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...It's been more than four thousand years since the great battle between the power hungry dark mage, Hecate, and the protectors of light. Once the warrior and Healer of light won the dangerous battle, the mage, Princess Amy Rose of Alfieri, and her warrior, Prince Sonic of Ferias, were wed, and all lived happily in their new developing land of Mobius.
Yet after many years, the people of Mobius began to doubt the tales truthfulness until it became simple folklore. But even the bedtime story soon faded away with time, until it became no more than a distant memory that only the oldest of books vaguely sustain in their decaying pages...

Amy Rose's House:

The sound of the phone's constant ringing jarred the pink hedgehog from her deep sleep. She groaned at the disturbance, and lifted the hot pink telephone from it's holder, and placed it besides her ear and mumbled sleepily, " Hello?"

" Ms. Amy, you need to come to 's Workshop! I need to show you something!" shouted a child's eager voice.

" Cream if it doesn't involve Sonic then it'll have to wait. I'm too busy sleeping." Amy rubbed her jade eyes and yawned quietly.

" But it involves everyone, especially you and !"

Amy's energy boosted up to full throttle. " Cream I will be there A.S.A.P!" She slammed the phone down and jumped out of her lavender-rose bed, and ran over to her tall, wooden closet. Immediately she pulled out her favorite Red dress with white lining, red boots with white stripes and white gloves with gold ring bracelets, and changed immediately.

She grabbed her brush and rushed down stairs, gently brushing her pink quills, then placed her red hairband in her hair, and looked at the fridge thoughtfully.

' I'll eat at Tail's house. ' she shrugged, and headed out the door, running to Tail's workshop as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered out of control.

Tail's Workshop :

A yellow-Orange fox with white on his chest and two tails worked on a group of machines in his workshop while an eager rabbit named Cream sat on the couch, looking out the window, awaiting for her sister-like friend to arrive.

" When do you think she's gonna get here ?" she asked sweetly.

" Well if she knows that Sonic is involved, then pretty soon. " Tails laughed as he looked at Cream. She wore white gloves with golden buckle, and a vermilion dress
with a cobalt duel-flap tie, and vermilion-yellow shoes with white socks, the perfect attire for such an innocent girl such as Cream.

" What's wrong? Is there something on my face?" Tails hadn't even noticed that he'd been staring at her for awhile. He blushed and looked away.

Her Choa, Cheese, flew next to the door and danced up and down shouting, " Choa! Choa!" in joy. Amy opened the door and stepped in side, gasping gently.

" Wow Amy you've gotten fast!" smiled Tails.

" It's all thanks to those years of chasing Sonniku," she winked ", So Cream, what is it you wanted to show me? That thing that involved Sonic."

" Oh yeah, well yesterday momma and I went to the library to see if they had any bedtime stories that I might like. So when I was looking in the very back of the library, I found this really cool book that had some of the strangest stories." Cream grabbed the book from a nearby chair and handed it to Amy.

It was a large book that's cover was light brown, and peeling away. The pages were falling out, and looked like they were all decaying. The words on the cover were hard to read, and was written in a ancient language, making it twice as difficult. The only pretty thing about it was the silver lacing that tied itself in a bow on the side near it's spine.

" What is this thing? It looks hundreds of years old." Amy handed it back to Cream and wiped her hands on her dress, trying to get the dirty feeling off her hands.

" It's a book of ancient folklore! There's one story in there about this place called a Spring of Dreams. It's said that once every four thousands years, the springs power awakens and grants ones wish for a yearning heart."

" That's really cool Cream but what's the thing that involves Sonic?" Amy asked eagerly.

" Well you just have to read the story to find out." Cream giggled.

" What story?"

" The story of Light...and Love." Cream placed the book on the ground and opened it so it's pages faced Amy, who sat on the floor in front of the bronze colored pages. She searched through the book until she found a page that read in bold, silver letters: Light and Love

"There was once a beautiful and prosperous kingdom known as Alfieri, the city of Wisdom. The kingdom was ruled by the Rose royal family, whose King and Queen had been murdered by the Royal family of Ferias, or so they were told. The only member of the family was the eldest son, King Siegfried, the eldest daughter, Princess Kiya, and the youngest child, Princess Amy. Amy was a beautiful hedgehog with short pink quills and sparkling jade eyes that hypnotized any man that saw her, but even with that ability, Amy wanted to marry for love, not royal purposes.

