I have an awesome plot twist that will come to play in this story and I know that it doesn't follow the information in the Manga but I hope that you guys will enjoy it.

This chapter is a bit subdued and confusing but I promise the next chapter is going to be one hell of an angst rollercoaster. It might seem a bit confusing but remember that Luffy is still sick and Sanji is just about ready to lose his mind. I think it's cute how they haven't realized what it is that is blossoming between them.

I have a few important notes; things will be different in this story. Including that Ace had yet to be captured by the Marines and that his father's identity is revealed. In this story the two brothers fathers' are swapped around and Luffy really is the son of Gold Roger as Ace is the son of Dragon. Though Luffy doesn't know and somehow Shanks found out. This is going to be sad and a bit uncomfortable but I think it will inrichen the story. Also in this story Roger was obviously then excuted a few year later than in the real story as Ace is still Luffy's older brother of three years.

Anyways someone asked if Shanks was going to evil in this fic and the answer is no; I can't do that to one of my favourite characters :) He's good; I promise although I can't be held accountable for Mihawk in this story...

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Luffy whimpered softly; he didn't like this. The man across from him was staring at Luffy with such intense eyes as if he could see through every secret that Luffy hid from the world. It wasn't a lie; this man had just confronted him with something he never expected to hear from anyone and it was busy breaking his heart. How had this man known his weakness so easily? How had he even known about something Luffy had never shared with anyone? Why had he wandered off early that morning and gotten himself lost? There were so many questions but so little answers.

Now Luffy somehow found himself wedged between a tree - the bark digging into his skin - and one very dangerous man mere inches from his body. He had completely boxed Luffy in; preventing him from leaving or even moving more than an inch without the man knowing about it. Something in those golden eyes had him pinned and unable to comprehend the danger that he was in.

"Such beauty, just as Shanks mentioned. Makes me wonder if what he said about you is true. I can just imagine what skill you have in bed - Luffy-Chibi." Luffy flinched violently; those words accompanied by calloused fingers tracing over his cheek made Luffy jump in fear as a small noise of distress passed between his lips. Shuddering violently when a thumb touching the scar beneath his eye softly; he didn't want such intimate contact from this man. He didn't want this; not when his cheeks were flushed with fever and he was dripping wet from his tumble into the ocean that this bastard had saved him from.

Luffy was far from innocent; he knew the look of lust in those golden eyes - knew what the man wanted from him but Luffy was reluctant to even admit it. He was afraid of it; how had Mihawk known about him and Shanks? The best question yet is why the hell this man was anywhere near him or even close to this island? Had the government sent him after them again? This wasn't fair; Mihawk was merely playing with him; mocking the love he had held locked up in his heart for so long - afraid to admit that it had ever happened. Luffy whimpered when Mihawk leant forward - a slick tongue tracing the flesh of his cheek to his temple.

"Beautiful." The older man purred and Luffy bit his lip; refusing to give into the sudden urge to scream for someone, anyone to get him away from this man. No matter how hard he tried to fight; he found his hands immobile with fear and his body trembling uncontrollably. Yet, Luffy fought against his emotions; grinding his teeth to ground himself - he was desperate to defy Mihawk. Desperate to claw out those golden eyes that were staring at him with unbridles lust.

"What do you want?" Luffy growled; fingers curling in a fist in anger. He didn't want to be here; he's rather spend a day on a marine ship than one more second with those hands touching his face and caressing his neck as deceptively as a lover's touch. At the sign of weakness the Hawk had dove in to scare his prey but now that Luffy was fighting back the man merely smirked at his attempts and stood back - leaving several inches between the future Pirate King and the World Government Pirate. Luffy felt his drained strength finally return to him; the salty water of the ocean no longer having an effect on his body as it did mere moments ago.

"Nothing; I just came by to tell you I found something very interisting about your origins. Shanks wanted to tell you himself but he was incapacitated - so instead he sent me. I owed him a favour and I was hoping to challenge your swordsman again..."

"You stay the fuck away from Zoro!" Luffy yelled; he didn't want anyone on the crew to get hurt because he allowed this man to do what he wanted. Luffy was extremely protective of Zoro - he was after his first mate and also his best friend. He would do anything to keep him safe. Luffy then promptly frowned when he recalled the other words the golden eyed pirate had said. What was he on about? Shanks was incapacitated? With what?

