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The main paring for this story will be Shanks x Luffy x Zoro.

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Inscriptions/ emphasis in memories

Please enjoy; warning there is torture in this story:

Time ceased to exist; screeching to halt when fear, pain and desperation permeated the atmosphere with thick unforgiving tension. Hopelessness stained the heart of an innocent in a deep crimson red; not even able to cry out the immense pain he felt because of a cloth gag that was stained with saliva and blood that left Luffy reeling with the potency of the metallic smell. It was overwhelmingly dark and cold; not a single whisper of life to be heard by his strained ears. Fear - desperately painful fear rushed through his veins; making his heart threaten to burst in his chest.

Everything was dark; not even the slightest ray of sun touched his skin. Luffy was really afraid for the first time in his life. Nothing mattered except that he could see nothing - only feel the cold touch of the floor seep through his dark long pants and the freezing wall press against his back uncomfortably. He wished that his captain's coat had not been taken from his shoulders the moment he was taken; the cold was now rushing through his thin white and red shirt. Making him shudder with both cold and the predicament e found himself in.

A deep chuckle filled his ears; immediately flinching back when rough fingers traced his cheek in a mockingly tender touch. Luffy didn't remember when his captor had entered the cold room; only that his heart rate spiked as his breathing became ragged. His hands were tightly bound behind his back by energy draining sea stone cuffs. Where he was Luffy didn't know nor how he had gotten there. All he knew was that he was afraid, all alone and in pain; the only sound that could be heard was his own ragged breaths as he desperately tried to fill his lungs with enough air to gain oxygen to satisfy his air deprived body - the other distressing sound was that of clicking boots on the floor; it was definitely the sound of his captor moving through the room. Luffy knew what that meant; biting his lip to try and ground himself for the pain he knew that was coming.

The young Pirate King refused to relent and even show the slightest inclination of breaking. No matter the torture he was forced to live through; he would not break - not when he knew his crew were looking for him. Nails dug into his palms as a raged breath left his lips; a knife trailed over his skin - making warm liquid run down his arm. He would not scream, he would not give this sadist the satisfaction he sought.

A flash of dark, unremitting crimson splashed before unseeing eyes; splattering on the mercilessly cold floor before Luffy. He could smell it in the air; taste it on the tip of his tongue as he bit down. Trying desperately to block out the pain he was feeling. Maybe it was a good thing he couldn't see anything anymore - it may make this much worse than it was.

'I've felt worse pain than this; I'll survive.' He reassured himself. Even though his eyes were forcibly kept blind by a black blindfold of silk ; an unusually kind gesture by the man who had clawed his eyes out and now refused to look at the damage he himself had done. No one knew how darkness affected Luffy and the fact that he would never be able to see again made him more afraid of how he would survive this after everything was over. It was not something he could easily answer. He could still taste the terror on the tip of his tongue when the man had taken the light from his world; the pain unimaginable but it was the fear and sheer terror that had affected him and yet Luffy had managed to keep from even crying out when the deed was done. It took all his self control to not satisfy the sadistic bastard who had started all this.


An inaudible whimper passed panting breaths. The silk blindfold soft against his skin; dulling the immense pain he felt - it was odd that those cruel fingers had turned tender as they tied the silk across his once depthless dark eyes.

'So beautiful; even without those strong eyes that can stare through any soul. I had to do it; I could not let you see the darkness of my heart.'

Luffy's breaths were ragged; tearing through his lungs and staining his heart in terror. The hatred he felt building in his heart was making his head spin as the eternal darkness descended upon his heart and shoulders. A small cry left his lips when he heard the door closing; desperate to hold back the tears that he could no longer cry.

'Don't ever take that off.' Luffy knew that he never would. He didn't want his crew to see him like this...


Luffy was dragged from his mind as the scent of blood drifted to his nose. He knew that the stench of blood was his just as he felt the pain of a sharp object bury itself into his shoulder; the act eliciting a sharp breath from parted sakura tinged lips.