When Princess Amy turned fifteen, her caring brother Siegfried gave her the choice to either venture around Alfieri, or visit one of the neighboring kingdoms. Amy had always wanted to go off and explore the world, but was extremely curious towards the land of Ferias, only because she did not believe that they killed her parents, but when she told her brother of her plans he refused. He feared that his youngest sibling would meet the same fate as his parents. Amy was devastated. Luckily her sister Kiya, was kind enough to allow her to go without consulting her brother. So at midnight Amy left the castle without a word, and set off to Ferias. She walked the empty streets of her kingdom when she was attacked by a drunk, but was saved by a blue hero. He took her to the outer gates of the town and told her how his name was Sonic, and he was the prince of Ferias and had always wanted to see Alfieri, so on that day they both made a deal that they would escort each other to the kingdoms, starting with Ferias.

When they started there journey they were captured, but soon escaped with no injuries. They walked through the woods until they found a small cabin next to a river, where they spent the night with a fortune teller named Rouge, and Sonic's old friend, an echidna named Knuckles who was Rouge's beloved husband.

Amy was always interested in fortune tellers, and asked Rouge if she could give her a reading. But what Rouge found shocked her, and asked her if she would travel to Vizendi with them. The partners gladly accepted and went to Vizendi, where they learned of an ancient prophecy known as Light and Love. Soon after the confusion, they met Amy's old friend Cream, who was the princess of Vizendi.

Cream was kind enough to allow them both to stay in the kingdom, but when Sonic left her alone, a vengeance seeking chipmunk attacked Amy, but cleared the confusion about the prophecy. "The warrior and the scholar descended into battle,side by side, back to back , to find the light, and return in a great victory. You probably don't understand so I'll translate. The warrior and the healer. Together they go off and purify the five objects of light trying to save the world from being consumed by darkness. As a child I was taught magic so I could be the healer, but when the prophets heard of a baby girl being born in Alfieri my lessons stopped. They supposedly had a vision that she was the healer, So I spent most of my childhood training for nothing! I was furious and wanted revenge. You should know by know that you were that baby girl! So one day I received a visit from a mysterious man in black. He gave me a powerful object, asking that in return I work with him. I left my throne and joined him, and now we're here." was all she told her before she tried to assassinate Amy, but was unsuccessful when Sonic came, sadly Amy was the one to kill.

On that day she knew that Sonic and her need to find the five items of Light, Darkness, Past, Present, and Future. The chipmunk had the item of the Future, and Amy already possessed the item of Light. They soon traveled to Ferias where they found the item of Past, along with a friend named Shadow, and in the Kingdom of Nightfall found the item of present, and a new friend who was the original princess.

They soon returned to Alfieri, in search of the final item, but instead discovered a dark truth. Her brother Siegfried had been dead for many years, and the man she knew of as

' brother' was really a man known as ' Hecate'. Hecate was a power hungry dark mage that killed her parents and blamed it on Ferias so Amy would never meet her warrior, Sonic. After a large and bloody battle, Hecate was destroyed, along with the items and the world was at peace, but his last words were, " History repeats itself". Amy and Sonic were wed, and the kingdoms were brought together to create the land of Mobius..."

" And that is how Mobuis was founded!I looked it up, and the princess from the story is related to you! Isn't it so interesting that your ancestor had the same name and looks like you, and save the world!It's even cooler that she married a man named Sonic." exclaimed Cream.

" Yeah but Sonic isn't related to Prince from the story is he? Becuase if he is then that means I'm related to him." cringed Amy.

" Oh no he's not."

" Good! My favorite part was when Hecate said ' History Repeats itself. ' It makes me soo happy!" Amy giggled.

Cream blinked in confusion, " But , I think he was saying that he would return and bring havoc to the world!"

" Yeah, but me and Sonic will save the world! If my ancestor can get her Sonic to love her, then I can get mine!" Amy winked.

" Oh Amy, you never change.." Cream sighed, smiling at her friend.

There was a knock on Tail's door. He yelled, " It's open!"The door to Tails workshop opened, revealing Amy's cobalt hero.

" Hey buddy what's up!" he greeted, waving his hand.

