A/N: Finally, something worthy of posting. This is a 100-word flash (fan)fiction. More explanation is available below the story, but I recommend reading the story first. Enjoy!

She wanders the open stone courtyard, waiting. It's a long wait between rains, a punishment for her unforgiveable sin of continuing to live, continuing to be her cheery self.

The new pharaoh hates rain, hides his face from it. She understands. Rain makes her cathartic, horribly so. But she needs that despair to be seen, beneath the heavens where the sun hides from her (and spies on her, she believes). Without its face, that she lives feels wrong.

Cold tears from heaven mix with her hot sobs. Grief torments her, silent until thunder claps, then screams with the wind, "Forgotten".

A/N: I hope you liked it! I wrote this around 12:30 in the morning. It's about Mana's grief, and a little bit about Seth's grief as well, for Atem after he died and was erased from history. I've seen some fanfics that claim that everyone's memories of him were wiped clean, but I'm not sure of how accurate that is. Still, I thought it was an interesting idea and I wondered if there would be any side-effects to having a hole like that ripped in your life. I feel that with this flash fic, you could interpret it either way (i.e. he was literally forgotten, or he had to appear to have been forgotten and so could never be mentioned or honored). It's open that way. In a way, I guess this counts as Vaseshipping, but once again, it can be interpreted openly; everyone knows that Mana was close with Atem either way. So . . . tell me what you think! I'm always eager for constructive criticism!