating Quinn and they suspect she's also still in love with Finn. Puck and Finn walk in a few minutes later. Puck sits next to Quinn while Finn sits in between Quinn and Blaine who is sitting beside Kurt and Rachel. The seating order:

Mercedes Tina Mike Rachel Brittany Santana

Puck Quinn Blaine Kurt Finn Artie

When Finn sits down, Rachel and him exchange shy glances at each other. Don't look at her, Finn, control yourself, he thinks to himself.

Finn clears his throat. "How are you, Rach?" he asks nervously.

Rachel sips her water and turns to him. "I'm good, how about you?" she replies reluctantly.

Well, this is awkward, Kurt thinks as he watches the former lovers interact.

"Good," Finn says taking his menu and opening it.

Rachel grins a little and sighs, hiding her ring finger from him. After they all ate their meals, they posed for pictures. Finn kept fighting the urge to talk to Rachel, but whenever he wanted to talk to her, their friends surrounded her. While everyone was talking to each other, Finn called Kurt over.

"How may I help you, little brother?" Kurt asks.

Finn chuckles. "Why is Rachel really here?" he asks, seriousness in his eyes.

"Finn, Rachel is here because she wants to visit her hometown. She did used to live here after all and her dads still do."

"Kurt, don't try that 'nothing's happening here' with me. I know you and I know Rachel. Now, tell me; why is she here?"

"That's up to Rachel to tell you if she wants to."