" Sonic!" exclaimed Amy, who stood up ran towards him like she always did, attempting to give him one of her famous bear hugs.

" Amy!" Sonic shouted.

" You see Sonic! This is proof that we'll be together!" she pointed to the book.

He ran out the door,with Amy chasing after him. He was going slow enough for her to at least be near him, but not close enough to were she could reach him. They ran through the fields of tall grass for a minute until Amy tripped on a rock, tumbling to the floor and scrapping her face and knees. She yelped in pain. Sonic stopped and looked back, wanting to help her but thought, ' Amy...I'm soo sorry but eggman is probably watching and if he notices that I care about you more then like a friend...then he might hurt you..I'm so sorry..' he ran off in the other direction, leaving Amy on the floor to linger in her tears. She stretched her arm out as if trying to grab him. " Sonic!" she cried, watching as his form got smaller and smaller. " Sonic you... you jerk! Why do you always run away!" Amy wiped her tears away and picked herself up from the ground, limping back home. ' Why does he hurt me like that? Doesn't he even care about me? What am I doing wrong? Aren't I good enough?' those thoughts danced in her mind, so she didn't even notice the mustached man that followed her.

" What's wrong M'dear?" A man in a large metal machine,with claws as arms walked out of the shadows, the sound of clanking metal rung in her ears.

Amy abruptly looked behind her and gasped, " Eggman! I'm not in the mood."

" What? Did Sonic do something again?" He smiled devilishly.

" Yeah... but what's it to you!"

" Well I think I know a way for you to win his heart and I wanted to aid you, but I just need your help in return." he laughed.

" No way! Your Sonic number one rival and there's no way I'd even consider helping you!" Amy stuck her tongue out, taunting him a little before she attempted an escape.

" That wasn't a question!" The robots metal claw shot towards Amy in a blink of an eye. But Amy thought fast, and pulled out her red and yellow piko piko hammer, smashing the claw to the ground.

" I said I'm not in the mood!" She growled, swinging her hammer, crushing the metal claw into rubble, but her stomach was aching from the lack of food it had, causing her to let her guard down, so she didn't notice the other claw sneaking up behind her.

It swooped down and snatched the pink hedgehog, crushing her under it's weight. She screamed in pain.

" Now you're going to help me whether you like it our not!" Eggman laughed manically. She pulled her arm out of the claws tight grip, but the golden bracelet that wrapped around her thin wrist shattered. " OK here you are." Eggman threw a silver band at her arm that wrapped around her wrist, fitting perfectly.

" Sonic!" She shrieked, hoping to see her cobalt hero rush in and save her once more.

Tail's Workshop ( Sonic's POV ):

I felt horrible for just leaving Amy there. I wanted to run back and help her, but what if one of Eggman's robots saw and told him about how defenseless I am around her? I've never been so worried about Eggman capturing Ames until these feelings began to weld up for her, and I don't want him to use her to get to me... I'm such a jerk.

" What's wrong?" asked Cream. I arrived at Tail's workshop not to long ago, and Cream wouldn't stop staring at me. Probably because I've been abnormally silent for the past few minutes. I told her nothing was wrong but she still looked at me with unconvinced eyes.

I looked out the window and could swear I heard a low scream in the distance that sounded a lot like...Amy! I pounced off the couch and out the door, zooming off towards the distance screams.

Field's :

The poor defenseless Amy gave up on screaming for tear life, and fainted as her oxygen became scarce, thanks to the tight claw around her body. Sonic came just as her jade eyes shut slowly. " Amy!" he yelled.

" To late hedgehog! She won't live for too long with the lack of oxygen I've given her." He laughed.

" Bastard!" Sonic growled, getting into a fighting stance.

" You can save her, but you need to do something for my first." he looked down at Sonic.

Not having much of a choice, Sonic nodded in agreement and held is wrist ups like a prisoner. Eggman smiled and threw the same silver band on his right wrist, and dropped Amy to the floor. Sonic caught her in the air and laid her head on his knee. She gasped for breath, but still didn't open her eyes.

" Ames please wake up!" he whispered. Eggman pulled a remote from his pocket and pressed the large red button in the middle. The two bands were connected by a short thread of thick electricity. " What's this?" yelled Sonic.

" You'll see my little lab rats!" The claw transformed into a shovel, scooping up the two hedgehogs and throwing then to god knows where.

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