"Shanks told me an interisting story about the brotherly relationship between Rodger and Dragon; the biggest secret of Fuusha Village is that Gol D. Rodger appeared one night with his newly born son and gave him over to the Monkey family to raise as their own before he was taken away for his execution." Those words meant nothing; Luffy merely frowned and shook his head. So what? He had grown up with his grandfather - he had never known his father. Besides it was Ace that was always beside him; teaching him the joys of life. When Mihawk turned around and waved over his shoulder Luffy frowned; what had that been about?

In that instance Luffy moaned softly when pain exploded behind his eyes; his hand immediately shot up to grip at the sides of his head. Where was this pain coming from? It was so sudden and unexpected that Luffy swayed on his feat - trying to keep his balance whilst Mihawk merely stared at him with amusement. He would not show any weakness; he had shown enough that day as it was. Shuddering violently when a dizzy spell hit him square on the forehead and he fell against the tree; sliding down the bark as his knees finally gave out.

"Damn it!" Luffy cursed; fingers clenching at his side.

"Go to hell!" Luffy yelled as the tall man disappeared; he struggled to stand - he needed to stop Mihawk from confronting Zoro. No matter how strong he had grown; Luffy knew it was still too early for Zoro to face another challenge like that. He was shivering violently; his body refused to listen to him. He was paralyzed - nothing he wanted his body would do. Luffy struggled until tears of frustration spilled from his eyes and the pounding headache behind his eyes made him so dizzy he could hardly breathe properly.

His heart pounding harshly in his chest as dark eyes glazed in a film of emotions - each fighting for dominance over the other. Luffy groaned; he had barely heard what Mihawk had said and the reason why he was even here but Luffy knew that it was supposed to mean something to him but what he didn't know. With the last of his effort Luffy brought his knees up to his chest and laid his head on his knees. Closing dark eyes - desperate to dim the headache that now exploded behind his head and stop the panting breaths that spilled from his lungs. Luffy wanted to disappear; he could do nothing. Absolutely nothing! Just like the time he had face off against Moriah. Where his precious Nakama had disappeared one by one and he himself eventually having to fight without a shadow and a looming danger of the sun rising higher in the sky.


Sanji was bewildered the moment he opened his eyes; Luffy had completely disappeared. Biting back a groan at the sun that was streaming in from the open window coupled with the fact that their danger magnet of a captain was missing did nothing to quell his sudden annoyance and concern. Swearing colourfully - Sanji he got dressed and with his tie still loose around his neck and the top two buttons of his shirt still undone - he rushed out of the room; fetching a sleeping Chopper to track down their wayward Senshou.

Sanji sighed when both Zoro and Franky had decided to tag along; mumbling to himself around his unlit cigarette- this day had just gotten very complex and it wasn't even time for brunch yet. The sun was already rising to midday and they had yet to find Luffy - that in itself worried Sanji. Luffy was usually loud and easy to find if he was lost but now everything was quiet despite how they called for him. It was disconcerting the way he felt his stomach twist in knots as a protective side he never knew he possessed washed over him. Hands balling into fists at his side in frustration; he felt helpless to do anything and yet he wouldn't give up. Not when Luffy could be in serious danger or even injured.

Sanji stilled when the blue nosed reindeer stopped before him; sniffing the air cautiously and then frowned before shrugging.

"What is it?" Sanji asked impatiently. Chopper merely shook his head in denial; it was another dead end. Sanji knew that their time was running out and Luffy's fever could have peaked again or worse he could have fallen into the ocean without anyone knowing about it. Despite late in the night when Luffy's fever went down; Sanji had woken up at least twice more with Luffy mumbling in his sleep with his fever peaking at scolding temperatures. It was not a good sign and also not a good thing that Luffy decided to o wandering in his state of physical distress. Sanji was now thoroughly angry at both the recklessness of their captain and also the fact that he had not woken up to stop the teen from wandering away in such a state.

