Jessie's Girl

Chapter 6

Author's Note: This is the last chapter, so here you go.

From the previous chapter:

The bachelor and bachlorette party were held. Rachel is more confused than ever and Finn got hurt, playing football.

Now onto the next chapter:

"Finn, What are you going to do? She's getting married tomorrow after all." Quinn asked him. Quinn and Puck were visiting Finn at his house because Finn had to take it easy after he was released from the hospital.

"I don't know. I need to tell her how I feel but I want it to be special and romantic. To make up for all the unromantic things I've done. It has to be something she'll never forget no matter what happens." Finn answered.

"I've got it, Serenade her." Quinn said.

"Serenade her, that's an idea. She did once say that she loves to be sung to." Finn agreed.

"But where?" Puck asked.

"Outside her house," Finn said.

"No, too overdone. Think something unique, something just for her." Quinn shot down his idea.

"What about singing to her right…" Finn said.

"Perfect and what about the song?" Quinn asked.

"Taken care of, I know just the song." Finn replied.

At the temple-wedding time-the next day:

Rachel was in the temple, she had attended all of her life. She was in a little room downstairs getting ready to meet her groom. When suddenly, she heard a guitar start playing; she peeked out to see Kurt looking nervous, Mercedes smiling, and Finn serenading her.

"Jessie is a friend
yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine
But lately something's changed
that ain't hard to define
Jessie's got himself a girl
and I want to make her mine
And she's watching him with those eyes
And she's lovin' him with that body,I just know it
Yeah 'n' he's holding her
in his arms late, late at night"

"You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl,
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman like that
I play along with the charade,
there doesn't seem to be a reason to change

You know, I feel so dirty when they start talking cute
I wanna tell her that I love her,but the point is probably moot'
Cos she's watching him with those eyes
And she's lovin' him with that body,I just know it
And he's holding her in his arms late, late at night"

"Like Jessie's girl,I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman,where can I find a woman like that
And I'm lookin' in the mirror all the time,wondering what she don't see in me
I've been funny,I've been cool with the lines
Ain't that the way love supposed to be
Tell me, where can I find a woman like that"

"You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl,
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
I want Jessie's girl, where can I find a woman like that,
like Jessie's girl ,I wish that I had Jessie's girl,
I want, I want Jessie's girl"

"Rachel, I don't care if you are Jessie's girl. I love you! I want you to be my girl. So, What do you say?" Finn asked her after he finished singing.

"Finn Hudson, I am getting married in a few short minutes. We are not in High-School anymore, I'm not just going to drop everything for you. We have spent weeks planning this wedding but most of all I refuse to break Jessie's heart. Not now, not right before the ceremony is to take place? You still have Quinn in the sidelines waiting for you, so go back to her." Rachel told him sadly.

"For you infomation, Quinn and I broke up. Anyway, It doesn't matter. That was dumb. Serenading a bride on her wedding day; What am I? Stupid." Finn broken-heartedly said.

"No, you are not stupid. You are sweet, romantic, and bull-headed." Rachel said.

"Thanks, My heart still gets broken; seeing you marry someone else." Finn said sadly.

"I'm so sorry, Finn." Rachel said.

"I understand Rach, no need to say anymore. Go marry Jessie, Be happy and don't worry about me." Finn said decidedly.

"Excuse me Rachel, Finn. But Rachel, you are due to walk down the aisle in 20 seconds. What do you want to do?" Kurt told Rachel.

"I'm coming, Kurt." Rachel replied.

"Goodbye, Rachel; Have a nice life, okay." Finn told her.

"Thanks, Finn." She said as she left the room to face her future.

"Rachel, I know I'm only your dad. But, you don't have to do this. We'll understand and support you no matter you decide to do." Leroy Barry told his only little girl who he and his partner had spoiled all her life.

"Thanks. I love you, dad." Rachel said.

"Love you too, little girl." He told Rachel as they were walking down the aisle.

"Wait, I can't do this." Rachel cried out halfway up the aisle. Everyone turned to stare at her as she just stopped and turned to her dad.

"Dad, I love you and papa. I want the kind of love you guys have and Mike and Tina, Kurt and Blaine, Mr. and Mrs. Schuster and Coach and Mrs. Menkins. Do you think I can have that kind of love, daddy?" Rachel said.

"Of course you can, little girl." Leroy said.

"Wait, Rachel; What does this mean?" Jessie came up and asked her.

"It means that I do love you, Jessie." Rachel told him.

"Good, that's a relief." Jessie said.

"But... I love you as a friend or even as a high-school sweetheart. I am not in love with you. I can imagine life without you but I was miserable without Finn." Rachel honestly said.

"So this means that you love Finn." Jessie said.

"Yes." Rachel said shakily.

"I should have known, It's always been him; I've always had to compete with Finn Hudson." Jessie finally said.

"Someday, you'll find a girl where you won't have to compete with anyone. I'm just sorry that it couldn't be me." Rachel told him. With that, she took off running outside.

"Finn, Where are you?" Rachel cried. She knew he couldn't have gotten far since it had only been about 3 minutes.

'Wait, cellphone. I'll just text him.' Rachel thought as she reached down to grab her cellphone only to not find it. Now, I remember; I am wearing a designer orgininal wedding dress with no pockets. Stupid! If I were Finn, Where would I go?' Rachel thought again.

"McKinley High, He always said he felt more comfortable on the stage there than anywhere." Rachel said out loud. Luckily, Their old high-school was a block away from the Jewish temple so she didn't have far to walk. But, When she got there; the doors were locked. 'Fine, I'll try the football field.' Rachel thought. She ran there only to find him laying down and staring up at the sky.

"Finn Hudson, i have been running in a Dior designer wedding dress looking for you." Rachel told him.

"What is it, Rach?" Finn asked.

"Finn, You can be naive and stubborn. But, you can also be loyal, kind, loving, and more. I love you, Finn. I always have. I need you in my life, I need someone to be able to lean on and I want that to be you."

"I have always wanted to be your rock, Rachel. I just got scared for a while. But, Now I ready to love and marry you." Finn told her.

"IS that a marriage proposal?" Rachel asked shocked.

"Yes it is but only when you are ready to accept it." Finn said.

"I am ready right now, I want to marry you, I always have." Rachel said.

Ending Author's Note: In my story Coach and Mrs. Menkins refers to Mr. Cooter Menkins and Coach Bieste. I think that Mr. Menkins took over the football coaching poisition at McKinley High when Mrs. Menkins got pregnant.