Chapter 3

World War II was getting worse as 1939 turned into 1940. Hadof Pigler and the Swatzis had gained ground on most of Europeand in April had conquered Fronce. The Englash were Pigler's next target as he was planning a blitzkrieg on Liondon.

Higher for Higher

Kit had found his way back to work for Rebecca Cunningham as a navigator for her new bull pilot who happened to be actually working with the Swatzis.

"All right Mr. Hombuger, today we have a job for you to deliver top secret radios to Liondon since we now have a war contract with the Englash. I am also coming with you to negotiate with Mr. Scott about other contracts."

"Sure anything you say Ms. Cunningham." The bull said in a German accent.

Midway to Liondon the airplane took a turn to the left towards Hermany.

"Where are we going?" Rebecca asked nervously.

"To my homeland of Hermany you dope." The German Bull said.

Kit heard that and jumped out of the cargo plane and use his airfoil to soften his landing over the ocean.

"There's only one man that can save us, Baloo." he said.

Kit caught an airliner flying at a lower altitude heading back to Usland.

Baloo has been moping for the last year flying odd jobs to stay alive but spending most of his days at Louie's in depression.

Kit ran in and saw Baloo all hunched over in depression at the bar.

"Baloo, Baloo, Baloo! They got Miz Cunningham!" The boy screamed.

"Kit what are you doing here?"

"Baloo, the Swatzi's have Mir Cunningham. Please papa bear you're the only one who can save her!"

"What! How?"

"Apparently Rebecca unknowingly hired a Swatzi spy and now he has kidnapped
her." Kit explained.

It's her own damn fault." He shrugged.

"Papa Bear you do love her don't you?"

All of a sudden Baloo came to his realization that he did love the Rebecca. "Your right Kit. Lets get Molly and Wildcat to save Rebecca from those Sawtzi swines!"

"I knew you had it in you Papa bear."

"Well come on navigator" Baloo said as he got up to pay his tab.

The two bears ran to the Sea Duck and started up the engines to get Molly and Wildcat, and then save Rebecca who was currently in a Swatzi prison.

They arrived at the army base where Rebecca was held and saw that it was heavily guarded. The three of them got out of the plane and snuck around and saw swatzi solders marching around.

"Wildcat you and Molly watch the Duck while Kit and I rescue Rebecca." Baloo ordered.

"Make sure Mommy is safe." Molly cried.

"Don't worry, we will." Kit answered with a slight smile on his face.

The two bears snuck up closer to the building. Baloo and kit knocked out two swatzi soldiers and put on their clothing. Unfortunately for Baloo they ran kind of tight on him. The two got into the facility and saw Rebecca sitting in her cell.

"Baloo, Kit what are you doing here?" Rebecca cried.

"We're here to get you out Becky." Baloo said

"How?" Rebecca cried.

"Ole Baloo has an idea."

Just then a swatzi walked up to them.

"Halt there soldier. What are you to doing?"

"Prisoner needs to be moved before her execution." Kit said. "Oh really, let me see the transfer papers." Said the Swatzi cow.

"Ok, here!" Baloo gave the cow a hard punch in the face that knocked him out. Kit grabbed the keys off the soldier and tossed them to Baloo. They opened Rebecca's cell when two more soldiers saw them.

"Halt! Who are you?"

"Run!" yelled Kit.

As they ran they were being shot at.

"We're not going to make it!" Cried Rebecca.

"Yes we will!" cried Baloo as he was screaming while being shot at. They dodged around a truck as there was heavy fire. Then Wildcat saw the bears and fired up the engines of the Sea Duck.

The bears made a run for it as the airplane was set to take off. They dashed into the plane and Baloo instantly jumped into the pilot's seat.

"Hold on everyone!"

Baloo yelled as he took control the plane.

The take off was slow as Swatzis were shooting cannons and machine guns at them. "Were not going to make it!" Rebecca screamed as she saw a roadblock at the end of the runway. Baloo pulled up on the wheel, then they finally took off.

"We lost them" said Kit. "Not for long." said Molly as Messerschmitts were coming up behind them.

Instantly, they started firing at the Sea Duck. Baloo grabbed the throttle and flew up as the Messerschmitts were closing in. Baloo was doing all his fancy maneuvers, but the messechmitts were too good as he kept getting firing at.

Then they got his left flaps. As Baloo thought this would be the end he though it was a good time to finally ask Rebecca the question he had been to scared to ask.

"Rebecca there is one thing I've been wanting to ask you."

"What's that Baloo?"

"Will you marry me?" In shock Rebecca looked at him with loving eyes.

"Of course I will! If we get out of here alive that is."

Just then British airplanes came in to fight the messhersmits. Baloo turned the damaged plane out of the fight as the Sea Duck managed to fly out of the mess and back toCapeSuzette.

As the damaged airplane landed back at Higher For Higher. Baloo turned to Rebecca and said. "Becky I really meant what I said back their. I am truly in Love with you. So what do you say, would you marry this big lug?

Rebecca gave a look at Molly and Kit. Who were smiling.

"Yes Baloo, I would love to marry you!"

As she grabbed his hand and gave Baloo a kiss on the lips.

The end.