'I will not scream!' Enmity bubbled in his heart; staining his innocence in a pitiless black of hatred for the man who he knew was the cause for all his pain. He was after all only allowed one glimpse of his captor before his eyes had been destroyed for eternity. A man who held a grudge for being beaten by Luffy almost four years ago; a man who's cruelty knew no bounds and who's darkness stained everything around him including his Nakama and now the Pirate King he was torturing.

That man was known as Rob Lucci.

"It's such a shame you refuse to break even after everything I have done to you." Luffy flinched internally as he smelt blood on the man's fingers that traced over his lips; most likely painting his lips rouge with his own blood and suffering. Angling his head away from those revolting leopard claws; Luffy took a shuddering breath and in a show of defiance - spat in the direction of those breaths that touched his cheek hauntingly.

"Go to hell!" Luffy yelled; growling in frustration as he tugged at his bound hands to try and find some leeway to ease the ache in his shoulders. Biting down on his bottom lip when sharp claws scratched his cheek; hot, sticky blood run from the newly open wounds. The only sound Luffy made was an inaudible gasp as a new sting of pain distracted him from the immense pain that assaulted his entire body. Somehow grateful for the sudden distraction.

'I will not give him the satisfaction of seeing my pain.' Luffy told himself in a repeating mantra. Lying on the cold floor as a boot pressed against his neck painfully.

"Don't get cocky just because you are the Pirate King, Mugiwara. Your enemies still exist; some more powerful and cruel than me." Luffy smirked; a laugh escaping his lips. Hiking up the anger of his captor several notches deliberately.

"That may be true but I have a crew that is looking for me; waiting to tear you limb from limb. Like me they will not give up until I am found. You are the only man stupid enough to blind me, tie me up and torture me even when you no longer work for the World Government. I cannot garentee that my crew will have any mercy; especially not Zoro, Franky and Sanji. I however; will not break. Not in a million years Kaneko(1*) Bastard." Luffy claimed; laughing softly when his sensitive ears picked up the huff of anger and Lucci's retreat into the other side of the room. The door slammed shut; leaving Luffy alone again to ponder his situation.

Biting his lip to stave off a whimper of pain as his fear pronounced itself through his body; outside he must never lose his pride but inside Luffy couldn't help but admit that he was breaking; hoping that his beloved Nakama were alright and not in the same situation as he himself was. Struggling with pain and fear on a secondly basis, Luffy refused to give up hope - there was no way he was dying in such a dark dank place. He would die at sea; that was a promise he had made to himself since he was a young child. He would die the Pirate King without losing a shred of pride and his dignity. He would die smiling. For himself, for his Nakama, for Shanks and for Ace. He would not give up.

Zoro sighed in irritation; of all the times for Luffy to go missing - this was not the time. The island may be marine free but he had noticed several pirate ships in the harbour as they docked and he knew that the pirates of the grand line were not always as easy to defeat or escape from as the marines were because they fought to the death. Lower ranking marines had the tendency to cower before the Pirate King; thus making their escape easier. Sometimes Luffy could emit an aura that was more frightening than facing death.

They had spread through the Island; searching for the missing Pirate King. Who Zoro knew was in trouble; he was the only one to notice the flag of another pirate ship; one that was he was unfamiliar with but not one that filled him with dread. He sighed; they had yet to find Luffy who had disappeared off the Sunny two days ago. It was worrying when he was the only one to notice the scratch marks on his bunk and the blood spatters that decorated his Captain's dark sheets. Zoro could have guessed that he must have been knocked unconscious by either a drug or his energy was strained by those dreaded sea stone cuffs.

Zoro chose to keep those titbits of information a secret for now to stop the crew from panicking; that was the last thing he needed. A clingy Chopper, a crying Ussop and Nami. No; it was better they did not know. Sanji and Franky may have figured it out already and Brooke would have guessed easily but for now he needed to interrogate the pirate captain of one of the other ships to find out if they were the culprits behind the kidnapping. Cracking his knuckles in frustration; Zoro pushed onward. His own aura causing those walking on the main road to avoid him completely in fear of his wrath. Zoro was just about ready to cut someone up into small pieces to find the whereabouts of his beloved Luffy.