"This place it too big to cover in one afternoon together. Let's split up." Zoro's deep voice startled Sanji from his reverie and he forced himself to listen to the infuriatingly lazy first mate. He nodded his consent before heading straight for the forest; in the corner of his eye he saw Franky and Zoro split up in opposite directions, Chopper had chosen to stay with the strongest crew member because of his fear. Sanji just chuckled, if only they had known what he was hiding. No one really knew his power as he hid it pretty well when he felt like it. It was better this way; he worked faster on his own and it kept them safe from him when true danger arose.

"Damn it Luffy! Where are you!" Sanji yelled; his visible eye searching desperately for any detail of that famous yellow and red straw hat that usually sat on dark black hair and hid expressive dark eyes from the world.

This wasn't like Luffy and that made Sanji more desperate to find his Captain. He couldn't forget the heated kiss he had shared with Luffy in the haze of the Pirate King's fever and he knew that Luffy had also not forgotten. Luffy had seemed to enjoy it as much as Sanji had when the black haired pirate had curled up to Sanji the moment the kiss was broken and refused to let go of his night shirt. There was still something that bothered Sanji though; Luffy had seemed afraid of the contact - his sharp eye had not missed the brief flash of remorse and fear that shimmered in those eyes before it had disappeared with a blink.

"LUFFY! Where are you!" He yelled as he traversed deeper into the small forest that led to the interior of the island. The floor was littered with red, yellow and brown - testament that it was an autumn island which they had stumbled on. Sanji sighed; knowing that Luffy was useless with any type of direction. The sky was clear - not a single hint that the harsh storm of the night before had remained - but something about stepping into the forest was complicating his movements; the way the sun disappeared behind trees and then filtered onto the ground - it was surprisingly thick for such a small island and the autumn leaves clung to their branches stubbornly. Making the colours al blend together in a mesh of red, yellow and brown.

"Fuck!" Sanji swore; his leg colliding with the bark of a tree before it split in half and fell over. His sudden anger exploding through his body harshly before Sanji managed to calm himself again to keep his mind from being overwhelmed with anger and worry.

Why would Luffy just walk into danger like that without telling him? No, that wasn't it. The teen was probably experiencing a narcoleptic episode now - hence why everything was too still and quiet. Sanji mumbled to himself; the smoke from his cigarette curling in the air and drifting lazily in the soft wind. He swore colourfully again, it was too much stress for him so early in the day.

With a deep calming breath Sanji scanned the area before him; stopping in his tracks as his eyes spotted a clearing ahead of his location. Rushing forward to get there; it was out of place - for one it was green and colourful. Not like the rest of the island at all. A circle of green grass with a large tree that had blossoming purple flowers all over(1*) the branches - not even a hint of green on the tree; beneath the large tree was something that made Sanji stop in his tracks. A form was haphazardly laying on his side; the legendary straw hat resting against dainty shoulders and pained features.

"Luffy?" Sanji inquired softly; stepping closer to Luffy's passed out form. He was worried; even from the distance he was at he could already take note of the fact that Luffy was not sleeping on the grass; he had in fact lost consciousness with the way his limbs were arranged. He was one his side; his arms close to his body as his legs laid over each other at the knee. This was definitely not good.

Without looking for a sign of trouble - Sanji rushed forward. His heart beating wildly in his chest; the closer he got to Luffy the more of his Captain's distress he could detect. It was disconcerting to see Luffy like this and Sanji still had no idea what had caused it. Those cheeks were flushed again and Luffy was heaving for a breath that clearly could not satisfy his form. He looked completely vulnerable like this and Sanji did not like it; it was frightening in a way. He was never good with sick people but he had never denied them his care. Sanji knelt by Luffy's side - fingers resting on a scorching forehead and his hand came away damp just as the scent of the ocean invaded his nose.

The closer he looked; the more Sanji was aware that Luffy was soaking wet and had fallen into the ocean. Someone had obviously saved him but the sea water had aggravated his condition.

"Damn it!" Sanji cursed. The wind was not good; nothing was good for Luffy in this state. Taking off his coat he threw it over small shoulders; amazed that Luffy looked so small. His jacket was too big for Luffy; it was a good thing now as it covered his body in a cocoon of warmth. Picking up the teen as if he was not even a burden for him; Sanji whispered sweet nothings to the sick Pirate King as he carried him the way he had come and away from the elements that threatened to make his fever worse.

