Unforgivable Sirius Part 1

Harry flooed into Number 12 Grimmauld Place with a flop to the ground, he hated traveling by floo. He was glad that the Headmaster had allowed him to spend this Christmas with Sirius because he wasn't sure he could take much more of Umbridges cruelty, expecially during the holidays. Today he was actually on a misson, his last Occulmency lesson with Snape ended in disaster because of his stupid curiosity. He saw his teacher's memory of a day in school, where his father and godfather were bullying Snape. It was horrible to watch because his dad's gang reminded him of his cousin's gang, always picking on the weaker ones. He shook his head, why didn't anyone tell him his father was a bully? They always said he was a great man, is this why Snape hated him? If so then he could see the reasoning of that, but he really needed to speak to Sirius now. Speak of the devil, he smiled at his godfather came stepped into the doorway.

"Hey kiddo, are you ready for your best Christmas yet?"

"Yea I am, what kinds of things are we going to do?"

"Uh I don't know yet, but I know we'll think of something. Here lets go put your stuff away in your room."

Harry followed his godfather up the stairs and into a room, that was decorated in Gryffindor colors, it was perfect. They started unpacking his trunk and Harry figured now would be the best time to talk about that memory, so they would have the rest of the break to have fun.

"Padfoot, can I talk to you about something?"

"Anything, what's on your mind kiddo?"

"My last Occulmency lesson with Snape, I accidently saw something I shouldn't have and he got really angry with me. I don't think I'll have any more of them anytime soon."

"What happened Harry? Did that greasy git hurt you?"

"No he didn't hurt me, I looked into the bowl that had his memories in it. I don't know what it was but it showed you and dad and him at Hogwarts."

"It's called a pensieve Harry, what was the memory about?"

"You guys were picking on him, calling him names like Snivellous, and making fun of his secondhand clothes. Then you guys embarrassed him by levitating him in the air and taking off his trousers so everyone could see his pants. How could you guys do something like that to him? How could you guys be bullies? Why did you do that to him?"

Harry was working himself into a state, he knew exactly was Snape must have been feeling because Dudley did the same thing to him, only without magic. He didn't know how Sirius was going to explain their actions, but his answer shocked the hell out of him.

"That greasy git deserved it, he hogged Lily all to himself when he knew James liked her. Besides he was a slimy snake, I tell you Harry he deserved it, and anyway we were young and stupid. Kids make mistakes all the time so calm down, your 15 surely you know what I mean?"

"Yea I'm 15 but I'm not a bully I never have been and never will. Just because dad liked mum and she was friends with Snape doesn't give you guys a reason to hurt him."

"Harry why are you defending that git, that greasy bat had it coming. Snivellous wasnt hurt, he" Sirius was interruppted by Harry.

"Stop making excuses for yourself Padfoot, you guys were in the wrong. I can see why he hates me, after all my father and godfather was the cause of his misery in school."

"Harry you don't know what your talking about, we didn't do anything to him that he didn't deserve."

"Deserve, who are you to tell a 15 year old kid what he deserves? He had every right to be at school just like you did, regardless of his blood status or wealth. Merlin, you sound just like Malfoy, he makes fun of Ron for having less too."

"Don't you EVER compare me to that little snot Harry, I am not like a Malfoy."

Harry stared at Sirius as he grabbed him by the arms and shook him like Uncle Vernon used to do when he was angry with him. He was in shock, but he could still feel how tight his godfather was squeezing his arms and they were sure to leave bruises. It really hurt and he tried to get away but Sirius only squeezed harder.

"Sirius stop, your really hurting me. Please let go of my arms," Harry cried."

You have to understand this Harry, we were kids and everyone knows kids do stupid things. Do you understand me?" Sirius asked and then shook Harry again to get his point across.

Harry for his part was struggling to hold the tears that wanted to fall, why was his godfather treating him like this? He had promised to never hurt him, what do you call this then? He knew in his heart deep down that Sirius was wrong to have treated Snape that way but he wasn't about to say that out loud, but he had to know something else just as important.

"Do you regret it, what you did to him?"

"No Snivellous got what he deserved, why should I feel bad about that. Besides bullies are important parts of childhood."

"Your proud of that, my godfather the bully? I don't believe this, let go of me, I don't want to talk about this with you anymore. I don't think my dad would be proud of this, not the man everyone describes him as being."

"James supported me 100% then and he would now if he were alive. You don't really act like a real Potter Harry, and if I didn't know any better I would think that you werent James son at all."

At that admisson Sirius pushed Harry roughly on the bed and walked out of the room, slamming the door on his way out. Harry rolled over on his stomach and let the tears fall and sobbed into his pillow. Was that really his godfather who just said that? He stayed in his room for the rest of the day not even coming out when he heard Ron come over with his mum for an order meeting. Ron came into his room and grabbed his arm to bring him down for dinner, and he flinched and whimpered at the pain in his arms. Before he could do anything Ron had lifted the sleeves of his shirt and was gaping in horror at the dark hand shaped bruises on his arm.

"What the bloody hell happened Harry? Who did this to you? Does Sirius know about this?"