The closer Zoro got to the Black Snow Tavern the more he was aware of the loud din of a large rowdy gathering. With a deep sigh; he lowered his hand to his katana for some semblance of comfort - Wado always managed to calm him down no matter what. His other hand ruffled green locks to clear him mind - readying himself for a confrontation and interrogation.

Zoro would find Luffy no matter how many pirates he had to execute; he was after all a demon and his heart was cold - it only ever warmed for one person and now that he was taken away; Zoro could feel the insatiable thirst for blood rise in his gut and threaten to overwhelm him. Zoro was only merciful when he knew Luffy was safe and could handle himself but for some reason Zoro knew something was horribly out of place and that made things much worse for the Pirate Captain he was about to interrogate.


The door creaked loudly as he opened the door and yet the rowdy pirates barely noticed him. All trying to outtalk each other with adventure stories and rude jokes. No one noticed his entrance and from the large gathering - Zoro had difficulty discerning which of these men were the captain. Feeling his eyebrow twitch Zoro unsheathed his famous cursed katana and split the wall behind him with a loud crack. Immediately dragging every eye in the bar towards him.

"Yo! Sorry for interrupting the party guys but I need to speak to your Captain." Zoro said; following the direction of everyone's gazes as they landed on a single man shrouded in shadow but enough light that Zoro could make out vibrant red hair and three scars running over the man's right eye. Something about his appearance rang a bell in his mind but Zoro pushed it aside and walked the path opened for him. He had little time to waste. Whilst the rest of the crew went to search for Luffy; Zoro had been entrusted to gather information.

'Isn't that Roronoa Zoro? The Pirate King's right hand man?'

'I wonder why he wants to talk to Senshou; did something happen?'

Shutting out the incessant whispers that followed him; Zoro kept his pace steady. He loomed over the red haired man; his expression serious and unsuccessfully hiding his anger. Sharp blue eyes penetrated his green gaze; it seemed he had underestimated this man.

"Are you the captain of the pirate ship out in the port?" Zoro asked. Now that Zoro was to the man he could see that he was in his mid thirties; sported vibrant red hair, three scars across his right eye and wore a dark cloak - a sword resting on his left hip. There was clearly a drunken blush on the man's cheeks as he smiled at Zoro openly. Something about this man reminded him so much of Luffy that Zoro did a double take. He was uncertain if this man would have hurt Luffy but he steeled himself; no one was innocent in his eyes.

"Yup; Shanks - Captain of the Red Haired Pirates yo! How may I be of assistance?" Shanks did a little bow; chuckling to himself as he nearly stumbled out of his chair.

"You're SHANKS?" Zoro shouted; his heart leaping into his throat. No wonder the man seamed to familiar; Luffy had constantly talked about the man who had sacrificed an arm for his safety. He was also the owner of Luffy's most precious Boshi.

Zoro's sudden shout had started the red haired pirate out of his drunken stupor and sobered him up completely. Dark green eyes looked at the man before him for the first time; recognition flashing in his eyes as Shanks countenance changed completely. The aura around him turned darker and much more serious. Zoro; however didn't notice - merely gripped the man's wrist and dragged him out of the bar despite the cries of his crew and the man protesting behind him. There was no time; they were already running out of time.

When they finally reached the back of the bar Zoro abruptly turned to the man he had just dragged from his seat and out of the bar. His breathing had spiked; glad to have run into the red haired pirate on this day - he might be able to locate Luffy faster. Turning his green eyes on the man now casually leaning against the wall - Zoro felt as if Shanks was able to see straight through him; knew all his secrets by a single glance and could tear him apart despite only having one arm. Zoro swallowed suddenly; pushing away the tingle in his spine at the intensity that those blue eyes looked at him.