Sanji moved fast; not even stopping to explain as he rushed passed Zoro; who it seemed went to round up the other's and stop the search. Their captain had been found and needed medical attention. Chopper was the first who needed to be found; luckily the little reindeer had not strayed very far from Zoro in the search - despite them being lost most of the time.

The world around Luffy was violently spinning out of control; sounds swam in and out of focus and scents blended together to make his mind spin with his heart pounding in his chest. Luffy was stuck in a nightmare of flashing images of blood, pain and shame. He whimpered pathetically; why was it so hot? He struggled in the arms that held him captive; he wanted to feel something other than the pounding in his head and the sensitivity of his skin. Someone was talking to him; whispering in his ear but he couldn't understand anything.

Luffy moaned when he felt soft sheets against his back; where had that come from? He was supposed to be in a dark cell where unspeakable things were done to him in hopes of breaking his spirit. Luffy reeled; fear lancing down his spine as fingers started undressing him. He started to struggled; he didn't want this. Glazed eyes opened with a snap; the brightness of the room conjuring a whimper from his trembling lips. It was too much; dark spots danced before his vision - threatening to take him away into a world where he would be defenceless. Luffy didn't know what was going on around him; he couldn't see anything nor did he recognize anything around him. This wasn't the Sunny, this wasn't home.

"N-no, s-s-top." He forced from heaving lungs; dark eyes clenching shut to fend off the nightmarish images that danced before unseeing eyes. That was until he felt cool hands resting on his forehead; a familiar scent of smoke, spices and summer rain. Luffy immediately relaxed against his will; he knew that scent and it was calming for him; chasing away the darkness that threatened to engulf him so utterly and completely.

Luffy sighed softly when those fingers carded through his hair and proceeded to strip him from his clothes; he couldn't care. He trusted this person with his life. The arms that pulled him against a clothed chest were warm and comforting; Luffy let go of his fears - his struggling stopped the moment those familiar hands had touched him. He whimpered softly when he was placed on something fluffy and warm.

"Hush Luffy; you'll feel better in a while." That voice was so gentle; no one was ever gentle with him and it made his heart expand in his chest. What was this strange feeling?


Zoro was watching the scene narrowed eyes; something was going on between the Ero-Cook and Luffy. What it was he couldn't say but the way he watched Luffy struggled against Chopped who had tried to undress him and then only to let Sanji take over and make Luffy submit completely. It was confusing but not something that he could let go. Luffy was obviously hurt; he could see it in those dark eyes as they had searched the room for something that they couldn't even see. The fear and pain he saw there was disconcerting and not something he wanted to ever see again. Not in Luffy's happy eyes...

He stood guard beside Luffy's bed as the Cook and the Doctor bathed Luffy in cool water to bring down the severe fever that he had contracted in the forest. Dark green eyes narrowing at the soaking clothes that now lay on the floor; the scent of the ocean was strong on them - alerting the first mate to the fact that Luffy must have fallen into the ocean but who would have pulled the teen out when no one was around him? Unless there was someone who had left Luffy like that; sick, trembling and desperately afraid.

Zoro's mind was running through every detail; every whisper he had heard in the town and nothing stood out. Nothing that would tell him who to hunt down and kill for hurting his beloved captain. The room was now silent; the grinding of Chopper mortar and pestle quiet and Luffy's ragged breath he only thing that was still resonating through his mind. With a growl he left the room in search of the person that had effected Luffy's state of mind badly enough to make him like this.

"Don't cause unnecessary trouble Zoro! We don't want to hurt Luffy more than he already is." Zoro turned at those words; scowling at the blonde. He sighed; his fingers resting on the hilt of his katana. Anger rushing through his veins but he crushed it. His anger shouldn't get the better of him; especially not now.

"I know." He said; shoulders slumping in regret that he couldn't kill everyone guilty he came across but the Cook had a point. The Mugiwara Crew didn't need more trouble than they already had with the government; especially when Luffy was incapacitated. That in itself weakened the entire crew as Luffy was pivotal point of the crew - increasing everyone's strength by giving them the hope that they could be better.


