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"Letters, reports etc...and…"


This was awkward.




Any of these adjectives, as well as a whole bunch more, were fitting descriptions for how Ed was feeling at the moment. In fact, anything along the lines of, 'things I could have lived without seeing' would do.

Ed had known he was in for an unpleasant experience, but he never expected anything like this. And no, 'this' was not Mustang ravishing a nurse, or ravishing Hawkeye either for the matter, though the First Lieutenant was the reason Ed was here. Since the Colonel had been blinded and Hawkeye had taken charge of his recovery, the woman had become even more obsessed with her boss, and the single-mindedness of her devotion had already been kind of scary.

So the Colonel and Hawkeyed doing the nasty would not have been surprising. Embarrassing and high on the list of things Ed could have lived without seeing, but not surprising.

Hawkeye had forced – yes ordered- Ed to come to the Bastard's home to help lug the large stack of paperwork the Colonel had to sign off on. The young man had been reluctant to go, but if he had known what he'd be forced to witness, he would have made a run for it. He knew about Mustang's injured hands. He knew how he'd been blinded. He knew the man was confined to bed. Ed knew what to expect when it came to his commanding officer's physical condition.

What he had never expected, and was now finding so disturbing, was the way the two officers acted towards each other. There was only one word that Ed could think of to describe it.


The cheesy kind of sappy.

The worst kind of sappy.

Like the unnecessary touches that lingered just a little too long. And Mustang's long graceful fingers around Hawkeye's wrist as she brushed the hair from his forehead. His slight lean into her touch. Her eyes soft with fondness. His small, sad smile. It made Ed's teeth grind. Holy shit, he was going to have a hyperglycaemic reaction if he didn't get out of there pretty soon.

He'd kept quite when he'd entered the room, not even offering Mustang so much as a greeting, not wanting to make awkward small talk here in the bastard's home. Just as well. It would be easier to do what he'd been drafted to do and clear out before the Colonel even knew he was there.

Lifting the large stack of paper with a raised eyebrow, Ed caught the Hawk's eye. The distracted blonde woman waved a hand towards a small bedside table, and Ed breathed an internal sigh of relief. The sooner he dropped this crap off, the sooner he could haul ass out of there. Ed tried not to look at the Colonel as he went to the end table as silently as he could manage. He didn´t want to be here. He didn't want to see Hawkeye behaving as anything other than the coolly capable officer that he and Al had always counted on to look out for them. He didn´t want to see Mustang in any condition other than sitting smugly behind his desk accompanied by his overinflated ego. Hell, even having the smirking bastard on his feet, towering over him, would be preferable to seeing him like this.

Focusing again on the paperwork Ed wondered how Mustang was supposed to do it. Did Hawkeye sit there by his side, reading the reports aloud? Could Mustang even sign his name without being able to see what he was doing? Ed didn´t want to think about that either. Why had the woman ordered him to be here?

"Thank you for coming," Mustang said quietly.

Ed paused, holding the paper stack a few centimetres from the wood, unsure if the Colonel had heard him despite his efforts to be as silent as possible. No, most likely the words were meant for Hawkeye alone, who seemed as surprised as Ed was by the sudden expression of gratitude. Both of them turned to glance at the man sitting up in the bed.

Bandages covered the Colonel's eyes, making him look more vulnerable than Ed had even seen him. And the quiet thank you sounded sincere and full of appreciation, so unlike the nonchalant, sarcastic tone Ed was used to. That more than anything made it even more clear to Ed that the man had no clue he was there. Ed was definitely not meant to hear this.

A quick glance at Hawkeye confirmed his suspicion. With a few soundless movements the Lieutenant directed him to place the paper, and quietly leave. Ed suspected that she was concerned about how Mustang would react if he discovered that the Fullmetal Alchemist was here to witness him with all his defences down.

"I want you to know how much I appreciate all you've done for me," the Colonel continued in that same soft tone, his hand questing over the sheets in search of hers, and oh shit, it looked like Ed wasn't going to be able to escape without being exposed to even more sappiness.

"Roy. . ." Hawkeye tried to interrupt her commanding officer, but the bastard seemed determined to elaborate his point. Couldn't the fucker just wait until Ed left, even if he didn´t know Ed was there?

"I . . . would not be alive if it weren't for you," Mustang continued with quiet intensity.

Ed quickly let the stack of paper drop on the table, then watched as the tower of unsigned documents began to list to the side. Ed lunged to prevent it, but he did not have the kind of practice with this type of balancing act that Mustang most likely had. The majority of the paperwork slid over the edge of the table and spilled to the floor.

Blushing a deep scarlet at the aggrieved look he received from Hawkeye, Ed hurried to gather the sheets back into a neat pile. Mentally the young major cursed himself for acting like this. He hadn't wanted to come here in the first place, because he didn´t want to face this vulnerable Mustang, or this domestic Hawkeye. And now Ed was acting totally unlike his usual self too. He wasn't ranting. He hadn't kicked in the door. He hadn't insulted the bastard once. And now he was doing his best to pick up this damn useless mass of paper as quickly as possible so he could rush out of here, all because he already had a pretty good idea how Mustang intended to express his appreciation for Hawkeye more clearly.

A quick look at Hawkeye had Ed moving even faster. Hawkeye looked eager, though it was clear she was trying to hide it. Considering how long she´d been waiting for this, her eagerness was no surprise.