" I'm Roronoa Zoro and we..." Zoro's introduction cut off abruptly by those blue eyes widening slightly before a happy smile passed the older pirates lips. For some inexplicable reason Zoro felt at ease; knowing that he had just found an ally.

"Luffy's first mate?" Shanks shouted with elation. Had he finally tracked down the little kid who had been the light of his life since he walked into it years ago. The one person Shanks dared not to ever forget because he was the perfect incarnation of someone who set out to achieve their dreams no matter if they died in the process and after hardships finally achieved the highest ranking available in the Pirate world. Shanks was so proud that Luffy was the Pirate King; yet his searches for the boy had always ended up fruitless as his whereabouts were kept secret from Island to Island - not even Mihawk knew where he was despite being a Shichiboukai of the World Government.

"Yes I am! But; please listen to me. Luffy was kidnapped two days ago and we have no idea who it was or where he was taken..." Zoro said with an urgency that emphasized his fear and concern for his captain and best friend; sometimes wishing Luffy would realize that his feelings ran much deeper than that - but that was the reason why he was willing to not burden Luffy with it. Luffy had enough to deal with by himself; he didn't need to know that Zoro loved him more than just a close friend or self proclaimed Otouto.

"WHAT?" Shanks yelled loudly; his ears ringing with the proclamation and his mind reeling with the information. His little Luffy had gone missing? What to do; what to do? Shanks' hand curled around his katana dangerously; knuckles turning white in concern. Anger now flooding through him; who would dare to touch Luffy?

"His bed was stained with blood and fingernail scratches. Please between us we do not enough people to do a thorough search. " Zoro was suddenly frightened by the murderous intent that poured from Shanks in waves; it was potent and much, much stronger than even his frightening aura. Just who was this man? He looked so carefree on the outside but Zoro knew that he was anything but...

"Well Fuck!" Shanks swore; heart racing in his chest. Knowing that Luffy's life could be in great danger if he got into the wrong hands. "What're we still doing here?" Shanks yelled over his shoulder at the greenette. Rushing back to the bar to gather his crew; Ben would definitely be a help in finding Luffy no matter where he was. The dark haired first mate had that strange sense in finding anything he was asked to. Shanks would only assemble the strongest of his crew.

Luffy hacked to get some air into his burning lungs but all he got was a mouthful of seawater. Everything was going wrong; Lucci had decided that he wouldn't be able to break Luffy no matter the torture he caused - so the Neko Zoan had carried Luffy out of the dark dank cell; nails scratching over the kid's shoulder one more time. Completely ripping the shirt and scoring claws and deep wounds over his back one last time.

"Since this won't work; I have no more use for my revenge. Goodbye Mugiwara; enjoy your terrifying trip to hell." Luffy had then felt weightless; he couldn't see so the fall felt like an eternity to him. A scream finally ripping from his lips; he would fight but he felt so helpless and vulnerable - knowing there was nothing he could do. There was nothing that he could do; the moment he had touched water - even when the bastard had undid his cuffs. Luffy's was completely useless; he couldn't move an inch in the deep water. The only thing Luffy was aware of was the sting of the salt water against his open wounds; it was a relief from the terror that overwhelmed him from the inside.

'I can't hold on for much longer; I'm sorry mina(2*) for not being a better captain.' Luffy thought to himself; desperate to carry over one last message but it seemed that the Kaneko Bastard was not going to give him that small satisfaction. The small touch of Shanks straw hat against his shoulders was but a small comfort for his aching body and lungs that couldn't fill with enough air.

A final hacking cough expelled the last of his air from tired lungs; it was too much. Luffy's body was shutting down; he cursed himself for believing that someone would be there for him to take away the nightmare he had lived through. Unknown to the vast ocean; tears dripped from blind eyes - staining that black silk blindfold in blood and fear. Before Luffy lost consciousness he thought that he felt fingers brush against his softly; a comforting touch - making Luffy wonder if it was someone precious to him that was taking him to the darkness of hell. Those fingers were soft but calloused, strong but gentle. A final smile played across his lips; he had promised to die with a smile on his lips - no matter what pain he was in.


