A/N: Thanks for stopping in! This here's a 103-word flash (fan)fiction. Some explanation and discussion is in another author's note below the story, but I 0recommend reading the story first to gain your own interpretation. Enjoy!

They considered it, briefly, privately, before Duelist Kingdom. Sometimes when they met without Yuugi, that force to bring them closer but not close, another force pulled at them. That force did not care for the faint, wide line between them. It wanted them to cross.

But the line stayed unbreached. It wasn't so much their differences that kept it that way, but their similarities. For all her grace and fire, for all his goofing and courage, for all the temptations, both of them were loyal. Their love for Yuugi did bring them together, but only just so close.

A/N: I hope you liked it! I wrote this at the same time as my other flash fic, Rain, around 12:30 in the morning. It's about Jou and Anzu. I'd been reading the Shipping List recently, and I wondered about the lack of interest in Devotionshipping. It's not a favorite of mine – I prefer Peachshipping and Polarshipping - and in fact I don't see much evidence for it. But if it was ever a possibility, it was most so in the early manga, before Duel Monsters became the main focus. Before Jou met Mai and before Anzu really saw Yuugi as a potential partner, there was a canon possibility for Devotionshipping. The above is basically reasoning why it didn't work out that way; in another place and time, sure, why not? But Yuugi is the reason that shipping didn't happen to me. This probably could also be interpreted as Honda x Anzu, or Supportshipping, but it works better with Devotionshipping, as Jou is closer to Yuugi than Honda and teased Anzu more than anyone else.