Putting the last of the papers on the stack that was far from being as neatly organized at is had been, Ed only now noticed the silence. Mustang had – thankfully – stopped talking. He was sitting motionless, with a slight frown, head tilted. Concentrating. Too late Ed understood the older man's expression. Mustang believed that Hawkeye was the only other person in the room, and the blind man had used the paper's rustle to locate that other person.

The chilling realization that the bastard was about to express his gratitude hit Ed as his wrist was suddenly gripped. Then a sudden, surprisingly strong jerk on his left arm, and Ed lost his balance, unwillingly joining his commanding officer on the bed.

The sense of doom turned into shock as Mustang's other hand gripped his right shoulder, then traced a line to his neck. The man wasn't wearing his famous gloves –blind and unable to aim, it would make no sense - but without their cover, the bare fingers met soft blond strands that had been pulled away from Ed's neck in a high ponytail instead of the low braid that would have warned their owner of his mistake.
Not that it mattered. Ed was putting a stop to this crap right now, and fuck keeping silent to spare Mustang's feelings. He had no intention of allowing himself to be molested just so Colonel Shit wouldn't find out Ed had overheard his sappy declarations. He should have said something sooner, and then maybe everyone could have gone back normal. Ed prepared to smack the idiot, with plans to never let the famous womanizer live down his cheesy attempts at romance.

Ed froze, his harsh words of protest stuck in his throat, as soft lips brushed his skin. This time the Bastard's aim was not quite as good as it had been when he'd got hold of Ed's wrist. Instead of meeting their counterpart, Mustang's lips slightly missed Ed's own and grazed the corner of the younger man's mouth. Undiscouraged, warm breath stroked Ed's skin as the foreign lips traced the last bit of their way, just barely brushing over Eds. The feeling sent a shiver down Ed's spine and effectively cleared all coherent thought from his head.

And that was only the beginning. On second try the man got it right and a warm mouth covered Ed's with just the slightest pressure, but when his captive didn´t pull away the Colonel became bolder. The kiss became deeper and more demanding. Pulling Ed even closer by a small increase of guiding pressure to his neck, Mustang let his tongue trace the younger one's lips, mocking, challenging him to open up and let the other in.

And Ed had never been someone to back down from a challenge.

Mirroring the movement, he slid his right hand around the back of Mustangs neck and parted his lips for the other man, but by no means simply allowed him to claim whatever he wanted. Instead Ed met the foreign tongue with his own and god, this felt good. Hot and exciting and the world could go to hell that very moment and he wouldn´t care as long as this didn't stop.

The moment Mustang gently pulled away was far too soon, despite both of them being out of breath. At some point Ed realized he must have closed his eyes to be able to open them now. Seeing the kiss swollen lips of the other man left Ed convinced that air was unnecessary, and Ed's only thoughts were of how long this fantasy could go on, and what might happen next. Reality could go fuck itself.

Shifting his weight to his knees, he disengaged his left wrist from Mustang's now loose grip and buried the fingers of both hands in the raven hair, pulling the older man closer. This time, when their mouths met, it was fierce enough to bruise his lips, and Mustang moaned into the kiss before eagerly returning it. The sound increased the heat running through Ed's veins and fuelled the desire to respond to it, to do more than just kiss the man. A hand groped Ed's tight flank, Mustang blindly reaching for him. Fingers traced down the young blond's leg, the grip strong enough that it would most likely leave bruises despite the fabric of the pants. It was clear Mustang wanted to direct his leg, to get him to straddle the older man's lap.

But the moment the Colonel's hand touched his knee, his left knee, his automailknee, Ed felt as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice cold water over his head, and he pulled away. Sensing that something was wrong, the Colonel abandoned trying to persuade him to change his position, attempting to appease him with another kiss, but Ed let his hands drop to the man's chest. As much as he had so desperately wanted rip those damn tiny buttons open just moments ago, now he simply issued enough pressure to keep the Colonel from leaning in.

It seemed reality was done fucking itself and had come back to kick Ed's ass. The confused look on Mustang's face made it even worse, since the man really seemed to have no clue of what was wrong. Surely he must have realized that Ed was not Hawkeye. And if he hadn't, he was about to. Maybe he was wondering why his First Lieutenant hadn´t shot him yet, though Ed refused to look to see her reaction. Having lost his sense of time for the last moments, he didn´t know how much had passed, but surely it was long enough for Hawkeye to have recovered from the shock of what she had just witnessed.

And oddly, Ed found the perplexed look on Mustang's face unbearable. The man couldn´t know why the person he was kissing had stopped so suddenly. Mustang didn´t know that he had just kissed the Fullmetal Alchemist. When his hand had found Ed's right shoulder, it had not met cold automail, just warm flesh. Everything felt normal. There was no way for the Colonel to know that he was kissing anyone other than Hawkeye. In his blinded state the dark haired man had touched Edward as he would have touched someone he cared about.

But the Colonel would never have done that if he's realized who he'd pulled into his arms. His bratty, half metal subordinate had never even rated an honest smile. A taunting smirk, a snapped reprimand, an insulting reference to his height - that was all the Fullmetal Alchemist could ever expect from his commander.

The difference was, up until now, Edward had never cared.

As he slipped off the bed gently disengaging the hands that sought to draw him back, Edward realized that everything had suddenly changed. An accidental kiss had opened his eyes to Roy Mustang as an attractive, passionate human being.

A human being that Edward could never hope might kiss him on purpose.

He left the room quickly and quietly, not looking at either of its occupants as he fled.


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