Someone was calling out to him; why did they sound so sad? Luffy hacked painfully; his whole body hurt - every movement he made sent fires of pain through him. Seawater burned his throat, blood flooded his mouth as it dripped down his bottom lip. He could feel the slick liquid touch his lip; it was thick and warm - his trembling body couldn't even move. The fell of his own blood sliding down his skin was making his heart stutter and his skin crawl.

"P-please. Let me go; I'm tired." Luffy pleaded; he just wanted to die. He never realized the pain of the torture or how he had managed to endure it like he did. Something warm wrapped across his shoulders; the scent that drifted his nose was one he recognized as a comfort but couldn't place. Soft fingers touched his forehead where the heat of a fever was already rising.

"I'm not letting you go; now look at me and say you want to live." Luffy tensed when fingers started to tug at the black silk cloth around his eyes.

"DON'T! Don't touch it!" Luffy yelled; fear launching through his heart. No one must know. Those fingers retracted - leaving Luffy with the feeling of guilt and shame.

"Alright but I'm still not letting you go." That voice; it was so familiar; spreading warmth across his cheeks and when a strong arm hoisted him over the man's shoulder - Luffy managed to curl his arms around the man's neck for support with the last of the strength. Something in his hazed mind told him that this man only had one arm and couldn't carry him normally - he had to offer some kind of help.

Pain, fear, desperation and a heady contrast of comfort and love. The scent lulled him to sleep; just as the man's movements made him loose his fight with staying conscious.

''m s'rry Shanks.' Luffy thought; never knowing that he had spoken those words aloud nor did e hear the reply of the older pirate.

"There is nothing to forgive."


Shanks was worried; he could see several wounds on Luffy's body that indicated torture but none fatal. The culprit had intimate knowledge of Luffy if he knew he was a Devil Fruit user and the ocean would finish him off. Shanks had felt his heart stop when he had heard the splash in the water and a yelp of terror; for once grateful he had managed to get to Luffy just in time. How long he had been searching the island he couldn't explain but when he neared the cliff hanging over the ocean Shanks had known that Luffy was there. Taking off his black cloak and draping it across the young man's shivering body; Shanks had noticed for the first time the fine silk that bound the boy's eyes shut but when he heard Luffy moan and declare that he let him go Shanks felt anger build in him.

This was not like Luffy; yet when he moved to remove the blindfold the sheer terror in Luffy's plea had made him stop. Something was definitely very wrong with the kid. When he finally managed to get Luffy to hold onto his neck and rest across his back; he noted that Luffy was still frail and small for his age. Geez at the age of barely twenty the teen was still much shorter than he was and yet already crowned the Kaizoku-ou(3*) of the world not just on the Grand Line.

With a sigh he headed for the port; strangely enough Luffy wasn't very far from the port. Did that mean the kid had been hostage at a place close enough to know his ship was mere metres away and yet couldn't get there no matter how hard he tried? In Shanks' mind that was just cruel.

It seemed that Zoro had disappeared after the man with black hair they had seen moments before the splash was heard and then moved so fast that his eyes could barely follow his movements. Luckily Zoro had told him where the ship was and that the doctor of the crew - Chopper - was on board with the Cook and the Shipwright. It seems that they had stayed behind in case Luffy had returned whilst the rest were out looking for him.

Without second thought Shanks boarded the Thousand Sunny; yelling for the doctor as he gently gave Luffy over to strong hands. His eyes catching sight of a blue nose and crying brown eyes.

"Who are you and what did you do with Luffy-niichan?" Shanks held up his hand in a sign of defence; he knew that after Zoro came back and the blue nosed doctor revealed just what injuries Luffy sustained over the last two days. He had a feeling that was tying his stomach in knots that it wasn't going to be good news.

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1* Kaneko - Kitten

2* Mina - Everybody

3* Kaizoku-ou - Pirate King

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