"I swear to Kami; if you ever do something like this again I am going to tie you to my bed and never let you go." Sanji murmured to the sleeping teen who was now under the covers and in his line of sight. Sanji wasn't planning on letting his eyes leave Luffy for a moment but his duty was calling. Chopper had rushed into the room and told him the owner of the inn had given him permission to use the kitchen.

"Please Sanji! He needs to eat something before I can give him more medication." Chopper whines and Sanji sighed; trailing his fingers through Luffy's soft locks one more time before he stood up from his perch on the soft mattress right next to Luffy. He was reluctant to leave the captain by himself but he also knew that his skills were required. A simple soup would do; one that would contain some of the medicinal herbs and spices that Chopper had pushed into his hand.

Sanji finally left the room with a heavy heart; blue eyes noticing the way Luffy's brow furrowed in sleep - he was already seeking the missing presence that had just left him. Sanji closed the door softly and headed downstairs; feet easily carrying him towards the kitchen. A sigh of relief left his lips as he stepped into the familiar environment of the kitchen. His concern dulled as he went through the motions of cooking; his fingers working through the motions of creating a rich soup that Luffy would enjoy. Ox tail with a touch of ginger, mint and garlic; mixed spices to make the depth of the soup and finally just a bit of wine to sweeten the dish.

Sanji leaned against the counter as he waited for the fresh bread to rise and the soup to come to a boil before adding the meat. An hour later Sanji sighed in relief; he was finally done. After dishing up a plate for Luffy he headed up the stairs; smiling as he pushed open the door. Chopper was animatedly lecturing Luffy and said captain was doing his best to ignore the doctor. Those large black eyes growing large at the tray in Sanji's hand. A smile flickered over Luffy's lips; that smile was what Sanji wanted to see. It was genuine and unstrained; even when he could detect the hesitation.

"Thank you!" Luffy cried happily as the tray was placed in front of him. The heated blush on his cheeks from the fever still present; yet to Sanji it was a sight to behold. Luffy still looked so innocent; despite the hidden pain that laid in those depths. He startled slightly when the door closed behind him and he was left alone with the future Pirate King.

Sanji stood up from his seated position; uncrossing his leg from his knee and headed for Luffy's sleeping form. It seemed that Chopper's medication had taken a lot out of him. Sanji was startled when those dazed dark eyes landed on him; a flash of warmth crept to his cheeks when Luffy's hand curled around his tie and yanked him forward. Soft lips collided with his in a intimate kiss; Sanji slid his fingers over Luffy's cheeks to held him steady. The mouth over his was hot with fever but when those eyes closed Sanji gave himself over to the kiss. He wanted to do nothing more than convey to Luffy that he was safe now but it seemed that Luffy was still afraid of something.

Sanji pulled away; laying his hand over dazed eyes. Luffy probably didn't know what he had just did.

"Sleep Luffy; you need to rest if you're going to get better." Sanji said softly; leaving a lingering kiss on a smooth, hot forehead. Sanji smiled indulgently as Luffy made no protest; snuggling further under the covers before he drifted into a deep sleep. Sanji was worried; when he had found Luffy he had been trembling even in his unconscious state. He cursed himself for not being able to get to Luffy faster but now he had to wait for Luffy to wake up and hope that the teen would tell him what he had seen or what had happened to him.

Sanji just hoped that if finally did come out that he and Zoro could control their anger, never mind Franky and Robin. In order to calm himself, Sanji leant forward - arms resting at either side of Luffy's sleeping form. His eyes took in every detail spread before him. Dark lashes dusting cheeks softly; sakura coloured lips parted slightly as warm breath brushed against his nose. Sanji chuckled softly before he placed a small kiss on parted lips before straightening. Hopefully that would ease the teen's nightmares as he went downstairs and went to look for the rest of the crew. Hoping that Luffy wouldn't wake alone and frightened like the night he had seen tears on those soft cheeks - it had broken his heart to see.

1* It's a Jacaranda tree

A Jacaranda tree is like the South African version of a Sakura tree except that the flower petals are purple. It really is beautiful; like Pretoria is known as the capital of SA and is also know for its Jacaranda trees, a lane called Jacaranda Avenue is completely covered with those purple trees and whenever spring comes around it is in bloom. A hauntingly beautiful sight to see.

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