"Yes, he's the one who did it to me," Harry replied too weary to even try to lie.

He didn't want to stay with Sirius anymore and if this is what it took to get away from his godfather he was all for it. Besides he was only telling the truth and nothing more.

"Why did he do this?"

"He got mad at me, are you going to tell anyone Ron?"

"No I'm not, but you are. Lets go they probably haven't started their meeting yet."

Harry let Ron lead him downstairs to the dining room where it was set up for the order meeting, he kept his head to the ground knowing that his eyes were puffy and red, and he had tear tracks down his face. He could hear the room quiet as they entered but he still refused to look up.

"Can I help you boys with something? The meeting is about to start and you know you arent allowed in here," the Headmaster spoke,

"We have to tell you something important Headmaster, it involves Harry."

"Wow big surprise, of course it involves Potter. What not getting enough attention here Potter?"

"Leave him alone, this is serious," Ron replied fiercly.

"What's the matter Harry dear?" Mrs. Weaseley asked.

Harry knew he supposed to explain what happened but he couldn't even look up let alone open his mouth. Sirius was in this room with him, what if he stood up to hurt him again? He shook his head, and pulled against Ron's grasp, he couldn't do this. But strangely Ron wouldn't let him go.

"Well are you going to tell us what was so important, that you came barreling through here?" Snape asked.

"Um..It's not my place but since he won't talk I guess I better." Ron replied before pushing up the sleeve on Harry's arm.

He heard the gasps around the room as they took in the severe bruising on his pale skin, and he felt rather then saw Sirius get up and start towards him. He couldn't stop himself from trembling and backing away from his godfather and thankfully Ron saw him too.

"Stay away from him Sirius, or I'll curse you good. You don't get to hurt Harry and then pretend that you care when you're the one who did it."

At Ron's accusation everyone stopped and stared at Sirius who had a expression of anger and remorse, which Harry saw and flinched back when he looked up. That little movement cause everyone in the room to turn towards Sirius with a glare.

"Is this true Padfoot, did you hurt Harry?" Remus asked unable to believe that Sirius hurt his cub.

"It was an accident Moony, no big deal."

Harry shook his head again as the tears swam into his vision, this was going bad. Everyone was going to believe Sirius and then when he left he was going to hurt him worse, that's how it always was with Uncle Vernon. He couldn't handle being in here, he tugged against Ron again so he could let him go but he still held on tight. His breathing was getting erractic as he he got more an more scared about what he knew was going to happen but no one noticed until Sirius grabbed him by the shoulder, how he got pass Ron was anybody's guess. He couldn't help it he flinched back pulling Ron with him and he screamed a sound that made Ron wince so he knew it was loud. Getting lost in one of his memories he slid to the ground with his hands over his head, and trying to protect himself from the blows that he knew were else in the room was frozen in shock, mouths opened with disbelief and horror on their faces. What in the world had happened earlier? Whatever it was, it was more then what Sirius was trying to pass it off as. Ron was trying to pull Harry out of his flashback but that only succeeded in making him more scared, so he just held his hand.

Severus couldn't believe what he was seeing, what did that idiotic mutt do to the boy? Potter was cowering on the floor as if he was expecting to be hit, and why wasn't anyone doing anything for the child? Morons the lot of them he thought, he walked over to the boy and crouched in front of him being careful not to touch him just yet.

"Potter, your safe no one is going to hurt you here."

Severus watched as Harry tried to stop trembling but he responded to the sound of his voice.

"He is, he hurt me earlier, I don't want him here, make him leave. Please Professor make him leave."

"It's his house Harry, I can't make him leave," Severus replied softly.

Harry shook his head, since when did he ever feel safe with Snape. Now that he thought of it he was sure that Snape could defend himself against Sirius now that they weren't kids in school. And since when did his Professor call him Harry?

"Then I want to leave, I don't wanna be here with him."

"Harry come on kiddo, you know that I would never intentionally hurt you."

Harry hunched back into himself when he heard his godfather speak to him, and the hand who was holding his own tightened. He couldn't say anything to Sirius he just wanted to leave.

"I'm sorry for what I did Professor, I didn't mean to see what I saw. I didn't make fun and I didn't tell anyone, I'm sorry. Please can you take me back to Hogwarts with you? I don't want to stay here anymore."

Severus for his part was floored, and he swallowed the retort he had when he remembered the pensive incident. Something about Potter's defensive positon wasn't sitting right with him, and he had made a vow; he couldn't leave the child here. Ignoring everyone else in the room at the moment he gently lifted up the boy, wondering at how light he was. He wasn't all that surprised to note that Weasley had yet to let go of Potter's hand.

"Headmaster, I'll be back in 15 minutes I'm going to Hogwarts before you ask."

"That's fine Severus, take care of him my boys."

"Snivellous put my godson down he's not going anywhere with you."

"Sirius stop, your scaring him and making it worse," Remus replied.

Harry breathed in the scent of potions on his teachers robes, and a part of him wondered if this is what it was like to be held by your dad? He could hear arguing and loud voices behind them but he didn't care, he only hoped Snape wouldn't be mad that he got tears on his robes.